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How can I become a teacher after 12th? 

How can I become a teacher after 12th?

The most important phase in a student’s life is making a career decision after passing class 12. They need to take correct decisions regarding their career choices to be able to achieve their goals. For teaching aspirants, the story is no different. However, to make such an important decision, the candidates need to have detailed information about how to become a teacher after the 12th. To help candidates understand the eligibility criteria and other requirements to become a teacher after the 12th is explained in detail in the following article.

Career Options After BEd Qualifying

Teaching Courses to Pursue After 12th

After completing the 12th grade in India, there are various teaching courses candidates can pursue to become a teacher. They need to decide which teaching course they want to enrol in to ensure they have adequate qualifications while applying for Teaching Jobs.

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.): B.Ed. is the most common and preferred course for those aspiring to become teachers in India. It is a 2-year undergraduate program that focuses on teaching methodologies, educational psychology, subject-specific pedagogy, and practical training. To be eligible for B.Ed., you generally need to have completed your 12th grade or its equivalent from a recognized board or university.

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  • Diploma in Education (D.Ed.): D.Ed. is a diploma course in education that focuses on teacher training. It is a 2-year program that provides knowledge and skills related to teaching techniques, classroom management, child psychology, and curriculum development. D.Ed. programs are offered by various state-level institutes and require you to have completed the 12th grade.
  • Integrated B.A. B.Ed./B.Sc. B.Ed.: These are integrated courses that combine a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (B.A.) or Science (B.Sc.) with a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree. These programs have a duration of 4-5 years and provide both subject-specific knowledge and teacher training. After completing the integrated program, you will be eligible to teach at the secondary or higher secondary level.
  • Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.): D.El.Ed. is a diploma course specifically designed for elementary school teachers. It focuses on teaching techniques, child development, classroom management, and subject-specific pedagogy for primary school education. The duration of the course is typically 2 years.

Career Opportunities After DELEd Course

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.): B.El.Ed. is a 4-year undergraduate program that prepares teachers for primary and elementary levels. It integrates both subject-specific knowledge and teacher training. B.El.Ed. programs cover subjects like language, mathematics, environmental studies, and pedagogy.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education (B.P.Ed.): If you are interested in teaching physical education or becoming a sports teacher, you can pursue a B.P.Ed. program. It is a 3-4 year undergraduate course that focuses on physical education, sports science, coaching techniques, and fitness training.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education: If you have an interest in teaching students with special needs, you can opt for a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education. This program prepares teachers to work with children having disabilities such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, intellectual disabilities, or learning disabilities. Special Education programs are offered in various specializations like visual impairment, hearing impairment, intellectual disabilities, etc.

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How can I become a teacher after 12th?

Candidates must read the above article to know the details of the courses that are available for teaching aspirants to pursue to become a teacher after 12th in India.

What is the duration of BEd course in India?

Bachelors in Education (Bed) course is a 2 year long degree course.

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