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UGC NET Exam Blunder: OMR Copy Missing

National Testing Agency (NTA) now faces fresh allegations regarding the UGC NET exam. Candidates who appeared for the UGC NET June 2024 offline exam on 18 June 2024 have raised concerns about the lack of transparency in the testing process.

The NET offline exam held on 18 June 2024 in 2 shifts has sparked outrage among candidates due to the absence of carbon or impression copies of the OMR sheets and the omission of a fifth option. These irregularities have led to widespread allegations of possible manipulation and favoritism in the examination process.

UGC NET Exam Blunder: OMR Copy Missing_3.1UGC NET June 2024 Concerns

Did your OMR sheet feel incomplete during the recent UGC NET 2024 offline exam? You weren’t alone. Here we have explained the concerned raised by candidate on UGC NET Examination. These issues have prompted candidates to take to social media, expressing their apprehension about the fairness of the NTA’s OMR evaluation process.

  • No Carbon Copies: A major point of contention is the absence of carbon or impression copies of the OMR sheets distributed during the exam. This has caused anxiety among candidates who fear potential manipulation of their answers during processing.
  • Missing Fifth Option: Further adding to the confusion, the UGC NET exam did not include a fifth option for answers in some questions, unlike the practice followed in many state-level exams to minimize the possibility of OMR sheet tampering.

Doubts About UGC NET June 2024 Offline Exam and Scoring

  • Shift from Online to Offline: Candidates have questioned the decision to switch the UGC NET exam from online to offline mode. After years of conducting online examinations, the sudden shift back to offline has raised concerns about the rationale behind this change, especially considering the logistical challenges involved in setting up additional exam centers.
  • Difficulties with Answer Key Verification: The absence of carbon copies could make it difficult for candidates to verify their answers against the official answer key later, potentially leading to discrepancies in scoring.

Allegations on UGC NET Exam

The allegations of potential rigging are not limited to the missing carbon copies and the absence of a fifth option. Candidates have pointed out other irregularities, such as the use of black pens provided at the exam centers. This controlled provision of writing instruments has also raised suspicions, with candidates arguing that it could be another method to manipulate exam outcomes. The cumulative effect of these issues has led many to believe that the exam process was compromised, potentially favoring certain candidates.

Will the NTA Respond?

With the UGC NET exam now facing controversy, it’s up to the NTA to address these issues. Students are asking for clear and fair evaluation processes. Their academic futures depend on this, and the NTA’s actions will impact their trust in the fairness of the exam system.

UGC NET Exam Blunder: OMR Copy Missing_4.1

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