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How to Prepare for REET 2022 Exam- Tips & Strategy

REET Notification 2022 has been released and the REET Application Form will be available from 18th April 2022 on their official website. It is high time for the aspiring candidates to begin their REET Preparations in full throttle. Are still wondering How do I prepare for the REET exam? Well, the answer is to get a plan to act upon. You must prepare a proper study routine and stay true to it. Adda247 is all set to help you in your journey to crack the REET Exam 2022.

We bring to you the most comprehensive and Effective Tips to Prepare for REET along with a template for daily routine, subject-wise REET 2022 preparation tips and much more. Read this article till the end to get clarity on how to get started with your REET 2022 Preparations and what to do if you get stuck with any subject or topic.

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How to Prepare for REET 2022?

Many candidate seek answer to a pertinent question- How to prepare for REET in less time? Here are the most Effective Tips to Prepare for REET. Read the following REET 2022 Preparation Tips carefully and execute them properly to get the best results in your REET Exam 2022.

Study the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Studying the REET Syllabus and Exam Pattern is a must for the candidates. You need to have a clear understanding of the extent of the REET syllabus in order to cover every subject and topic required to crack the REET exam in 2022. The REET exam pattern 2022 will help you comprehend the marks distribution and format of the exam paper. Go through them carefully to fathom the intricacies of REET Exam 2022 and it will be a good kick start for your preparation regime.

REET New Syllabus 2022

Set Your Priorities

Once you have gone through the REET syllabus and exam pattern, the most Effective Tips to Prepare for REET will be to be able to figure out how to set priorities. Your first priority is to score a minimum of 90 marks as it is the REET Cut-Off Mark 2022.

This means you have to score a minimum of 18 marks in each subject to qualify in the REET Exam 2022. Now, this is your bare minimum priority. However, you should not aim for such a low score. You must aim for at least 110-125 marks which means a 22-25 mark in each section. Now, work on your schedule and routine so that you can cover the syllabus in such a manner that you can achieve your goal.

Create a Schedule & Routine

Your schedule is the roadmap to your goals and the routine is the tool that will help you achieve the goals. Your goal is to clear REET Exam 2022. The REET Exam 2022 is scheduled for 23rd and 24th July 2022. That means you have got almost 3 months to prepare for the exam. To complete the entire REET Syllabus 2022 in three months you have to study at least 8 hours to 11 hours a day depending on your speed and progress.

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Maintain the Routine

It is very easy to create a routine however, it is very difficult yet important to maintain the routine. You have to be consistent with your plan or else you will lag behind your routine and ultimately become disheartened and demotivated. And by the time you want to quit your current routine and create a new one, it will be too late. Thus, make sure you set an achievable and logical routine. Make sure you keep track of your routine and achieve your daily goals.

When you will be able to study according to your schedule and complete your daily targets, it will boost your confidence and help you stay motivated for longer. As it is one of the most crucial RTET 2022 Preparation Tips, here we are offering a mock routine for you to use as a template for your REET Exam 2022 preparation routine.

Subjects Number of hours/per day What to study
Child Pedagogy 1-2 hour Piaget Theory, Moral Development theory, learning, All Theories, All the nomenclature used in particular theory etc.
Mathematics 2 hour Number System, basic arithmetic problems & Math’s Pedagogy Concepts etc.
Science/EVS 1.5 -2 hour Topics like Human Physiology, physics Concepts, and Chemistry and Rajasthan static GK, Public places and Institutions, Rajasthan state & their culture and Subject pedagogy concepts, etc.
Social Studies 1.5 -2 hour Topics like Constitutional Article, Dynasties & Agriculture History & Geography up to 10th standard etc.
English 1.5 hour Topics like RC, Poem Grammatical rule, Knowledge of English Sounds and Phonetic Symbols and Basic Pedagogy Concept, etc.
Hindi 1.5 hour Topics like RC, Poem, Grammatical rule and Basic Pedagogy Concept, etc.

Make Handwritten Notes

Candidates must prepare their personalized handwritten notes. Make sure you organize them category-wise. Studies suggest people tend to recall things memorized in their own handwriting. Moreover, when you write down things, it gets itched in your mind for a longer duration. On top of that in the last phase of your preparation regime, you will be able to revise your handmade notes. You won’t have to hop between multiple study materials and you will have a clear idea of where to find what. You can crack the REET exam in 1 month if you follow the below strategy and tips.

