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NATO Countries List 2023, NATO Countries Name List

NATO Countries List 1949 - 2023

Candidates preparing for government teaching exams, both ongoing and upcoming, should read and learn about Current Affairs. It’s crucial to stay informed about international organizations like NATO to excel in the current affairs and static GK section of the teaching job exams. Aspiring teachers will discover a comprehensive list of NATO countries for 2023, which is a frequently asked topic in the General Awareness section of exams such as KVS, Rajasthan Grade 3, NVS, and others.

What is NATO?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed in 1949 by 12 countries in North America and Europe. NATO is a military and political alliance created to promote mutual defence and cooperation among these countries. The main purpose of the formation on NATO was to secure the North American and European countries from any security threats from the outside region. In later years, 18 more countries from the region joined NATO in different years.

Which Countries are the founding members of NATO?

There were 12 countries from Europe and North America that founded NATO in 1949. They came together to promote cooperation among the counties in North America and Europe and strengthen defence against any threat from outside the region. The The12 founding member countries of NATO are the United States, Canada, Belgium, Demark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

NATO Countries List 2023

Here is the NATO Countries 2023 since its inception in 1949. The candidates who are preparing for the Government Teaching Exam must go through the following NATO Countries List 2023.

NATO Countries  Year of Joining NATO
United States 4 April 1949
Canada 4 April 1949
Belgium 4 April 1949
Denmark 4 April 1949
France 4 April 1949
Iceland 4 April 1949
Italy 4 April 1949
Luxembourg 4 April 1949
The Netherlands 4 April 1949
Norway 4 April 1949
Portugal 4 April 1949
United Kingdom 4 April 1949
Greece 18 February 1952
Turkey 18 February 1952
Germany 9 May 1955
Spain 30 May 1982
Czech Republic 12 March 1999
Hungary 12 March 1999
Poland 12 March 1999
Bulgaria 29 March 2004
Estonia 29 March 2004
Latvia 29 March 2004
Lithuania 29 March 2004
Romania 29 March 2004
Slovakia 29 March 2004
Slovenia 29 March 2004
Croatia 1 April 2009
Albania 1 April 2009
Montenegro 5 June 2017
North Macedonia 27 March 2020

Is Ukraine a part of NATO?

No, Ukraine is not currently a member of NATO.  As a NATO partner country, Ukraine collaborates closely with NATO, although it is not provided with the security guarantee outlined in the organization’s founding treaty.

However, Ukraine has expressed interest in joining NATO and has taken decisive steps towards membership, such as adopting a number of reforms and making changes in it’s constitution aimed at meeting NATO’s standards. The issue of Ukraine’s potential membership in NATO is a matter of ongoing debate and discussion among NATO member countries particularly after the inception of the ongoing Russia- Ukraine War.

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What is NATO Countries List 2023?

NATO Countries List 2023 is a comprehensive list of member countries that are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

How many countries are in NATO Countries List 2023?

As of 2023, NATO Countries List 2023 consists of 30 member countries. However, the number of countries in the NATO Countries List 2023 may vary depending on the organization's membership upgrades by adding new members as per the NATO policies.

What is the purpose of NATO?

NATO was established in 1949 as a military alliance to provide collective defence against external threats. Its purpose has evolved over time, and it now works to promote stability and security in the Euro-Atlantic area through political and military cooperation.

Is Ukraine a part of NATO?

No, Ukraine is not a part of NATO as of date.

Is North Macedonia a part of NATO?

Yes, North Macedonia is a part of NATO since 27 March 2020.