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Justice for 11,21,225 UGC NET Aspirants: Join ADDA247’s Petition

The UGC NET June 2024 exam, held on June 18th in offline mode, was abruptly canceled on June 19th following critical information received by the National Cyber Crime Threat Analytics Unit (14C) under the Ministry of Home Affairs. These concerns raised serious doubts about the integrity of the entire examination process.

ADDA247 has filed a petition for justice for the 11,21,225 UGC NET aspirants. All students are urged to sign the petition to prompt the Government of India to take swift and appropriate action, ensuring a transparent and secure examination process in the future.

Petition Filed by ADDA247

In response to the cancellation, ADDA247 has filed a petition seeking justice for the 11,21,225 aspirants who had prepared for the UGC NET June 2024 examination. The petition calls for all affected students to sign and support their cause through the provided link. Candidates are signing this petition because they are deeply concerned about the following:

  • The cancellation of the exam due to compromised integrity raises questions about the fairness of the entire process.
  • The sudden change in plans has caused significant emotional, psychological, and financial stress, considering the time and resources invested in preparation.
  • The lack of transparency from the NTA regarding the reasons for cancellation and the future course of action adds to the frustration.

UGC NET June 2024 Petition Filed by ADDA247

Why Sign the Petition?

By signing the petition, you can join your voice with others who are demanding:

  • A clear explanation for why the exam was cancelled.
  • Justification for changing the exam mode from online to offline after six years.
  • A timeline for addressing the NTA’s role in this issue and a potential reevaluation of its role as an exam conducting body.
  • Disclosure of any prior exam irregularities and the corresponding actions taken.
  • Measures to compensate students for the financial, emotional, and psychological impact of the cancellation.
  • Explanation behind the NTA releasing a circular about the successful completion of the exam before the news of the cancellation.
  • Timelines and clear information on the CBI enquiry, including complete transparency of proceedings and the rescheduled dates for the June 2024 and December 2024 UGC NET exams.
  • Implementation of robust security measures to prevent further irregularities and ensure the integrity of all national examinations.

How to Sign the Petition for UGC NET June 2024 Aspirants

To support the petition for justice for the 11,21,225 UGC NET June 2024 aspirants, follow these simple steps. By following these steps, you will add your voice to the call for justice for the UGC NET June 2024 aspirants. Thank you for your support!

  • Access the Petition- Click on the provided link or scan the QR code below to access the petition page: Justice for UGC NET June 2024 Aspirants Petition
  • Locate the “Sign This Petition” Option: Once you are on the petition page, look for the “Sign This Petition” button.
  • Fill in Your Details: You will be prompted to enter the following information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email ID
  • Submit Your Signature: After filling in your details, click on the “Sign This Petition” button to submit your support.

Link to Sign this Petition by Adda247

The direct link to sign the petition by adda247 “Justice for 11,21,225 UGC NET Aspirants” has been provided below. Candidate can Click on OR Code of Direct Link to sign the petition.

Link to Sign this Petition by Adda247
Link Justice for UGC NET June 2024 Aspirants Petition
QR Code Justice for 11,21,225 UGC NET Aspirants: Join ADDA247's Petition_3.1


We understand the immense dedication, hard work, and countless hours you have invested in preparing for the UGC NET June 2024 examination. The recent cancellation of the exam due to security concerns is a setback that none of us anticipated. However, this is not the time to lose hope or remain silent. Instead, it is a call to action. By signing the ADDA247 petition, you are standing up for your rights and ensuring that your voice is heard. Together, we can demand justice, accountability, and a transparent examination process.

Justice for 11,21,225 UGC NET Aspirants: Join ADDA247's Petition_4.1

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