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What is the UGC NET 2024 June Exam Mode: Offline or Online?

The UGC NET (University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test) has been canceled due to technical reasons. As the Exam is under light know the UGC NET Exam date which will be available soon. The candidate has many doubts regarding the UGC NET Exam Mode Online or offline.

Over the years, the mode of examination has seen several changes, influencing the preparation strategies of candidates. As we approach the June 2024 cycle, there is a significant update regarding the exam mode that all aspirants must be aware of. Read the following article for more information on UGC NET Exam Mode 2024.

What is the UGC NET 2024 Exam Mode?

National Testing Agency has announced that the UGC NET 2024 has reverted to the offline mode, conducted in the conventional pen and paper format with OMR sheets from the June cycle. As UGC NET Exam Date has not been released, there is no news regarding the UGC NET 2024 Exam Mode Changed or not.

The decision to switch back to the offline mode brings about a nostalgic return to traditional examination practices but also necessitates a change in preparation strategies for candidates who have become accustomed to the online format. Candidates have to learn how to tackle the OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) Sheet effectively.

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Which UGC NET Exam Mode is Better: Offline or Online?

The debate over which exam mode is better, offline or online, is subjective and depends on individual preferences and experiences. Let’s delve into the nuances and advantaged of both online and offline exam modes.

Advantages of Offline Mode

  • Familiarity for Long-Time Aspirants: Many candidates who have been preparing for years are more comfortable with the offline mode. The pen and paper method can reduce the stress associated with computer-based tests.
  • No Technical Glitches: Offline exams eliminate the risk of technical failures, such as computer malfunctions or connectivity issues, which can be a significant source of anxiety for candidates.
  • Ease of Rough Work: Candidates can easily perform rough work directly on the question paper or OMR sheets, which some find more intuitive compared to online scribble pads.

Advantages of Online Mode

  • Efficiency in Answering: The CBT mode allows candidates to answer questions quickly by clicking, potentially saving time.
  • Instant Submission: Online exams can offer immediate submission, reducing the wait time for the end of the exam session.
  • Environment-Friendly: The reduction in paper usage makes the online mode more sustainable.


The UGC NET 2024 June cycle’s shift back to the offline mode is a significant change that candidates need to adapt to promptly. While the offline mode offers several advantages, such as reducing technical issues and allowing ease of rough work, the familiarity of the online mode for recent candidates can’t be ignored.

Ultimately, aspirants must align their preparation strategies with the offline format to ensure they perform their best in the upcoming exam. Practice, adaptability, and a positive mindset will be crucial in mastering the exam in its traditional pen and paper format.

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What is the UGC NET 2024 June exam mode?

The UGC NET 2024 June exam will be conducted in the offline mode. This means the exam will be in the traditional pen and paper format, utilizing OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) sheets for answer marking. This is a shift from the online Computer-Based Test (CBT) mode used from December 2018 to December 2023.

Will the switch to offline mode affect the difficulty level of the UGC NET 2024 exam?

The difficulty level of the exam remains consistent, regardless of the mode. However, candidates may need to adjust their strategies and practice more with the offline format to ensure a smooth exam experience.

Can candidates choose between online and offline modes for UGC NET 2024?

No, for the June 2024 cycle, the exam will exclusively be conducted in the offline mode. Candidates must prepare accordingly and cannot choose the online mode.

What should candidates do if they have been preparing for the online mode?

Candidates who have been preparing for the online mode should shift their focus to offline practices. They should get comfortable with OMR sheets, work on their handwriting clarity, and practice time management for pen and paper exams.

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