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Bihar STET Maths Exam Analysis 14 June 2024, Subject-Wise

On 14 June 2024, the Bihar School Education Board (BSEB) conducted the Bihar STET Exam in an online format for the first time, creating significant excitement among candidates. The Bihar STET Maths Exam, held in the evening session, concluded at 5:30 p.m.

Adda247 will provide an in-depth analysis of this year’s online exam, engaging with examinees at the venue throughout the day to offer real-time insights and updates. For detailed and prompt updates on the Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024, candidates can refer to our comprehensive coverage here.

Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024

The Bihar STET exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions, each worth one mark, for a total of 150 marks. A comprehensive analysis of the exam involves a detailed examination of each subject and section outlined in the question paper. The exam is divided into two parts for a thorough assessment: Part I focuses on subject matter knowledge and is worth 100 marks, while Part II emphasizes teaching techniques and related skills, accounting for 50 marks.

Bihar STET Exam Pattern 2024

Bihar STET Exam Pattern for Paper I is straightforward, with details on the latest exam pattern and mark distribution.

Bihar STET Exam Pattern 2024
Sections Total Questions Total Marks
Specific Subject 100 100
Art of Teaching, Other skills
Art of Teaching 30 30
General Knowledge 5 5
Environmental Science 5 5
Mathematical aptitude 5 5
logical Reasoning 5 5
Total 150 150

Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024

On 14 June 2024, the second session of the Bihar STET Exam concluded promptly at 5:30 p.m. Held across various districts in Bihar, the exam centers attracted candidates from both within the state and neighbouring regions. Let’s explore the details and schedule of the Bihar STET Exam for a comprehensive understanding.

Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024 for Maths – Shift 2
Exam Date Shift Timing Subject
14 June 2024 Shift 2 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm Bihar STET Maths Paper II

Overview of Bihar STET Exam Paper 2 Analysis 2024- 14 June 2024

The Bihar STET Exam Analysis offers valuable insights into two key sections: Part 1 (Subject Concerned – Maths ) and Part 2 (Art of Teaching and Other Skills). Each question is meticulously designed to align with the syllabus for the respective posts, ensuring it meets the prescribed minimum qualification standards for candidates. Importantly, candidates should note that there is no penalty for incorrect answers in the Bihar STET Exam 2024, providing a fair assessment environment.

Bihar STET Exam Analysis for Shift 2
 Section  Total Questions Asked Shift 2
Total Attempts  Level
Subject Concerned- Maths 100 76-80 Moderate
Art of Teaching 30 19-23 Moderate
General Knowledge 5 2-3 Easy to Moderate
Environmental Science 5 3-4 Easy to Moderate
Mathematical Aptitude 5 2-3 Moderate
Logical Reasoning 5 3-4 Moderate
Total 150 110-117 Easy to Moderate

Bihar STET Maths Exam Analysis 2024- Shift 2

The Bihar STET exam conducted on June 14th, 2024, is examined here with a specific focus on the Maths subject and the common sections applicable across all disciplines. A comprehensive breakdown of the Maths section will be provided separately, detailing the specific topics covered and the difficulty level of questions. Moreover, individual analyses for each section of Part II will be presented, encompassing Art of Teaching, Hindi, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Environmental Science.

Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024 For Maths

Shift 2 Topic Marks
  • Previous Year Question- 10 que
  • Differential Equations – OD, PD
  • Linear Algebra
  • Matrix Theory
  • Real Analysis- 6-7 Questions
  • Eigen Value
  • Group Theory- 2 Que
  • Modern Algebra
  • Complex Analysis
  • Number Theory
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Vector & Calculus- 6-7
  • Matrix Space
  • Dynamic
  • Static & probability
  • Calculus- Function of one and two variable
71-74 Good Attempts

Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024 For Arts of Teaching

Shift 1 Topic Question Asked
  • Classroom Management
  • Inclusive Education
  • Tools of learning
18-21 Good Attempts

Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024 For General Knowledge

Shift 1 Topic Question Asked
  • IPL
  • Bihar Agriculture
  • Soil
3-4  Good Attempts

Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024 For Environmental Science

Shift 1 Topic Question Asked
  • Forest
  • Metal
  • Rain
 2-3  Good Attempts

Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024 For Mathematical Aptitude

Shift 1 Topic Question Asked
  • Square Roots
  • Unitary
  • Simple Interest
 2-4  Good Attempts

Bihar STET Exam Analysis 2024 For Logical Reasoning

Shift 1 Topic Question Asked
  • Blood Relation
  • Alphabet series
  • Row Arrangement
 3-4  Good Attempts

Bihar STET History Exam Analysis 14 June 2024_3.1


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