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Confuse Between Government vs. Private Teaching Jobs ; Check Here

Teaching is a prestigious profession, and the job of a teacher entails imparting knowledge and skills to others. In India the education sector is divided into two segments – government-run schools and the other one is autonomous bodies. There is a stark contrast in the two faces of the teaching sector in India. Both have a common goal; to educate the young minds that hold promise for the future of the country. However, while the government schools strive to provide affordable education without any discrimination, private schools also include profit on their agenda. The teaching jobs in both types of schools have varying natures. Here are a few factors that differentiate the two:

1. Qualification of Teacher

The basic eligibility requirement for applying as a government teacher is graduation along with a degree or a diploma in education. Aspirants have to meet all the obligatory requirements like clearing the Teacher Eligibility Tests held at Central and State levels. These tests act as a litmus for the quality of education and also ensure a homogenized recruitment process throughout the country. On the other hand, private schools have varying norms across the country.

2. Remuneration

Teachers employed in the Government-owned schools in India receive emoluments accompanied by incentives and stability, as defined by the government policies. In contrast, the remuneration for the teachers working in privately managed schools varies based on factors like the qualification of the candidate, location of the school, admissions prices, and experience of the teacher. However, some reputed privately-run schools offer respectable pay and perks to their staff.

3. Accountability

The teachers of a government school are rarely held responsible for the quality of the education they are imparting because the chain of accountability in our system is awfully feeble. On the other hand, private school jobs have much more scrutiny. Their teachers are liable to the school managers as well as parents of the children studying in that school.

Whatever segment you choose, remember, that great minds have emerged from both the segments of the Indian education system and you, as a teacher will play an important role in helping such young talents to develop into the future leaders of the country.

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