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How To Be A “Yes” Person To New Opportunities?

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H Jackson Brown Jr. once said, “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”

And he was absolutely right.

Have you ever introspected how many times you said “No” to an opportunity that could have changed your life for the better? Have you ever pondered upon the times when you didn’t act upon the opportunity and let it go? Have ever thought of ways you could have gone beyond your comfort zone and taken the risk of accepting the opportunity?

It is important for people to understand that missing out on opportunities can cost them their careers, relationships, the best years of their lives and eventually their entire lives.

Saying “Yes”  to opportunities can feel intimidating if it requires you to make changes in your current life’s situations such move to another city for a new job or educational opportunities. However, you need to remember that saying “No” will lead you nowhere. You will miss out on the chance that might help you improve your quality of life.

Hence, you need to learn to say “yes” to new opportunities. However, saying “yes” to opportunities does not mean saying “yes” to anything and everything that comes your way. You need to evaluate the pros and cons of the opportunity. Ask yourself if this opportunity will help you improve any aspect of your life in the short term or long term. Is this opportunity worth your time and energy? Life is full of opportunities but you need to recognise the good ones and never let go of them.

Moreover, timing is crucial. If you take too long to evaluate the worth of the opportunities then you might risk losing them forever. Always remember that opportunities never come twice (at least not in the same form). So, grab them when you still have time or by the time you make up your mind, the opportunity might be lost. Therefore, say “Yes” to them and let them unveil the best of them.

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