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Mahashivratri Special Offer: सफलता पाने का सुनहरा मौका

Mahashivratri is a Hindu festival celebrated every year in the honor of Lord Shiva. Mahashivratri, the one that occurs in February-March is of the most spiritual significance. Mahashivratri is very significant for people who are on the spiritual path. It is also very significant for people who are in family situations, and also for the ambitious in the world. Shivratri is the darkest night of the month. This year also on this auspicious day we are wishing you a very Happy Mahashivratri. We pray to god this coronavirus may vanish sooner.

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The candidates preparing for the exam must include some of the qualities of Shiva in their life to achieve success. The candidates must learn the focus, concentration from Lord Shiva. He balances in everything likewise candidates must balance their life and set priorities. These some mantras will definitely head you towards success.

History and Significance:

It is celebrated with enthusiasm people offer milk, curd, water on the shivling, and pray to god for their well-being. The mahasivratri is mentioned in many Puranas. Different legends describe the significance of Maha Shivaratri. Maha Shivaratri is considered the day when Adi Yogi or the first guru awakened his consciousness at the material level of existence. According to Tantra, at this stage of consciousness, no objective experience takes place and the mind is transcended. The major Jyotirlinga Shiva temples of India, such as in Varanasi and Somanatha, are particularly frequented on Maha Shivaratri. They serve also as sites for fairs and special events. There are several stories and beliefs associated with this auspicious event.

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