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UGC NET Education Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

The UGC NET Education Syllabus 2024 has been available by the University Grant Commission. UGC NET Education exam (Subject 09) is designed for individuals who aspire to become Assistant Professors or engage in research within the realm of Education. UGC NET Education examination rigorously evaluates candidates’ comprehensive understanding and proficiency in the field of Education.

UGC NET Education Syllabus article provides access to the UGC NET Education Syllabus 2024 in both Hindi and English, aiding candidates in their exam preparation. Let’s delve into the details of the UGC NET Education Syllabus 2024, highlighting crucial topics and sections that can enhance candidates’ performance and results.

UGC NET Syllabus 2024 Paper 1 & 2 PDF Download 

UGC NET Education Syllabus -Important Topics

The UGC NET Education Syllabus encompasses a broad spectrum of educational concepts, including the historical, philosophical, psychological, and sociological underpinnings of education. Aspiring educators will delve into the intricacies of curriculum development, assessment strategies, teaching methodologies, and the role of technology in education. UGC NET Syllabus comprehensive syllabus equips aspiring educators with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the dynamic world of education.

UGC NET Education Syllabus 2024

UGC NET Education exam pattern will consists 150 question for 300 marks which will be done in 3 hrs. There will be 2 papers with no negative marking. Here lets understand the details of UGC NET Education Exam pattern 2024

UGC NET Education Exam pattern 2024
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Number of Papers
  • UGC NET Paper I – General
  • UGC NET Paper-II – Subject Concerned Education
Total Marks  Paper 1 – 100,Paper 2- 200
Number of Questions Paper 1 – 50,Paper 2- 100 i.e. 150
Time Duration 3 hours
Negative Marking No

UGC NET Education Paper 2 Marking Scheme

UGC NET Education Examination will be going to done in 2 papers without any breaks. Candidate who are preparing for UGC NET Education Exam 2024 should know about marking system pf Paper 1 and Paper 2.

UGC NET Education Exam question pattern will be Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions and to be completed in 3 hr. The following UGC NET Marking System for Paper 1 and Paper 2 will help candidate in getting marks.

  • Right Answer Marking- 2 marks will be given for correct answer
  • Wrong Answer- No negative Marking for wrong answer

UGC NET Education Syllabus 2024 Subject Wise

UGC NET Education Syllabus offers a comprehensive breakdown of each of the 10 major units that comprise Paper 2 such as Educational Management, Administration and Leadership, Learner and Learning Process, History, Politics and Economics of Education, etc, providing a thorough understanding of the subject matter. As Paper 2 comprises 100 questions and each question carries 2 marks, the total marks allotted for the exam is 200. Review the latest UGC NET Syllabus for Education highlighted in the following section.

UNITS Syllabus details
UNIT 1: Education Studies 1. Indian Schools of philosophy (Contribution)
2. Contribution of Western schools of thoughts
3. Approaches to Sociology of Education
Unit 2: History, Politics, and Economics of Education 1. Committees and Commissions’ Contribution
2. Policies, Education and National Development
3. Concept of Economics of Education
4. Relationship between Politics and Education
Unit 3: Learner and Learning Process 1.Growth and Development
2. Approaches to Intelligence from Unitary to Multiple
3. Principles and Theories of learning
4. Guidance and Counselling
Unit 4: Teacher Education 1. Teacher Education
2. Understanding base of Teacher Education
3. In-service Teacher Education
4. Teaching as a Profession
Unit 5: Curriculum Studies 1.Curriculum Development
2. Models of Curriculum Design
3. Curriculum enhancement
4. Types of Curriculum change (Concept)
Unit 6: Research in Education 1.Educational Research and scientific methods
3.Measurement Scale and data analysis
4. Qualitative Research Designs:
Unit 7: Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Assessment 1. Pedagogy, Pedagogical Analysis
2. Assessment
3. Assessment in Pedagogy of Education
4. Assessment in Andragogy of Education
Unit 8: Technology for Education 1. Educational Technology and System
2. Instructional Design
3. Emerging Trends in e-learning
4. Concept of ICT in Evaluation
Unit 9: Educational Management, Administration and Leadership 1. Educational Management and Administration
2. Leadership in Educational Administration
3. Concept of Quality and Quality in Education
4. Change Management
Unit 10: Inclusive Education 1. Inclusive Education
2. Concept of Impairment
3. Planning and Management of Inclusive Classrooms
4. Barriers and Facilitators in Inclusive Education

Download UGC NET Education Paper Syllabus in Hindi and English

The direct link to download UGC NET Education Syllabus PDF 2024 in Hindi and English has been given below. Candidate can download UGC NET Education Syllabus in both languages. All the candidate can prepare with important topics wise, unit wise detailed syllabus in below PDFs. The link to download UGC NET Education Syllabus PDF 2024 has been given below :

UGC NET Education Paper II Syllabus PDF in Hindi and English
UGC NET Education Paper II Syllabus PDF in English UGC NET Education Paper II Syllabus PDF in Hindi

Tips to prepare for UGC NET Education 2024

  • Familiarize Yourself with the Exam Pattern: Before you start your preparation, make sure you are aware of the exam pattern. This will help you understand the weightage of each topic and plan your preparation accordingly.
  • Study the Syllabus Thoroughly: Once you are aware of the exam pattern, go through the syllabus and make sure you cover all the topics in depth.
  • Make Notes: While going through the syllabus, make notes of important points and concepts. This will help you revise the topics quickly and effectively.
  • Solve Previous Year Papers: Solving previous year papers will not only give you an idea of the type of questions asked, but also help you in time management and improving your speed and accuracy.
  • Utilize Online Resources: There are many online resources available for UGC NET Education preparation. Make use of them to enhance your knowledge and skills.
  • Practice Mock Tests: Mock tests are a great way to evaluate your preparation level and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure you practice a sufficient number of mock tests before the actual exam.
  • Stay Calm and Confident: Lastly, stay calm and confident during the exam. Don’t panic if you come across a difficult question, move on to the next one and come back to it later. Trust your preparation and stay focused.
  • Prioritize Topics: The highlighted topics carry notable importance for the exam. The final exam should consist of around 10 questions from each unit on average.

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Q. What is the official website of UGC NET 2024?

Ans. The UGC NET Official website is ugcnet.nta.nic.in/

Q. How many papers are there in the UGC NET exam?

Ans. There are 2 Paper i.e Paper-1 and  Paper-2.

Q. In which language UGC NET exam will be taken?

Ans. UGC NET will be taken in both Hindi as well as English.


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