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Is Ph.D. Mandatory For Assistant Professorship?

Every year many students are aspiring for Assistant Professorship post in Colleges or Universities. Assistant professor post has been the starting post of joining in teaching profession in colleges. University Grant Commission(UGC) has  revised the rules for the post of Assistant Professor. UGC has mandate Ph.D as minimum requirement for Assistant Professor post effective from July 2023 at college/universities. As UGC NET qualified /Ph.D degree holder , all the candidate has many question regarding the Assistant Professor. Here we are going to explain them.

What is Difference between Ph.D and UGC NET JRF?

Ph.D – University Grant Commission(UGC) will be going to mandate as minimum requirement for direct recruitment of Assistant Professor in universities /colleges from July 2023. Ph.D as highest level postgraduate doctoral degree in specific concerned subject any student can achieve, also called as “Doctor of Philosophy”.

UGC NET JRF – UGC NET is eligibility test for candidate who want to job as assistant professor. UGC NET JRF qualified candidate can apply for Ph.D and also gest fellowship from universities. It will give candidate original contribution of their knowledge, technologies, and methodologies to engage in the research field.

Both are eligibility criteria for apply for Assistant Professor post. As UGC NET qualified candidate, they can apply and eligible for assistant professorship both in colleges and universities. As only Ph.D not UGC NET qualified candidate, candidate are not eligible for assistant professorship till July 2023. After UGC will mandate Ph.D , all the qualified candidate will be eligible. If any candidate is qualified both i.e Ph.D and UGC NET, they are eligible for Assistant Professor or Associate Professor post. Candidate will get promotion in their post early with both qualified degree.


Is Ph.D. necessary after UGC NET Qualified?

UGC NET is minimum criteria for applying Assistant Professorship in College /universities. As per UGC NET Latest notification 2018,  PhD will be going to mandatory from July 2023 for for applying Assistant Professorship in College /university. Even if a candidate is qualified for UGC NET, Ph.D degree will be necessary for candidate who want to teaching job in college or want promotions in same field. All the Candidate are eligible for an assistant professor job with UGC NET qualified as its still the minimum eligibility criteria. Ph.D. will be important criterion for the promotion from assistant professor to associate professor both in colleges and universities.

How to do Ph.D. with or without NET ?

UGC NET is not necessary to do Ph.D. Candidate can do Ph.D without qualifying UGC NET. They can apply for Ph.D by giving direct University entrance Test for Ph.d admission. Candidate will get scholarship in Ph.D course if they take admission in Ph.D by qualifying UGC NET JRF. As per UGC NET JRF qualifies , candidate will get scholarship till 5 yr of Ph.D. They will get consider  for Assistant Professor or Associate Professor post in University/Colleges.

Job Opportunities for Ph.D Qualified

Ph.D qualified candidate mostly apply for Assistant professorship post in colleges or universities. Candidate have many other options apart from teaching , Ph.D qualified candidate can go for research field. Candidate can become research assistant in any project which will related to his Ph.D degree. After that candidate can get promotions as a Senior Research assistant in College or University. Ph.D. qualified candidate can apply for Research companies or research profile.


Is Ph.D. mandatory for Assistant Professorship?

As per latest UGC NET Latest notification, Ph.D. is not mandatory for direct recruitment of assistant professors in universities or colleges. UGC NET is still the minimum eligibility criteria for assistant professorship. PH.D course will become mandate by UGC notifications effective from July 2023. UGC-NET is still minimum eligibility requirement for the direct recruitment for the post of assistant professor in Indian universities and colleges.

Is Ph.D. Mandatory For Assistant Professorship? FAQ

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