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What is the Malaviya Mission? Full Form, Objective, Benefits

In alignment with the objectives outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched “Malviya Mission”, a capacity-building initiative aimed at the comprehensive development of 1.5 million educators within higher education institutions. The primary goal of Malviya mission is to inculcate ethical values and promote holistic education.

Key areas of emphasis within Malviya mission encompass a wide range of aspects such as Indian knowledge systems, academic leadership, effective governance, research, skill enhancement, inclusive practices, technology integration, identification of learning outcomes, and evaluation methodologies. Here we are going to learn more about Malviya Mission to get better understanding about the mission.

What is the Malaviya Mission?

The Honorable Prime Minister introduced the Central Sector Scheme “Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT)” in 2014. The program provided funding to carry out faculty capacity building training in HEIs by utilizing and leveraging existing resources.

Malviya Mission was designed to comprehensively address all issues related to teacher training/capacity building and the professional development of faculty in CUs, IITs, State Universities, NITTTR, IISERs, NITs, Deemed Universities, and Centrally Funded HEIs. Later, on 5 September 2023, MM TTP (Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Programme) was launched to start a unique and exclusive training scheme for teachers.

What is the full form of MM-TTP?

MM-TTP stands for Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Programme. It aims to provide tailored training programmes for teachers. This programme will work for the capacity building of faculty members in higher educational institutions (HEI). As a part of the Malaviya Mission, 111 institutions have been identified. These centers will be called Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centres (MMTTC).

Malaviya Mission – An Overview

The Malaviya Mission also aims to put into practice the NEP’s recommendations, including enhancing teaching quality across all levels and domains, emphasizing equity and inclusion in higher education, promoting online and digital learning, ensuring technology use, and promoting Indian language and culture.

Malaviya Mission Overview
Programme Name Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Programme
Launched by Union Minister for Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship by UGC
Launched in 5 September 2023
Launch Place Kaushal Bhawan, New Delhi
Institutions identified under scheme 111
States/UTs under MM TTP 29
Official website

Malaviya Mission and its Objectives

MM TTP, better known as Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Programme has some underlying objectives. These set of objectives have been laid down while launching the scheme. The objectives aim to improve the quality of education and overall goodwill of the teachers.

  • Improving the standard of education at all levels by fostering excellence and quality in our educators.
  • To create cutting-edge institutional infrastructure and innovative teaching strategies across all facets of higher education.
  • To provide pedagogy-related training and enhance the practical and soft abilities of faculty members.
  • To assure the teachers’ and students’ overall growth while instilling moral principles and other aspects of Indian culture.
  • To enhance critical and interdisciplinary thinking skills.
  • To introduce the Indian Knowledge Systems to the faculty.
  • To foster respect for the richness and eco-balance found in nature.
  • To carry out high-quality research in accordance with regional, international, and local needs.
  • To spread the message that a college degree is about inclusion and social betterment.
  • To acquire the skills necessary to prepare ICT-based transformative pedagogy.
  • To develop values of global citizenship and life skills.
  • To guarantee the faculty’s participation as active contributors to institution development.
  • Ensuring faculty members’ ongoing professional development through training, induction, refresher courses, and short-term programs would improve the quality of instruction and provide them more power.

How can teachers benefit through the Malaviya Mission?

Teachers all over the country targeted under the programme of Malaviya Mission will and are in the process of benefitting largely. Some of the benefits have been highlighted below. It is important to understand the importance MM TTP has laid on teachers or educators.

  1. The programme will last for two weeks and be delivered online. With this structure, teachers from all over the nation can take part and benefit from the training.
  2. Holistic and Multidisciplinary Education, Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS), Academic Leadership, Governance and Management, Higher Education and Society, Research and Development, Skill Development, Student Diversity and Inclusive Education, and Information and Communication Technology will be the eight themes that the training program will concentrate on.
  3. The Malaviya Mission will integrate capacity building to a credit structure to offer career advancement options for teachers. This projects the significance of ongoing professional development.
  4. The programme seeks to improve the quality of teacher preparation, prepare them for the future, and give participants leadership abilities in line with the objectives of the National Education Policy (NEP).

Malaviya Mission – Course Themes

Eight themes have been identified by Malaviya Mission Programme that will contribute towards capacity building of faculty members in HEIs. These themes encompass the course curriculum and content.

Malaviya Mission – Course & Curriculum Themes
Theme Areas Covered
Holistic and Multidisciplinary Education Concept of holistic and multidisciplinary education, human values and ethics, environmental studies
Indian Knowledge System (IKS) Sources, vocabulary and methods
Academic Leadership, Governance and Management Institutional development plan, management and governance
Higher Education and Society Higher education, its role in the 21st century. Mission and challenges, globalization
Research and Development Introduction, constituents of research, its contributions, proposal and parameters of research
Skill development Importance of skill development, tuning with reality and futuristic skills, need for skill development in higher education
Student Diversity and Inclusive Education Introduction, developing learner centric practices, teacher competencies towards diversity and inclusion
Information and Communication Technology Modern techniques of ICT, practical skills required for ICT and research

Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Programme – Outcome

The Malaviya Mission Programme will begin with teachers receiving training to deliver a holistic education while instilling India Centric principles and human values. Both the teachers and students will learn about the Indian Knowledge System and use it to advance and create knowledge in the actual world. The students’ ability to produce fresh concepts and materials through the use of cross- and multidisciplinary thinking will be monitored.

The proposed outcome is such that:

  • In a socio-cultural setting, the students will enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • They will learn to respect the need to protect biodiversity.
  • Through innovation and entrepreneurial abilities, the learners will be more likely to do high-quality research to address regional, national, and international issues.
  • The students would develop into reflective professionals.
  • The ability of the teachers to incorporate ICT technologies into the learning process would grow.

Download UGC NET Study Notes PDF

The direct link to download UGC NET Study Notes PDF has been mentioned below. Here we can download the Malviya Mission Study Notes PDF through below link.

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What’s the full form of MM TTP?

Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Programme

When was MM TTP launched?

5th September 2023

Who launched MM TTP?

Union Minister for Education and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship by UGC

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