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CG TET Teacher Salary Per Month and Job Promotions

CG TET Teacher Salary: The Chhattisgarh Teacher Eligibility Test (CG TET) is an important state-level examination conducted by the Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board (CGPEB). Aspirants preparing for CG TET 2024, aiming to secure teaching positions for Class 1 to 5 and Class 6 to 8, are eager to understand the salary structure associated with these roles. In this article, we will be going to explain the CG TET Teacher Salary Per Month and Job Promotions.

CG TET Teacher Salary 2024

The CG TET Salary 2024 for both Primary and Upper Primary Teachers will be based on the 7th Pay Commission. All government teachers in Chhattisgarh are entitled to Dearness Allowance, HRA, leaves, medical leave, and other benefits in their state. To qualify for the post of teacher, passing the CG TET is mandatory. Therefore, candidates must be aware of the current teacher salary in 2024, benefits, and allowance.

CG TET Teacher Salary Structure

The Chhattisgarh Government has adopted the 7th Pay Commission’s salary structure along with other benefits for CG TET teachers. As per the 7th Pay Commission, the pay scale for primary teachers and upper primary teachers is as follows:

CG TET Teacher Salary Structure
CG TET Salary Particulars Primary Teacher Upper Primary Teacher
Pay Scale Rs. 9300 to 35400 Rs. 9300 to 44900
Grade Pay Rs 4200 Rs 4600
House Rent Allowances (HRA) 12 % of basic pay 12 % of basic pay
Dearness Allowances (DA) 42% of basic pay 42% of basic pay
Total Salary (approx) Rs.38000 (approx.) Rs 41000 to Rs 45000

CG TET Primary Teacher Salary

CG TET Primary Teacher will be getting a pay scale of Rs. 9300 to 35400 with grade pay of Rs. 4,200 and a basic salary of Rs. 13,500. There are other benefits offered to the primary teacher such as house rent allowance, transport allowance, City Compensatory Allowance and others.

  • Starting Salary (Entry Level): The starting salary for a primary teacher in Chhattisgarh was around Rs. 23,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month.
  • Pay Scale: Primary teachers in Chhattisgarh fall under the Pay Band of Rs. 9,300 – Rs. 34,800, with a Grade Pay of Rs. 4,200.

CG TET Upper Primary Teacher Salary

Candidates who have qualified the CG TET (Chhattisgarh Teacher Eligibility Test) and are employed as Trained Graduate Teachers (TGT) or Upper Primary Teachers in Chhattisgarh receive a grade pay of Rs. 4,600. Their basic salary is Rs. 17,140.

In addition to the basic salary, they are entitled to various benefits such as house rent allowance, transport allowance, city compensatory allowance, and other allowances as per the rules and regulations set by the Chhattisgarh government. These additional allowances further contribute to the overall remuneration package for TGT and Upper Primary Teachers in Chhattisgarh.

Growth and Career for CG TET Teacher

The Chhattisgarh Government has announced 12000 teaching vacancies across various categories i.e. Assistant Teacher, Teacher and Lecturer. Candidates who successfully qualified for the CG TET 2024 certification can anticipate opportunities for professional development and growth. This certification serves as a mandatory requirement for career progression.

As a primary teacher, one can aspire to advance to the role of an upper primary teacher, senior teacher, or even headmaster. Achieving the CG TET Teacher status opens up avenues for securing higher positions within the Chhattisgarh state government, facilitating enhanced professional growth and career advancement opportunities

Job Profile of CG TET Teacher

The job profile of a Chhattisgarh TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) teacher varies based on the level of teaching they are assigned to, such as primary, upper primary, or secondary. Here is a general overview of the job profile of a Chhattisgarh TET teacher:

  • Teaching Responsibilities: The primary responsibility of a Chhattisgarh TET teacher is to deliver high-quality instruction to students in their assigned subject(s) and grade level. They are responsible for creating lesson plans, conducting classroom teaching, facilitating learning activities, and assessing student performance.
  • Curriculum Implementation: TET teachers in Chhattisgarh are expected to follow the prescribed curriculum and teaching guidelines set by the state education department. They need to plan and execute lessons that align with the curriculum objectives and ensure students’ progress in their learning.
  • Classroom Management: Effective classroom management is crucial for TET teachers. They are responsible for maintaining a positive and conducive learning environment, managing student behavior, resolving conflicts, and promoting discipline and respect among students.
  • Student Assessment: TET teachers are responsible for evaluating student progress through various assessment methods. They design and administer tests, quizzes, assignments, and projects, and provide feedback and grades to students and parents/guardians.
  • Individualized Instruction: Chhattisgarh TET teachers are expected to cater to the diverse learning needs of students. They may need to adapt teaching strategies, provide additional support, and differentiate instruction to ensure all students can achieve their academic goals.
  • Parent-Teacher Communication: TET teachers often engage in regular communication with parents or guardians to discuss student progress, address concerns, and provide updates on academic performance and behavior.
  • Professional Development: Continuous professional development is encouraged for TET teachers in Chhattisgarh. They may participate in training programs, workshops, and conferences to enhance their teaching skills and stay updated with the latest educational practices.


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CG TET Teacher Salary: FAQs

What is the salary structure for teachers in Chhattisgarh?

The salary structure for teachers in Chhattisgarh follows the guidelines set by the state government and is based on the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. It includes a basic salary, grade pay, and various allowances.

What is the starting salary for primary teachers (PRT) in Chhattisgarh?

The starting salary for primary teachers in Chhattisgarh is approximately in the range of Rs. 23,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month. However, the exact salary may vary based on factors such as experience and qualifications.

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