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SCERT Deled Syllabus 2024 and New Exam Pattern PDF

The Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) program equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as educators in elementary schools (grades 1-8). Administered by the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) in various states across India, the D.El.Ed. program plays a crucial role in shaping future generations.This article delves into the details of the SCERT D.El.Ed. Syllabus 2024 for the entrance exam, providing aspiring teachers with a roadmap to success.

What is SCERT Deled Syllabus?

The D.El.Ed. program is a two-year professional course designed to develop a strong foundation in child development, pedagogy, curriculum development, and classroom management. It emphasizes creating nurturing and engaging learning environments for children in the elementary age group (typically classes 1 to 5). The SCERT DELED Syllabus is the curriculum the candidates need to read and learn to crack the entrance exam for the SCERT DELED Course.

SCERT Deled Exam Pattern

The candidates must go through the Exam Pattern for the SCERT DELED to understand its nuances. They have to answer 150 questions worth 150 marks. Broadly, there are 6 sections- General Knowledge (Current Affairs) (10 Questions), General Science (40 Questions), Maths (10 Questions), General Mental Ability (30 Questions) and English & Hindi (10 + 10 Questions).

SCERT DELED Exam Pattern
Subject Total Questions Total Marks Duration
General Hindi / General English 20 20 150 minutes
Mathematics 10 10
Science 40 40
Social Studies 40 40
General English 20 20
General Mental ability, aptitude and attitude (as regards to Education/Teaching) 30 30
Total 150 150 150 minutes

SCERT Deled Entrance Exam Syllabus

Here is the detailed SCERT DELED Syllabus for the Entrance Exam. Candidates must read the following section carefully to comprehend the intricacies of the syllabus which will eventually solidify the preparation for the SCERT DELED Entrance Exam.

SCERT Deled Syllabus for General Knowledge (Current Affairs)

  • Knowledge of significant events in India in recent years
  • Prominent personalities at both the Indian and international levels
  • Cultural activities
  • Sports activities
  • Current important world events
  • Prizes and awards

SCERT Deled Syllabus for Social  Science


  • Forces shaping the modern world
  • Exploration and discovery
  • A broad survey of Indian history, with emphasis on culture and civilization
  • Freedom movement in India
  • French Revolution and Russian Revolution
  • Elementary knowledge of India’s Five-Year Plans
  • United Nations
  • Panchsheel
  • Panchayati Raj, democracy, socialism, and communism
  • Indian freedom movement
  • Bhoodan and Sarvodaya movements
  • National integration and the welfare state
  • Basic teachings of Mahatma Gandhi

Political Science

  • Parliament
  • Indian Constitution
  • Rights and duties
  • States and Union Territories
  • Federalism and power sharing
  • Democracy and its challenges
  • Gender, religion, and caste
  • Political parties
  • Elections
  • Election Commission


  • The Earth: its shape and size
  • Latitudes and longitudes
  • Soil and its types
  • Types of climate
  • International Date Line
  • Major natural regions of the world
  • Movements of the Earth and their effects
  • Regional geography of India
  • Climate and natural vegetation
  • Mineral and power resources
  • Agricultural and industrial activities
  • Origin of the Earth and classification of rocks
  • Important seaports and main sea, land, and air routes of India
  • Main items of imports and exports of India


  • GDP/GNP and HDI
  • Sectors of the Indian economy
  • Economic planning
  • Indian budget
  • Economic terminology
  • Liberalization
  • Human development and human capital
  • National income
  • Growth and changing employment structure
  • Sustainable development

SCERT Deled Syllabus for General Science


  • Physical properties and states of matter
  • Modes of heat transfer
  • Mass, weight, volume, and sound waves and their properties
  • Density and specific gravity
  • Reflection and refraction
  • Spherical mirrors and lenses
  • The human eye
  • Motion of objects
  • Natural and artificial magnets
  • Velocity and acceleration
  • Properties of magnets
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Force and momentum
  • Gravitation
  • Simple electrical circuits
  • Basic concepts of work
  • Heating, lighting, and magnetic effects of current


