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Happy Lohri 2023, Best Wishes, History & Facts

Adda247 Wishes you the Heartiest and most Prosperous Lohri 2023!

Lohri is a festival of bonfires, dances and songs. It is the festival bidding adieu to the coldest days of winter and welcoming the warmer days and new harvest season. With heartwarming good wishes from Team Add247, we hope this Lohri marks the beginning of everything warm and bright in your life. Let this Lohri fill your heart and soul with songs of rejoicing and smiles of peace and prosperity.

Lohri is celebrated a day before the Makar Sankranti which marks the day when the sun enters the Rashi (Zodiac) of Markar (Capricorn). It is considered a very auspicious and pious day for Sikhs and Hindus. Lohri is predominantly celebrated by the Sikhs and Hindus residing in Punjab, however, people from other religions and communities also join the celebrations. As northern Indian experience the coldest winters in comparison to the rest of the country, Lohri brings warmth and happiness after the coldest and longest nights of the year.

With traditional songs lingering in the background amidst the festivities, people gather around bonfires and dance the Bhangra and Giddha on the beats of dhol. Unlike other festivals in India where family and friends will gather at home to celebrate, Lohri is celebrated outside the house with family, friends, neighbours and all the people gathering near the bonfire. It is celebrated by eating sweets made of Gudh (jaggery) as sugarcane harvest wraps during this time.

Adda247 wishes you all the best for all the successes that come to you as an outcome of your dedication, diligence, and immensely hard work this Lohri. As 2023 has come with a promise of new teaching recruitments, we hope your hard work pays off and you grab the golden opportunity of clearing a Teaching Recruitment Exam 2023.

We know teaching candidates are busy with their long hours of study routines and do not wish to indulge in frivolous activities for fear of deterring their focus. However, the aspirants should understand that their minds deserve some rest as well.

Festivities are not mere frivolous activities, they are a sweet excuse to take a break for a few hours from the strenuous study regimes. We advise you to take a break and unwind your mind and soul. Let the melodious tunes of traditional songs seep into your soul and help you rejuvenate your mind and senses. It will help you go back to your study with a fresh and recuperated mind.


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Q: What is the date of Lohri 2023?

A: The Lohari 2023 will be celebrated on 13th January 2023.

Q: Which God is Lohri celebrated?

A: Historically, Lohri is celebrated to mark the end of the winter solstice and the beginning of the warmer months as the Sun starts it movement from Southern Hemisphere to Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, Sun God is worshipped during Lohri. Also, Fire God is worshipped by creating bonfires and offering

What is the symbol of Lohri?

A bonfire is the most important symbol of Lohri

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