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Self Motivation Is the Key to Success

We have heard numerous people saying or reinstating that self-motivation is the key to success. If many people are saying that then it might told some truth. Isn’t it?

But do you know how to stay self-motivated? How to motivate yourself to get up and do what needs to be done every day? What is that one thing that you can hold on to when you seek motivation? The answer my friend is “you”. You have to hold on to yourself to stay motivated every day and every hour of your life. Because it’s your life. People around us can help us find motivation once or twice but they won’t be around us forever. One day they will give up and that day my friend you have to find your courage and zeal to motivate yourself to get your things done.

You have to get yourself up off the bed. You have to work on yourself. You have to take care of your mind and body. You have to work hard to achieve your goals.

It’s human tendency to find things outside in the world when it lies within us. Be it happiness, peace, tranquility or motivation.

If you are still unable to find self-motivation then close your eyes and take deep breath.


Can you think of that one thing you want the most in your life? What is it- happiness, fame, love, dream job, or something else? Whatever it is, you can have it all. But everything in life comes at a price. The price you have to pay for your dreams and goals is to strive. Strive hard.

Now you have a goal to achieve and purpose to life. Chalk out a road map to achieve that goal. Break down the goal to small tasks on a weekly and daily basis.

Suppose you want to crack the teaching recruitment exams this year. Then you have to set mini goals like studying 8 hours daily while covering every subject at least once a day. Now, you have a purpose to wake up to. You should be happy that you have a reason to get up and spring out of your bed. This sense of purpose will help you stay self-motivated.

Self-motivation is a serene pond snuck somewhere safe within your mind. Your purpose in life is what keeps it filled. All you need to do is brush up the sense of purpose once in a while to keep the pond clean and pristine.

Next time, don’t seek motivation outside in the world. Delve deep within your mind and you will find it.

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