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NVS last 15 Days Strategy, Tips & Tricks

As the NVS Exams 2022 is just around the corner, the candidates who are appearing for the exam must accelerate their preparation regime. The NVS exams 2022 for the non-teaching post will be held from 8th March to 13th March 2022. The candidates need to start brushing up the important sections and focus on the weaker sections once again. Their aim should be to complete their final revision asap. During the final phase of their preparation, they must focus on solving full-length mock tests and quizzes covering specific sections they wish to focus on. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective and impactful NVS Last 15-day Strategies.

NVS last 15 Days Strategy

The candidates must prepare a very stringent routine for these 15 days. This will help them to visualize the next 15 days properly and execute their plan accordingly. The candidates must follow this strategy religiously to fetch the desired results in their NVS exams 2022. Following are the NVS 15 days Strategy that will help you crack your NVS exam 2022 effectively.

Revise What you have already Learned

It is essential for you to understand that you need to focus on retaining what you have already learned. You must revise the syllabus according to the routine. Do not attempt to learn new topics. Trying to mug up new topics or concepts without giving them enough time to settle in your mind will lead to confusion. You might jumble up all you have learned till date because you tried to mug up something new at the last moment. rather, allow your brain to process what you have already learnt and retain as much as possible for the exams.

Follow Your Handmade Notes

This is the time when you should revise your handmade notes thoroughly. You should not buy or read any new study material. Do not try to read any new study material about any old topics. Things mess up in your brain. Moreover, studies show that people tend to remember more when they study things in their handwriting rather than any other form of study material. Thus, follow your handmade notes properly.

Solve Previous Year’s Question Paper

It is high time when you should try to solve the previous year’s question paper. This will help you get a proper understanding of the type of questions that appeared in previous years. This practice will ensure you comprehend the way the question papers are solved. This will boost your confidence in being able to solve questions with speed and accuracy. In case you could not solve any question or get stuck with any topic then this is the right time to revise that portion with diligence.

Attempt Mock Tests

You should attempt top-notch mock tests with high-quality questions. It is very important for you to attempt good quality questions based on the NVS syllabus to accentuate your problem-solving capabilities and ensure you are ready to difficult or any type of question for the NVS Exam 2022. As NVS exams are online-based exams, try to attempt CBT mock tests which will simulate the exact pattern and flow of a real NVS exam. Candidates who attempt CBT mock test must have an edge over other candidates as they will know who to handle the online examination.

NVS Online Test Series

Brush Up Your Weak Points

Now that you have already attempted the previous year’s question papers and mock tests, you must a fair idea of your preparedness. You must have identified your strengths and weaknesses. Try to focus on your weaker sections separately. Brush up the notes on these sections and once you are done with the revision try to solve mini-quizzes on these sections. This will help you quickly improve your weaker sections.

Health is Wealth

It is very important for you to remember that your health is your precious wealth. Do not ignore it or compromise it in the lure of over-achievement. You need to give your body the rest and the nutrients it deserves. Eat healthy food on time and take proper rest in between your study routines. In fact, when you set your routine, ensure that you have allotted enough time for rest and recuperation.

Stay Calm

Not just your body, take care of your mind as well. Keep your mind calm and composed.  A calm mind will help you face any situation properly. Your approach towards critical situations or unexpected conditions will determine the result of it. Thus, ensure you have a positive outlook towards life or any situation that might arise in your life. In case some unexpected question comes in your exam. Do let those few questions ruin your performance in the rest of the exam. Stay relaxed and try to solve the other doable questions. This will boost your confidence and help you get done with the rest of the paper.

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