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Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Women Candidates

Securing a valuable Post-doctoral research position holds immense importance for propelling women’s careers in the realm of Research & Academia. Irrespective of the underlying motive, if you are a woman who holds a PhD degree, you’ll be pleased to learn about the dedicated fellowship established by the UGC and the Government of India, known as the ‘Post Doctoral Fellowship for Women Candidates.’

This initiative is aimed at extending financial support and fostering the pursuit of research endeavors even after attaining a doctoral qualification. For those in search of a well-compensated Postdoctoral research opportunity, this fellowship is tailor-made. Let’s delve into the details of the Post-Doctoral Fellowships tailored for women candidates.

What is the Postdoctoral Fellowship for women candidates?

The Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women Candidates by UGC is a fellowship that is specifically for post-doctoral women researchers. The Postdoctoral fellowship for women candidates is aimed to encourage gender diversity and inclusivity in the field of Research & Academics. A Postdoc fellow is a person who is professionally engaged in conducting research even after completing his/her PhD research. This is specifically for women who have taken up research as their career path. They are also known as the PDRF or simply PDF, short for Postdoctoral Research Fellow or Postdoctoral fellowships.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Women Candidates- Overview

The UGC Post Doctoral Fellowship to Women Candidates was earlier known as the Part-Time Research Associateship for Women. This is offered to unemployed women with PhD degrees and an aptitude for research. You must know the crucial details to take full advantage of this fellowship. Let’s Jump in.

  • Objective – The objective of the Postdoctoral fellowships for women candidates is to provide an opportunity to carry out advanced studies and research in the field of science, engineering and technology, humanities and social sciences in Indian universities and colleges.
  • Target Group –  Unemployed women with PhD degrees and an aptitude for research.
  • Eligibility – The upper age limit for applicants is 55 years. The educational eligibility are 55% at UG and 60% at the PG levels. There is a relaxation of 5% respectively for reserved category candidates.
  • Fellowship frequency – It is offered every year to 100 students.

Why should you apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship?

In order to sustain the research passion and keep you financially afloat, it is pertinent that you look for grants and projects that pay you to do research. The Postdoctoral fellowship for Women Candidates is specifically designed to encourage research activities and help women researchers pursue research as a career. Here we are explaining more reasons to apply for PDF.

  • Research Encouragement: The fellowship is specifically designed to encourage women researchers to pursue research as a career, providing them with financial support to sustain their passion for research.
  • Skill Enhancement: Fellows have the opportunity to upskill themselves under the mentorship of experienced researchers. This helps in becoming better researchers by gaining valuable insights and knowledge from their mentors.
  • Flexible Funding: The fellowship offers a flexible funding structure, allowing women researchers to explore various research directions and innovative projects.
  • Extended Research Period: With the fellowship’s support, women candidates can continue their research even after obtaining their PhD, giving them an extended period to delve deeper into their chosen field.
  • Healthy Stipend: The fellowship provides a stipend, ensuring financial stability during the research period. This helps researchers to focus on their work without worrying about financial constraints.
  • Networking Opportunities: During the fellowship, researchers can connect with other scholars, academics, and experts in their field, facilitating valuable networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Career Advancement: Successfully completing a postdoctoral fellowship often enhances career prospects, making researchers more competitive in academic and research job markets.
  • Publication Opportunities: The research conducted during the fellowship can lead to publications in prestigious journals, boosting the researcher’s academic profile.
  • Academic Recognition: Being awarded a competitive fellowship reflects positively on a researcher’s academic achievements and can contribute to a strong research portfolio.
  • Bridge to Independence: For those aiming to establish themselves as independent researchers, a postdoctoral fellowship can serve as a stepping stone towards securing research grants and faculty positions.
  • Diverse Research Areas: Fellowships may cover a wide range of research areas, allowing women researchers to pursue their interests and contribute to various scientific disciplines.
  • Supportive Environment: The fellowship provides access to research facilities, libraries, and academic resources, fostering a supportive environment for productive research.
  • Encouraging Gender Diversity: By specifically promoting women researchers, the fellowship contributes to addressing gender disparities in academia and research.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Tenure

There are 100 slots available under this PDF scheme per year. And the tenure for the Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women is also fixed by UGC to be five years. This fellowship will be awarded to eligible candidates for a period of five years. However, one thing to note is that it is only for this limited time only, and there is no provision for further extension under no circumstances.

  • Fellowship tenure – For five years. 
  • Fellowship amount – 25,000 for the first two years and 30,000 for the rest of the time period.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Women Candidates Benefit and Allowance

Apart from this, there are also provisions for HRA, Medical, and leave policies. Candidates will not be offered separate or fixed medical assistance. They can avail of the medical facilities available in the university/institution/college. Leaves for a maximum period of 30 days per year in addition to public holidays, may be taken with due approval. Maternity leave will be granted once during the tenure. It is 180 days at the full rate of the fellowship as per the Government of India rates.


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What is the Postdoctoral Fellowship for women candidates?

The Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women Candidates by UGC is a dedicated fellowship aimed at encouraging gender diversity and inclusivity in Research & Academics.

What is the objective of the Postdoctoral fellowships for women candidates?

The objective is to provide an opportunity for women researchers to carry out advanced studies and research in the fields of science, engineering and technology, humanities, and social sciences in Indian universities and colleges.

Who is eligible for the fellowship?

Unemployed women with PhD degrees and an aptitude for research are eligible to apply. The upper age limit is 55 years, and educational eligibility criteria are 55% at UG and 60% at the PG level, with relaxation for reserved category candidates.

How many fellowships are offered each year?

The fellowship is offered to 100 students every year.

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