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How to Prepare English For Teaching Exams?

English is considered as an important subject while appearing for any government teaching examinations. English has always been an important section in teaching exams like CTET, UPTET and other state TET exams. As CTET 2022 has been going to be held from 16th December 2021 to 13th January 2022, UPTET will be going to be held on 23 January 2022 and many other teaching exams are lined up in this year and upcoming year, the strategy for the English section comes very handily in teaching exam preparations.

English Section as a Language I or II contains overall 30 marks in CTET 2021, UPTET both papers each which includes Comprehension – 15 Questions,  Pedagogy of Language Development – 15 Questions.

If you are having good command over the English grammar rules and you have good vocabulary usage and good comprehension skills, you can easily crack any teaching examination. But the point is:

  • How to learn English for teaching examinations?
  • What must be your strategy to score good marks in the English section?

However, we are discussing some key points that should be kept in mind to learn English for all teaching job examinations. And if attempted nicely, a teaching candidate can score exceptionally well in this section. Here we are going to plan and strategize English Section for the preparation of Teaching Exams.

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1. Reading books and newspapers

Reading books and newspapers in English like The Hindu, and Indian Express on a regular basis can help a teaching aspirant to a great extent, as it will help you in learning difficult paragraphs. The habit of reading newspapers daily must be adopted by the candidate to get fluent in the English language. The Editorial section must be properly read by the aspirant every day. Reading newspapers regularly will also help to answer questions of the general awareness section in the examination.

Furthermore, reading books in English, such as novels and stories, can help you to learn new words and try to understand the theme of the novel/ story quickly.

2. Build your vocabulary by reading the dictionary

Vocabulary is one such topic that cannot be learned in a single day or one month. It requires time. Learn new words every day from various sources like newspapers, novels & articles, etc. and write the words you find there in a notebook. Use the words that you learned in day to day language or make as many sentences as you can in your free time.

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3. Practice the basics of grammar Rules:

Being aware of the technicalities of English grammar is very important for teaching exams. These include different tenses, articles, nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and conjunction, interjection, pronoun and a lot more. Go through each chapter of English Grammar one by one. Clear your concept by practising questions based on those topics.

English Study Notes For All Teaching Exams

4. Watch more English movies and podcasts

Movies and podcasts are some of the best ways to learn and understand the English language. From grammar to spoken English as well as words and their pronunciations, watching English movies and podcasts can greatly benefit teaching aspirants. And since they are aspiring teachers, watching movies and podcasts will also help to improve their conversational skills.

5. Understand the Context of the Questions

Understand the question and what it wants to interpret the question. Know about the basic idea behind the question. An important trick is to read the questions first so that you can understand the context of the question. In this way, you can save your time by not reading the passage all over again for each question.

6. Practicing Mock Test

Additionally, it is important for teaching aspirants to solve mock tests of the English subject regularly, as that will give them an idea of what to expect in the question papers. Moreover, this will also help them to find out the areas in which they can improve and do better. By following the above-mentioned tips, learning English for teaching exams can become less difficult for candidates. Moreover, regular patching of learning English in these ways can help candidates to not only qualify for such examinations but also become better teachers in the future.

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