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KVS Interview Experience For TGT & PGT

KVS Interview Schedule has been started from 15 May 2023 for TGT and  PRT Posts. Candidates who are preparing for KVS Interview are curious to know what questions the interviewee has been asking. Are they asking Subject Concerned or only application based? As the Interview process will have many queries from candidates and candidate interview experience will help them to understand Inteviw Process precisely and Carefully.

Important KVS Interview Questions & Answers 

KVS Interview Process Weightage

KVS Interview will have seperate weightage in TGT PGT Posts. Candidate who will be going for KVS Interview for TGT Post will have 15 %. The KVS recruitment process is divided into 70:30. In the KVS Selection process, 70% weightage to a written exam, 15% weightage is to demo teaching and 15% weightage of Interview Process. The interview is of a total of 30 marks which will cover the candidate’s performance in the interview.

KVS Interview Exprience Format

Here we are providing KVS Interview Experience Format to fill by candidate who had already given that. Candidates should share stories of their successful teaching Interview experiences or instances where they faced challenges and how they overcame them. These stories can provide valuable lessons and inspiration for other who will have their interview in upcoming dates. Candidate can learn from their strategies, approaches, and reflections to crack KVS Interview.

Que. Tell me about Yourself

Que. From which you belong?

Que. What is your subject expertise?

Que. Why did you decide to become a teacher?

Que. Do you have any Teaching Experience ?

Que.How do you establish a positive classroom environment?

Que. How do you assess student learning and track their progress?

Que. Can you provide an example of a lesson plan you’ve created and implemented successfully?

Que. How do you incorporate technology into your teaching?

Que. How do you communicate and collaborate with parents or guardians?

Que. Can you provide an example of how you have used formative assessment to guide your instruction?

Que. Describe a time when you had to adapt your teaching strategies to meet the needs of a particular student or group of students.

Que. How do you support students who are struggling academically or emotionally?

Que. How do you collaborate with other teachers and staff to enhance the overall educational experience?

How to Share Your KVS Interview Experience with us ?

Candidate had completed their KVS interview process can share their interview experience. Their KVS interview experience will help candidate to prepare for their Interview process. Candidate will get the idea about question or the area of questions they are going to ask. KVS Interview Experience will help candidate brings their unique perspective and experiences to the interview. By listening to other candidates’ experiences, others may gain insights and ideas that you hadn’t considered before. This can help candidate broaden your understanding of teaching practices, classroom management techniques, and other relevant aspects of the role.

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Interview Format
  • You can write on paper and send pics through mail or watsapp
  • You can record your voice note
  • You can also record video

KVS Interview Experience For TGT & PGT_30.1

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Is KVS interview tough?

with better preparation, nothing is tough. Here we are helping you with important tips which will help you in clearing KVS Interview Process

What is the interview timing of KV?

KVS Interview timing is 8:30 AM sharp.

IS KVS TGT PGT Interview Schedule released?

Yes, KVS TGT PGT Interview Schedule is released and it is scheduled from 15 May to 30 May 2023. Check the above article for details

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