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Can I Qualify the UGC NET Exam without Coaching?

UGC NET (University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test) is a competitive exam conducted for individuals aspiring to become Assistant Professors or pursue research in diverse fields. The UGC NET December 2023 Examination has been scheduled for 6- 22 December 2023.

Candidates often wonder whether coaching is necessary to qualify for the UGC NET exam. However, it is important to clarify that with appropriate preparation and self-study, candidates can indeed achieve success in the UGC NET exam without the need for coaching.

UGC NET Qualifying Marks

The candidates who will be appearing for the UGC NET exam must need to know minimum qualifying marks in both UGC NET Paper I and Paper II. Here we are explaining UGC NET exam qualifying marks category wise for both papers.

Papers Minimum Qualifying Marks (General Category) Minimum Qualifying Marks (OBC – NCL/PWD/ST/SC )
Paper I 40% 35%
Paper II 40% 35%

The candidate having minimum qualifying marks does not mean that the candidate qualifies UGC NET exam. For the qualifying exam and to be eligible to be an assistant professor candidate needs to clear minimum qualifying marks as well as cut-off marks. Out of the qualified Candidates, only the top 6% of candidates are selected for ‘Assistant Professor’ and the top 0.5% are selected for the award of ‘Junior Research Fellowship and Assistant Professor’. 

Career After UGC NET & JRF Exam

Can an Aspirant qualify UGC NET Exam without Coaching?

Preparation for UGC NET Exam is very challenging. Coaching can help an aspirant to obtain a guiding light through which they can prepare for the exam in a well-defined manner. It helps make candidates organised and disciplined. It becomes difficult to prepare for the exam without coaching.

When an aspirant prepare for the UGC NET exam without coaching, there come several hindrances while preparing for exam. Some of these are:

  • Difficulty in time management
  • Notes making and accumulation become difficult
  • Lack of guidance from a tutor
  • Difficult to identify the topics that are highly weighted
  • Numerous distractions while preparation

The above difficulties can make it difficult for the candidate to prepare for the UGC NET exam via self-study. Hence, it becomes advantageous to have the assistance of coaching to make their preparation journey easy and disciplined. 

How to Crack UGC NET While Working?

Why need Coaching to qualify UGC NET Exam?

Coaching can help the aspirants to get a guiding light that saves their time and effort by giving them the planned way to ace the exam. The following are major advantages of getting coaching for the exam:

  • Coaching Saves Time: Getting assistance from experienced mentors helps aspirants to prepare for the exam in a patterned way. this disciplined approach helps them to save time. This is difficult when a student opts for self-study.
  • Quality Study Material: Study material plays an important role when a candidate prepares for UGC NET Exam. Preparing notes and compiling them takes a lot of time. Adda247 can save this time. Adda 247 provide candidates with the best study material aligned with the exam. Adda247 products i.e. live classes, videos, test series, books made by subject experts having vast experience in dealing with UGC NET Exam in both papers.
  • Anytime Access to Study Material: With the help of coaching especially from an online platform like Adda 247 candidates can get access to compact and quality study material via online notes and pdf that are easy to carry and access anywhere. 
  • Regularity and disciplined approach: Coaching makes candidate plan their studies well and follow a disciplined approach. Disciplined here refers that candidates being provided timely classes and study notes to prepare for exams. With the adda247 App, candidate can take regularly class from any time to anywhere for UGC NET Exam
  • Feedback and Query Resolution: Coaching can help the aspirant to resolve the problems and queries they are having while preparing for the exam from subject experts. This ultimately improves their thinking and problem-solving capacity.
  • Mocks and Regular Tests: Mocks and regular tests can help students to increase their speed and accuracy levels. The assistance of coaching provides students with timely practice of concepts via mocks and tests. Aspirants can get these mocks attempted on our platform Adda 247 with detailed solutions.

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Hence, preparation for UGC NET Exam becomes easy if an aspirant gets expert guidance and assistance via coaching platforms. Adda 247 provides candidates Study Material with subject-specific and expert guidance that can help aspirants to prepare for the exam in an organised way. but it does not mean that coaching alone without self-study can help you achieve your goal.

One should have to be regular with the studies and revise the concepts again and again to ace the exam. Coaching can help the student in cracking the exam so if you wish to join the coaching then join coaching to crack the exam, not for collecting comprehensive knowledge of the subject after all you have spent number of years in the particular subject during graduation and post-graduation.

How to Qualify the UGC NET Exam

Whether or not to take coaching is a decision that completely depends on the aspirants’ beliefs, learning approach, and familiarity with the subject. If one believes that he has a command over the subject, can prepare by himself/herself without coaching and otherwise, they can go for coaching for guidance. It is important to note here that self-study requires self-discipline. You have to be disciplined towards your study and have to give your best during preparation to achieve desired results. Never skip your study at any cost if you want to crack this exam.

How to Prepare UGC NET?


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What is the best way to prepare for the UGC NET exam?

The best way to prepare for the UGC NET exam is to have a strong understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern. You should gather study material from reliable sources and create a study plan that suits your learning style and schedule. Practice mock tests and previous year question papers to get a feel of the exam pattern and to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your weak areas and try to improve your understanding.

How much time is required for UGC NET exam preparation?

The time required for UGC NET exam preparation depends on various factors such as your knowledge of the subject, the number of hours you can dedicate to preparation, and your learning speed. It is recommended to start preparation at least 6 months before the exam.


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