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Happy Holi

Holi is a festival of vibrant colours that reflects the vivid shades of tradition and culture of India. It is one of the most celebrated festivals of Hindus, however, it is celebrated with equal fervour and enthusiasm by people from other religions as well. Holi of the festival when the entire country comes together to celebrate the colours of Life and togetherness with harmony and innocence. In 2023, Holi is celebrated on 8th March.

Happy Holi Date

According to the Hindu Calendar, Holi is celebrated in the month of Phalgun. Based on the Gregorian Calendar, Holi is celebrated in the month of March. In all sense, Holi marks the end of the Winter Season in India and it signifies the beginning of the spring season.

Spring is considered the Season of Harvest and the new crop of the season is harvested during this time.

This year, people will celebrate on 8th March 2023 as the Purnima Tithi for Holika Dehan will begin on 7th March 2023.

Happy Holi History

Mythologically, the history of Holi can be traced back to the ancient time when an Asura King named Hiranyakashipu was granted a boon that he cannot be killed either by a man or woman, neither be killed in day or night, neither indoors nor outdoors, neither on land nor in the air and so on.

As a result of the Great War between the Asuras and Devas, Hiranyakashipu hated Gods. When his son, Prahlad, turned out to be a great devotee of Vishnu, he was enraged and finally decided to kill him.

Even after many attempts to kill Prahlad, Hiranyakashipu was unsuccessful and his sister, Holika agreed to help her brother. As she was immune to fire, she devised a plan to convince Prahlad to sit on a huge pile of wood with her on the pretence of praying to Lord Vishnu.

As soon as Prahlad started praying, the wood was set on fire like a pyre. Miraculously, Prahlad came out of the pyre unharmed while Holika died in the fire.

This incident became symbolic of the good prevailing upon the evil and thus, celebrated by arranging bonfires across the country to commemorate such the highest act of devotion.

Happy Holi Story

Holi is associated with Lord Krishna and his love, devotion, and playfulness with Radha as well. Young Lord Krishna would throw colours on Radha as a playful gesture but soon other young boys and girls from his village participated in the playfulness and started throwing colours at each other. In the coming years, it became a tradition for Lord Krishna to visit Barsana, Radha’s hometown on the Day of Holi to play with colours.

Holi Celebrations in Various Indian States

Holi is celebrated in different parts of India with a different flavour attached to it. Like in Barsana, Lath Mar Holi is celebrated, where all boys dress like Lord Krishna and All girls like Radha. The girls playfully beat the boys with lath and the boy tried to dodge the blow with a shield.

In Vrindavan, Rasleela of Lord Krishan and Radha plays a pivotal role. Mathura has a vibrant way of celebrating Holi in its own way.

In West Bengal, “Dolyatra” is arranged with splendid grandeur. In Shantiniketan, “Basant Utsav” is celebrated, which is a more elegant and cultural opulence.

In South India, people worship God Kamadeva on Holi. In Uttarakhand, Kumaoni Holi is celebrated by singing classical ragas.

Happy Holi Festival

The flavour of the Holi Festival celebration significantly changes in every part of the country. However, the essence remains of Holi celebrations remains to celebrate the love of Lord Krishna and Radha in various forms and styles.

On the day of Holi, people essentially celebrate it by applying or throwing colours at each other. Some of the most famous and widely available delicacies associated with Holi celebrations are gujjia, malpua, thadai, puran poli and so on.

Happy Holi Poster

People across the country and abroad share Happy Holi Posters and Happy Holi Images with family and friends to greet them and send good wishes on the occasion of Holi.

Happy Holi Posters
Happy Holi Posters

Happy Holi Drawing

On the occasion of Holi people make Holi Drawings and Paintings to celebrate it with colours on canvas. They come with Happy Holi Images with creative and innovative ideas.

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What is the real date of Holi 2023?

Holi is celebrated on 8th March 2023

Why colours are used in Holi?

The science of using natural colours like turmeric is to cleanse the body and remove unwanted accumulation on the skin. Holika Dahan, on the other hand, is performed to burn all that is dry and dirty to pave the way for new life in the spring.

What colours are used in Holi?

People use vibrant colors of the rainbow to express love, emotions, happiness, and best wishes, which also reflect the cultural variety of India. The most popular colors used in Holi are red, yellow, blue, green, pink, orange or saffron, and purple.

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