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HPSC Assistant Professor Salary Per Month

Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) is a government organization entrusted with the responsibility of conducting recruitment exams and selecting candidates for various administrative positions in the state of Haryana. Haryana HPSC will be going to release 1535 Assistant Professor posts in various subjects. Here we are going to explain HPSC Assistant Professor Salary per month with allowances, benefits and Job Profile. The article below unravels the intricacies of an Assistant Professor’s salary, the array of benefits and perks they receive, and the job profile they undertake:

HPSC Assistant Professor Salary

HPSC Assistant Professor Salary in Haryana approximately ranges between Rs. 57,700- 182,400 per month. The Salary encompasses the basic pay and grade pay as per Haryana 7th pay commissions. However, it is essential to note that HPSC Assistant Professor Salary structures are subject to revisions, and candidates can check for official notifications to get up-to-date information.

HPSC Assistant Professor Salary in Hand

The basic salary of candidates working as HPSC Assistant Professors gets not only the basic pay of RS. 57,700 but also different allowances like dearness allowance, travelling allowance, house rent allowance, medical allowances and others. After getting all the allowances and deducting with HPSC Assistant Professor Salary needed taxes and deductions, Candidate will have in-hand HPSC Assistant Professor Salary of 80,000 to 90,000 when they are recruited as an assistant professor (level 10). Following is the detailed salary structure of the HPSC Assistant Professor:

HPSC Assistant Professor Salary
Basic Salary Rs. 57,700
DA @ 42% Rs. 24234
HRA @ 8-24% Rs. 1800-5400 (depending on city class)
Travelling allowances Rs. 3600-7200
Gross Salary Rs. 107,806 (approximate)

HPSC Assistant Professor Salary & Allowances

HPSC Assistant Professor gets basic pay, grade pay, allowances and perks. Here is the list of different allowances and perks available for assistant professors:

  1. Basic Pay: The fundamental component of an Assistant Professor’s salary is the basic pay which is predetermined when a candidate joins the service. The basic pay of an HPSC Assistant Professor is INR 57700 to INR 182400.
  2. Grade Pay: Assistant Professors also receive a grade pay, determined by the pay scale associated with their position. It is INR 6000 for Assistant Professor (level 10).
  3. Dearness Allowance (DA): HPSC Assistant Professors receive a DA, which is a cost of living adjustment component, based on the Consumer Price Index. The DA is revised periodically to compensate for inflation. In Haryana, dearness allowance got a recent hike of 4% i.e. 42% from 38%.
  4. House Rent Allowance (HRA): Assistant Professors are eligible for HRA, which is a certain percentage of the basic pay. It varies from 8 to 27 % based on the city of residence.
  5. Travel Allowance: Assistant Professors also enjoy travel allowances, enabling them to reimburse a portion of their travel expenses for official purposes.
  6. Pension and Gratuity: Government employees, including Assistant Professors, are eligible for pension and gratuity benefits upon retirement. These benefits provide financial security and stability in the post-retirement phase.
  7. Medical Allowance: As part of the comprehensive benefits package, Assistant Professors receive medical allowances to assist in covering healthcare expenses for themselves and their dependents.

HPSC Assistant Professor Benefits

Working as an Assistant Professor in Haryana offers several benefits and opportunities, including

  • Job Security: Assistant Professors in government colleges and universities enjoy job security, as they are appointed through a competitive recruitment process conducted by HPSC.
  • Competitive Salary: Assistant Professors receive a competitive salary package, which includes basic pay, grade pay, and various allowances. The salary structure is subject to revisions and should be referred to the official HPSC notifications for accurate information.
  • Growth and Promotions: Assistant Professors can progress in their careers through promotions based on their experience, qualifications, and contributions to the field of academia. Promotions can lead to higher academic positions with increased responsibilities and remuneration.
  • Housing Facilities: Depending on availability and eligibility criteria, the government may provide housing accommodation or housing allowances to Assistant Professors.
  • Research Grants: Assistant Professors are encouraged to undertake research and publish scholarly work. They can apply for research grants to fund their research projects and attend conferences.
  • Sabbatical Leave: Assistant Professors can avail themselves of sabbatical leaves to pursue advanced research, undergo training, or engage in academic collaborations.
  • Health Insurance: The government provides health insurance coverage to HPSC Assistant Professors and their families.
  • Study Leave: HPSC Assistant Professors may be eligible for study leave to pursue higher education or research work.
  • Research Grants: The government provide research grants to HPSC Assistant Professors to conduct research in their field of expertise.

HPSC Assistant Professor Job Profile

HPSC Assistant Professors play diversified roles in higher education institutions by imparting knowledge, conducting research, and guiding students towards their academic and career goals. They are responsible for:

  • Delivering Lectures: Assistant Professors engage in classroom instruction, delivering lectures and facilitating discussions to impart subject-specific knowledge to students.
  • Conducting Research: They actively participate in research activities, exploring new frontiers in their field of expertise, and contributing to the growth of knowledge in their respective disciplines.
  • Mentoring and Guidance: Assistant Professors provide mentorship and guidance to students, helping them navigate their educational journey, and fostering their intellectual and personal development.
  • Academic Support: They evaluate student performance through examinations, and assignments, and provide constructive feedback to foster continuous improvement.


Becoming an Assistant Professor in Haryana through the HPSC recruitment process is a fulfilling and rewarding career choice for individuals passionate about education and research. By meeting the educational qualifications and successfully clearing the HPSC exams, you can embark on a journey of intellectual growth, and student mentorship, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in your field.

HPSC Assistant Professor Recruitment 2023

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What is the grade pay of an HPSC Assistant Professor?

The grade pay of a HPSC Assistant Professor is 6000

What is the basic salary of a HPSC Assistant Professor?

The basic salary of a HPSC Assistant Professor is 57,700.

What is the rate of dearness allowance provided for the post of assistant professor in Haryana?

The rate of dearness allowance provided for the post of assistant professor in Haryana is 42%

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