  • Acids, bases, and salts
  • Different forms of carbon
  • Physical and chemical changes
  • Natural and artificial fertilizers
  • Elements
  • Materials used in the production of soap, glass, ink, paper, cement, paints, safety matches, and gunpowder
  • Mixtures and compounds
  • Basic concepts of atomic structure


  • Common epidemics, their causes, and prevention
  • Differences between living and non-living things
  • Food as a source of energy for humans
  • Basis of life: cells, protoplasm, and tissues
  • Constituents of food
  • Growth and reproduction in plants and animals
  • Balanced diet
  • Basic knowledge of the human body and its important organs

Basic Computer Knowledge 

  • Introduction to computers
  • Computer architecture and hardware
  • Computer memory and data representation
  • Computer software
  • Operating systems
  • Search engines
  • Internet

SCERT Deled Syllabus for Maths (Numerical Ability)

  • Simplifications
  • Number systems
  • Least common multiple (LCM) and highest common factor (HCF)
  • Percentage
  • Profit and loss
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Discount
  • Work and time
  • Elementary Algebra
  • Data handling

SCERT Deled Syllabus for General Mental Ability

General mental ability, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, logical and analytical reasoning, aptitude, and attitude towards education.

  • Indian educational agencies
  • Social responsibility in education
  • Educational learning tools
  • Student-led school experiments
  • Organization of education: CBSE, NCERT, and their structure and function.

SCERT Deled Syllabus for English & Hindi

  • Spotting Errors Questions
  • Sentence Arrangement Questions
  • Vocabulary
  • Ordering of Sentence
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Ordering of Words in a sentence.

SCERT Deled Syllabus PDF

In the following table, candidates will be able to access the PDF for the syllabus of the SCERT DELED Entrance Exam. It is vital for the candidates to download and access the SCERT DELED Syllabus PDF for the entrance exam in order to have a reference point throughout their preparations.

SCERT DELED Syllabus Click Here

Benefits of a Strong Grasp on the SCERT Deled Syllabus

A thorough understanding of the SCERT DElEd.Syllabus 2024 offers several advantages for aspiring teachers:

  • Preparation for Examinations: The syllabus serves as a blueprint for the D.El.Ed. program’s content, allowing you to focus your studies on the specific topics that will be assessed in the examinations.
  • Enhanced Subject Knowledge: Deep dives into core pedagogical subjects establish a strong foundation in child development, learning theories, and effective teaching practices.
  • Effective Lesson Planning: Understanding the curriculum framework and learning objectives enables you to design engaging and comprehensive lesson plans that cater to diverse learning needs.
  • Building Confidence in the Classroom: Familiarity with classroom management techniques and assessment strategies equips you to handle classroom situations effectively and confidently.
  • Lifelong Learning: The knowledge and skills gained from the D.El.Ed. program empower you to continuously learn, adapt, and improve your teaching practices throughout your career.


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What is the SCERT DElEd Syllabus?

The SCERT DElEd Syllabus outlines the curriculum for the Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) program, a two-year professional course designed to develop a strong foundation in child development, pedagogy, curriculum development, and classroom management. This syllabus is crucial for candidates preparing for the SCERT DElEd entrance exam.

What is the structure of the SCERT DElEd exam pattern?

The SCERT DElEd exam consists of 150 questions worth 150 marks, divided into six sections: General Knowledge (Current Affairs), General Science, Mathematics, General Mental Ability, and English & Hindi. Candidates have 150 minutes to complete the exam.

What is the importance of understanding the SCERT DElEd syllabus?

A thorough understanding of the syllabus helps in focused exam preparation, enhances subject knowledge, aids in effective lesson planning, builds classroom confidence, and promotes lifelong learning.

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