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Last 10 Days Strategy To Crack CTET Exam 2023

CBSE is going to conduct CTET 2023 Exam on 20 August 2023 in offline mode. Now only 10 days are left for the CTET exam 2023. Therefore, its high time to boost up your preparation regime and get started with your CTET Last 10 Days Strategy. In the following article, the candidates will find effective strategies, techniques and tips to deal with the CTET Exam preparation in the last 10 days.

CTET Exam 2023 Overview

For those who don’t know, the exam is a Central level eligibility entrance exam for teachers. It is a necessary step to secure teaching jobs in government faculties in India. Get essential information on the CTET Exam 2023 at a glance in the following table.

CTET 2023 Overview
Type of Exam Teachers Eligibility Test
Level of Exam Central Level
Mode of Application Online Mode
Mode of Exam Offline Mode
Duration of Exam 2 Hours 30 Min (Each Paper)
Date of Exam 20 August 2023
Official Website

CTET Exam Strategy 2023

Every year, lakhs of students appear for the CTET exam, with their full preparation. To crack this, applicants need to obtain 60%, only then will they be qualified and receive a certificate which is valid lifelong.

The CTET exam is thorough, hence, it is very important for each prospective applicant to have a proper study plan. While there is no perfect study plan for any exam, there should be some plan of action, so that applicants can complete their syllabus with enough time for revision and mock tests particularly in the last phase of the CTET preparation.

For the preparation of the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) exam, Adda247 always helps you and support you with test series, mock test, ebooks and video courses. This exam is the most influential teaching eligibility exam for those aspirants who want to become teachers.

Also, we are well aware of the fact that each student’s management of time differs. So, there can’t be just one Study plan for every student. However, there are several common factors or tips which will surely help each and every aspirant.

Significant Elements of CTET Study Plan

Check out the following section to understand some of the most significant elements of the CTET Study Plan and their importance in the journey of the candidates preparation for the CTET Exam 2023.

  • Check and understand the syllabus: Ideally, this should be your starting point. All you schedules and study plan will only prove to be beneficial if you know how many topics you need to cover at last moment of time.
  • List down all the topics and mark which topics you already know or are good at. Also, mark the topics which you know will require you to spend some extra time. This way, you will have an idea of what and how much exactly you need to study for your CTET Exam. 
  • Manage Your Time: Preparation for any entrance exam like CTET is totally based on time management done by an applicant. If you don’t make study schedules, you won’t be able to complete your exam preparation. It is as simple as that. Engage yourself with a precious timetable.
  • Schedule Your Study plans: It is important for you to schedule your study lessons. You don’t want to complete all the easier topics in the beginning and be left with difficult ones in the end. Distribute all the topics evenly and make a proper study plan.
  • Solve Previous-year Papers: Once you have covered your entire syllabus, it’s time to test your knowledge. Pick at least 5 previous year question papers and start solving them at last few days before the exam. This will help you in several ways:
    • Revising the syllabus
    • Time management in the exam
    • Handling the exam pressure
  • Solve Mock-test Series: Yes, along with the previous year’s exam papers, you need to solve some mock test papers as well. Why so? This is because while the previous year’s papers will help you understand the exam pattern, the mock test will help you test your knowledge as per the latest Central Teacher Eligibility Test exam syllabus.

These are some of the ways that will help you with your Study plans and hopefully make you understand the importance of the CTET Study plan.

Furthermore, for your reference and with the help of previous applicants, we have compiled a table for your CTET Study plan time distribution

CTET Study Plan Time Distribution

Candidates must go through the following table to find a sample timetable that will help the candidates to optimise their time management skills during the last 10 days from CTET Exam 2023.

Sample CTET Preparation Time Table
Topic/Subject Percentage Time 15 Days Plan
E.V.S. 15% 3 Days
Language 1 15% 1 Day
Language 2 15% 1 Day
Child Development and Pedagogy 20% 2 Days
Maths 15% 3 Days
Previous Year Papers 10% Last 2-3 Days
Mock Tests 10% Last 2-3 Days (1 or 2 Mock per day)

CTET Important Topics & Study Material

It is of paramount importance for the candidates to sort out what is essential and crucial to study and revise in the last 10 days before the CTET Exam 2023. The candidates should not delve into studying new topics rather they should focus on revision and practice. In the following table, the candidates will find all the resources for the CTET important topics and study materials along with quizzes and mocks to go through as the CTET last 10 days strategy.

CTET Important Topics & Study Material 
CTET Countdown to Success: Comprehensive Study Material Click Here
अधिकार CTET July 2023, 100 Days Study Plan For Paper I & II Click Here
Basic English Grammar For CTET Click Here
Child Development and Pedagogy Notes for CTET Click Here
EVS Notes PDF For CTET Click Here
GK Questions & Notes PDF for CTET Click Here

CTET Last 10 Days Strategy

In the final stretch leading up to the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET), a well-structured and focused strategy for the last 10 days can greatly enhance your chances of success. Prioritize revisiting core concepts and topics, concentrating on your weaker areas while also consolidating your strengths. Utilize official CTET study materials, practice papers, and previous year’s question papers to simulate the exam environment and gain familiarity with question patterns.

Allocate time for solving mock tests to improve your time management and build confidence. Avoid cramming new information and instead, focus on refining your understanding of key concepts, formulas, and teaching methodologies. Consistent revision, coupled with adequate rest and stress management techniques, will help you approach the CTET with a clear mind and a strong grasp of the content, maximizing your potential for a favorable outcome.

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When is the CTET 2023 exam scheduled?

The CTET 2023 exam is set to be held on 20th August 2023 in offline mode.

Why is the last 10 days crucial for CTET preparation?

The final 10 days before the CTET exam are critical for revisiting core concepts, practicing mock tests, and consolidating strengths to enhance your chances of success.

What is the purpose of the CTET exam?

The CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) is a central-level eligibility entrance exam for teachers, required to secure teaching jobs in government faculties across India.

How can I manage my time effectively during CTET preparation?

Effective time management is crucial for CTET preparation. Creating a study schedule, evenly distributing topics, and following a well-structured timetable can help you manage your time efficiently.

What should be my focus during the last 10 days of CTET preparation?

During the last 10 days, prioritize revisiting core concepts, concentrating on weaker areas, solving previous year papers, and taking mock tests to simulate the exam environment.

How can I optimize my time in the last 10 days before CTET?

Distribute your study time among different subjects/topics according to the provided sample timetable, emphasizing core areas and allocating time for mock tests and previous year papers.

What should be my approach to revision during the last 10 days?

Focus on refining your understanding of key concepts, formulas, and teaching methodologies. Consistent revision, combined with rest and stress management, will help you approach the CTET exam confidently.

What is the importance of solving previous year papers and mock tests?

Solving previous year papers and mock tests helps you understand the exam pattern, manage time effectively, and familiarize yourself with question patterns, thereby enhancing your exam readiness.

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