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Is B.Ed. degree required for teaching Class 11th and 12th students?

Having a Bachelor’s degree for teaching senior secondary level student is now mandatory (Class 11th and 12th grade students). Bachelor’s degree should accompany the masters in a specific subject in which you want to teach. B.Ed. as professional degree enforces the level of teaching, which will lay a solid foundation for the students to understand the subject well and help them prepare well for further education.

A teacher at teaching higher secondary students has to get the adolescent minds of the students into creative spaces and build upon them the values and purposes of education, which the B.Ed. degree will help accomplish. The teacher will work on the nature, purpose, and philosophy of the subject in such a manner that the students can relate and understand the topic along with the concepts.

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The job of the teacher is multi-faceted because they have to train the student of self-study. The students need to be taught to pick up skills and interests apart from the curriculum. They have to mold the minds to think out of the box and come with innovative ideas in the form of projects, models, etc. This encouragement can take the students a long way, and when they graduate from school and pursue their college aspirations. 

The students have a tough task cut out as higher secondary education needs a lot of learning and effort to be put in by both the teacher and student. The teacher should inculcate the student to work on their reference skills, critical thinking, and work on the conceptualization. The teacher can put the students in groups and get them to interact and exchange ideas and develop them. It will help build teamwork and team spirit. It is a good encouragement for the students to present ideas in front of their classmates and learn from each other in the same process.

The teacher will encourage leadership skills as well as organizational capabilities by allowing the students to handle certain topics for research and present appears on them and get feedback not only from the peers but also from the teacher. It will encourage them to do presentations with confidence and learn from their mistakes after the interactions. 

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What a Higher Secondary Teacher Job entails

  • Providing assignments and projects to the 11th and 12th standard students. Getting it  them to listen and understand what is got to be done is challenging enough to get it done from them  submitted on time
  • Since the growing minds are sharp and inquisitive, the teacher has to cope with the questioning and prodding on the respective subjects by the students.
  • Grade the tests and examinations conducted and prepare them for the qualifying examinations
  • Be able to maintain students records accurately
  • The teacher has to attend departmental meetings and other school training workshops/ events
  • Be able to organize extracurricular activities such as excursions, in-plant training programs from experts from certain fields along with extracurricular activities. 

Is B.Ed. Important For Teaching?


Is B.Ed. degree required for teaching Class 11th and 12th students?

Q : How will a teacher with B.Ed. degree be better suited for teaching 11th and 12th students?

Ans: A teacher with bachelor’s in education will be better equipped to redesign teaching or the instructional methods according to the varying needs of the students and their interests.

Q : How the degree help the students?

Ans: The teacher not only has to give lectures but get the student to be interactive and participate in the discussion and demonstrations on the topics that are handled for the day.

Q: Being specialized in a subject is not enough. Why?

Ans: Meet with the parents and get to know them better through the interactions while reporting the progress and help them to help their children progress better in school.

Q : Teachers not only have to teach school work but have more duties. Explain.

Ans: The teacher has to promote national consciousness, and communal harmony among the adolescent student which get swayed and influenced easily, hence the job of a higher secondary teacher is tougher and requires an added education degree to mold the students in the right direction.

Q : Why a teacher’s job very important?

Ans: They will help the student to be equipped to take on the new challenges, conquer them, and emerge victoriously. It can be achieved through a good teaching process that can be accomplished if the teacher not only has a degree in a specialized subject but a bachelors’ degree in education.

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