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BPSC Confirms No Changes in Bihar Teacher Recruitment Schedule

Teaching aspirants preparing for the Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023 have been speculating whether the exam has been cancelled or not. This comes after the verdict given by the Supreme Court of India where BEd degree holders are deemed ineligible for the post of PRT. The verdict upholds that only BTSC, BTC, DElEd or any other equivalent degree holders are only eligible for the PRT post.

As speculations of the Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023 were sparked by the Supreme Court Verdict, the BPSC has stepped in to announce that the Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023 will be conducted as scheduled. They confirmed that no changes will be made to the Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023.

BPSC Chairman Atul Prasad, speaking on social media, assured that the teacher recruitment process will proceed as planned. Contrary to rumours, there is no intention to suspend the recruitment following the Supreme Court’s decision. The exam will take place on the scheduled dates without any changes.

However, they have not confirmed if the eligibility criteria of the Primary Teacher Post will be changed as per the recent verdict released by the Supreme Court or not. 

BPSC Chairman Tweet On No changes in Exam Schedule

In June 2023, BPSC released a recruitment notice for a total of 170,461 teaching vacancies in Bihar. This includes 79,943 positions for Primary Teachers (Classes 1 to 5), 32,916 positions for TGT Teachers (Classes 9-10), and 57,602 positions for PGT Teachers (Classes 11-12). Among the estimated 7.4 lakh candidates who applied for Class 1 to 5 positions, around 5 lahks hold BEd degrees.

Supreme Court Verdict on BED – BSTC Controversy: BED vs BTC

As of now it is difficult to say if these 5 lakh BEd holders will be ultimately considered for the PRT post or not. However, the BPSC Chairman has mentioned in his tweet that the candidates should have realistic expectations while making any assumptions regarding the eligibility criteria.

The scheduled exam dates for teacher recruitment are from 24th to 26th August 2023. BPSC Chairman Atul Prasad emphasized that the e-admit card provided by the commission serves as the final admit card, and no separate cards will be issued. The commission has communicated crucial details such as exam centre, centre code, exam date, shift, and time to candidates. Although the exact examination centre’s name and address are pending, this information is expected to be released four days before the exam date.

After the confirmation from the BPSC, the teaching aspirants appearing for the Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023 must continue with their preparation in full throttle. It is highly advised to the candidates to avoid being misled by any misconception or rumours circulating regarding any changes in the Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023 and focus on their preparation.

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Why were there speculations about the Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023 being cancelled?

Speculations arose due to a Supreme Court verdict stating that BEd degree holders are ineligible for the post of PRT (Primary Teacher).

What degrees are considered eligible for the PRT post according to the Supreme Court verdict?

According to the verdict, only BTSC, BTC, DElEd, or equivalent degree holders are eligible for the PRT post.

Has the Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023 been cancelled or changed?

No, the BPSC has confirmed that the Bihar Teacher Recruitment 2023 will proceed as scheduled, and no changes will be made.

What assurance has the BPSC provided regarding the recruitment process?

BPSC Chairman Atul Prasad stated that the teacher recruitment process will continue as planned, and there is no intention to suspend it despite the Supreme Court's decision.

What are the scheduled exam dates for the teacher recruitment?

The scheduled exam dates are from August 24th to 26th.

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