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Is CTET Exam Pattern Revised after New Education Policy 2023?

National Education Policy 2023(NEP) will be going to change the education structure in India. National Education Policy 2023 proposes the revision and revamping of all aspects of the education structure, including its regulation and governance, to create a new system that is aligned with the aspirational goals of 21st century education.

NEP 2023 policy going to revised the previous education structure i.e. 10+2 structure to new Modified structure with a new pedagogical and curricular restructuring of 5+3+3+4 covering ages 3-18. As per Teaching recruitment process CTET is mandatory teaching eligibility to teach in school. As per revised education strycture, there will be also many changes coming to CTET Exam pattern which we are going to learn in below article.

Teaching Selection Process According To NEP

NEP Education Structure

The NEP 2023 has proposed to adopt the 5+3+3+4 structure for the school curriculum. It will comprise of a Foundational Stage i.e., 3 years of Anganwadi/pre-school + 2 years in primary school in Grades 1-2, Preparatory Stage Grades 3-5, Middle Stage for Grades 6-8, and Secondary Stage covering Grades 9-12 in two phases, i.e., 9 and 10 in the first and 11 and 12 in the second phase.

NPE 2020 10+2 System 5+3+3+4 System
Structure Existing Academic Structure New Academic Structure
Stages 2 Stages 4 stages
Age period (6-18)year (3-18)year
Time period 12 yr School Yr 15 yr (12 School Yr + 3 Pre School yr)
Stage wise
  • First Stage – age 6-16 Yrs (Class 1-10)
  • Second Stage – age 16-18 Yrs (Class 11-12)
  • Foundational Stage – 3 yrs (Pre School) (Age 3-6) + 2 yrs (Class 1 to 2) (Age 6-8) = 5 yr
  • Preparatory Stage – 3 yrs (Class 3 to 5) (Age 8-11)
  • Middle Stage – 3 yrs (Class 6 to 8) (Age 11-14)
  • Secondary Stage – 4 yrs (Class 9 to 12) (Age 14-18)

CTET Exam in NEP 2023

Teacher Eligibility Tests (TETs) or CTET will strengthened the better test material, both in terms of content and pedagogy. The CTETs will be going to cover teachers across all stages (Foundational, Preparatory, Middle and Secondary) of school education. For subject teachers, suitable TET or NTA test scores in the corresponding subjects will also be taken into account for recruitment. As CTET Exam will be expected to going to held in July 2023, their will be going to change many things in CTET Examination by CBSE. Candidate are advised to follow ADDA247 for daily updates regarding this or wait for the CTET July 2023 Official Notification.

Is CTET Exam Pattern Revised after New Education Policy 2023?

Is CTET Exam Pattern Revised after New Education Policy 2023?There will be debateable answer for this queries. As Lakhs of candidate are preparing for CTET 2023 examination, any changes by CBSE under NEP will take alot time and it will hamper student preparation. NEP 2020 teaching recruitment process expected to be given weightage to TET Marks. The exam Pattern of TET Examination expected to be revised and will include Pedagogy Questions. To verify these queries all the candidate have to wait for CTET official Notification wich will clear all the doubts. Follow ADDA247 to get more updates related to NEP 2023.

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What is the New Education Policy 2020?

The New Education Policy 2020 is a policy document released by the Government of India that aims to reform the education system in India.

What are the key features of the New Education Policy 2020 related to teaching recruitment process?

The key features related to teaching recruitment process in the New Education Policy 2020 are as follows:

Teachers will be recruited through a transparent and merit-based process.
National Recruitment Agency (NRA) will conduct a common eligibility test for recruitment to non-gazetted posts in the government, including teaching positions.
States and UTs will prepare a database of qualified and skilled teachers, which will be used for recruitment.
A four-year integrated B.Ed. programme will be offered to replace the existing two-year B.Ed. programme.

What is the National Recruitment Agency (NRA)?

The National Recruitment Agency (NRA) is a newly created agency that will conduct a common eligibility test for recruitment to non-gazetted posts in the government, including teaching positions.

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