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CTET Last 20-day Strategy & Study Plan

Preparing for a national-level exam like CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) can be challenging and requires a well-structured study plan. As the CTET exam date is 20 August 2023, candidates need to focus on a comprehensive CTET Last 20-Day Strategy and Study Plan.

In the last 20 days leading up to the CTET exam, candidates should focus on revision, mock tests, and improving exam-taking strategies. In the following article, the candidates will find a detailed CTET Last 20-day Strategy

CTET Last 20-day Strategy & Tips

Here’s a detailed study plan and strategies to cope with the pressure of attempting a national-level exam like CTET:

Day 1-2: Subject-wise Revision

  • Review the entire syllabus of Paper I and/or Paper II depending on the subjects you are appearing for.

  • Go through important concepts, formulas, and key points in each subject.

  • Identify weak areas and make a note of them for further improvement.

Day 3-4: Previous Years’ Question Papers

  • Solve previous years’ CTET question papers for both Paper I and Paper II.

  • Analyze the pattern of questions and the areas that are frequently asked.

  • Work on time management and attempt questions within the stipulated time.

Day 5-7: Focus on Weak Areas

  • Spend these days revisiting and strengthening the topics where you face difficulties.

  • Seek help from teachers, friends, or online resources to clarify doubts.

  • Practice solving questions related to the weak areas.

Day 8-10: Take Mock Tests

  • Start taking full-length mock tests to simulate the real exam environment.

  • Attempt mock tests at the same time as the actual exam to get accustomed to the timing.

  • Analyze your performance in each mock test and work on improving weak sections.

Day 11-13: Revision and Speed Enhancement

  • Revise the topics you have covered in the previous days.

  • Focus on improving your speed and accuracy while attempting mock tests.

  • Practice with sectional mock tests for each subject to identify and improve weak areas.

Day 14-15: CTET Previous Year’s Papers

  • Solve CTET previous year’s question papers to understand the level of difficulty and question patterns.

  • Use these papers as a tool to identify areas that need special attention.

  • Make a list of important topics and revise them thoroughly.

Day 16-17: Revise Child Development and Pedagogy

  • Child Development and Pedagogy is crucial for both Paper I and Paper II.

  • Revise important theories, concepts, and teaching methodologies.

  • Solve practice questions to ensure a strong hold on this subject.

Day 18-19: Stay Calm and Confident

  • Avoid starting any new topics during the last two days.

  • Focus on staying calm, confident, and positive.

  • Engage in relaxation techniques like meditation or deep breathing.

Day 20: Last-Minute Revision and Rest

  • Quickly revise the key points and formulas.

  • Avoid studying anything new or challenging on the last day.

  • Get sufficient rest to ensure you are fresh and alert on the day of the exam.

CTET Last 20-day Study Material

Check out the most crucial and essential study material that will help the CTET Aspirants to deal with the last 20 days of preparation for the CTET Exam 2023.

CTET Last 20-day Study Material
CTET 100 Days Study Plan Click Here
CTET One-Month Plan Click Here
CTET Previous Year Question Paper Click Here
CTET Hindi FREE MCQ PDF Click Here
CTET English FREE MCQ PDF Click Here

Strategies to Cope with Exam Pressure

Remember, the last 20 days are crucial, but it’s also essential to maintain a healthy balance between study and self-care. Following this study plan and implementing effective coping strategies will help you perform at your best in the CTET 2023 exam. In the following section, the candidates will find some effective strategies to cope up with the CTET Exam pressure.

  • Believe in Yourself- Trust your preparation and believe in your abilities. Confidence is essential for performing well.
  • Positive Mindset- Maintain a positive outlook and avoid negative thoughts or self-doubt.
  • Time Management- Stick to the study plan and allocate time wisely for revision and mock tests.
  • Physical Well-being- Take care of your health with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep.
  • Analyze Mock Tests- Use mock tests to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Work on improving performance in weak areas.
  • Stay Away from Stressors- Avoid discussions or interactions that may increase stress or anxiety.
  • Exam Day Strategy- Have a clear strategy for the exam day, including time allocation for each section and question.
  • Stay Focused- Don’t compare yourself to others; stay focused on your preparation and performance.
  • Post-Exam Relaxation- Plan some relaxing activities after the exam to unwind and destress.

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When is the CTET exam date for 2023?

The CTET exam date for 2023 is 20th August.

What should I focus on in the last 20 days before the CTET exam?

In the last 20 days, focus on revision, mock tests, and improving exam-taking strategies.

How can I prepare for time management in the CTET exam?

Solve previous years' question papers to analyze the pattern of questions and work on time management.

Is it advisable to start new topics in the last two days before the exam?

No, avoid starting any new topics in the last two days. Focus on revision and staying calm.

How can I cope with exam pressure during the last 20 days?

To cope with exam pressure, believe in yourself, maintain a positive mindset, practice time management, take care of your physical well-being, and avoid stressors.

Where can I find CTET study materials for the last 20 days of preparation?

You can find CTET study materials for the last 20 days on the provided links, including study plans, previous year's question papers, and free MCQ PDFs.

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