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Learn Short Tricks

While you learn the concepts and learn theories, try to learn short tricks that help you memories them easily. Always try to find a way out to learn smarter not harder. Short tricks always come in handy in this approach. Suppose you are preparing for REET Level-II Exam 2022 and you have taken science. Now, you are trying to learn the Fat-Soluble Vitamins. What should be your approach to learning the names of the Fat-Soluble Vitamins? Would just learn the names or you will try to learn an acronym to remember the names. So here’s a trick to remember the Fat-Soluble Vitamins in the following table:

Trick to Remember Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Vitamins Scientific Names
Vitamin A Retinol/रितिका
Vitamin D Calciferol/क्लास की
Vitamin E Tocopherol/ टॉपर
Vitamin K Phytonadione/फिर से
Vitamin Name Trick KEDA(कीड़ा)
Scientific name trick रितिका क्लास की टॉपर फिर से

Daily Quizzes

As you advance with your syllabus while keeping pace with your schedule, you need to assess your progress on a daily basis. Daily Quizzes are short quizzes dedicated to specific topics and modules. The trick is to attempt the short daily quiz on the topic you read on that particular day. This will help you assess your understanding of the topic and how much you have retained it. You can always revise the portion accordingly on the same day. This way you will be on track without any doubt.

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Mock Tests

Once you are done with the syllabus, start attempting mock tests. Mock Tests are full-length time-bound mock exam papers that you can take at any time, where. You can do online mock tests, this will help you to maintain the time and see if you can complete answering the question on time. Practicing mock tests will help you increase your speed, accuracy, and problem-solving skills. Most importantly you can evaluate your performance and identify your weaknesses and strengths. Then you can easily work on your weak points and brush the areas accordingly.

YouTube Courses

There is so much free content available on Youtube Channels that you can easily prepare for your REET Exam 2022. You can subscribe to and follow Teachersadda Youtube Channel for free content on RERT exams 2022. The expert faculty panel come online to help you improve your understanding of basic concepts and guide you with the syllabus adequately.

REET Exam Date 2022

Paid Live Course

Many candidates feel the need for extra guidance, particularly in subjects they are weak in. in Paid Live Courses you will get guidance, assistance and support from the faculty directly. You can ask your queries and the faculty will help you clear your doubts in a logical and cohesive manner. This will increase your chances of cracking the REET Exam 2022 exponentially. Don’t leave any topic because you are stuck with it or couldn’t understand the concept properly. It is always better to ask for help when you really need it.

Subjects-Wise REET 2022 Preparation Tips

In the following section, you will find all the details and information that help you fine-tune your preparation based on each subject. As we know, for every subject you need a different strategy and approach to deal with it. In the following section, we have discussed the strategies and some tricks to handle each of the subjects that is included in the REET Level-I and Level-II Exam 2022.

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Child Pedagogy:

This section is challenging and very important as it is completely based on child psychology and its concepts. This subject also includes the Best Teaching and Learning Habits. You need to focus on the Concept of Learning, Teaching Learning Activities, Understanding Diverse Learners, and the Teaching-Learning Process. Read all the learning theories & the name of their founder and the basic difference among all theories. Try to clear your concept as much as possible. The content-based questions are comparatively easy however, you need to clear your concept properly for the Pedagogical questions. As these questions are a little tricky to solve if you are not clear about the concepts. Practice as many Pedagogical questions as possible for better understanding.

Language (Hindi & English)

The question asked in this section are mostly based on basic concepts of the English and Hindi language. The best practice to prepare for this section will be reading newspapers and reading materials in English and Hindi regularly. Try to solve grammar-related questions daily to increase your speed and accuracy. Make some handy notes so that you can better understand the Hindi grammar. Some important topics are basic grammar and comprehension. Basic Knowledge of English Sounds and Phonetic Symbols is important in REET Exam. Try to practice more and more English & Hindi quizzes.

REET  Notification PDF 2022


Mathematics has always been a difficult subject for many candidates. The syllabus might feel lengthy and tricky to some candidates as many candidates might not have might math as a subject in their further studies. But for REET Paper-I, candidates have to attempt a mathematics section.

Having said so, candidates must not worry too much about it as the nature and difficulty level of the questions from this section is usually easy to moderate. Candidates need to brush up on the basic concept, theories and formulas of every topic.

Make a table of formulas it will help you to memorize them in a short time. Some important topics are Number systems, Mathematical Operations, Tables, Basic square root & cube root, Geometry, Percentage, Mensuration and Statistics to make the calculation faster. For REET Paper-II, candidates should gear up for a notch higher, as they have to prepare for the Classes 6 to 8.


You only have to study the NCERT books for classes 6 to 8 to be able to cover the REET Level-II Science Exam. To cover the Science Syllabus candidates must apply logical thinking and smart study techniques as shared in the above REET 2022 Preparation Tips.

You can study with our online study material. Important topics are the State of matter, Force and Energy, Light, Sound, Daily Life Include Science, The Human Body, Creatures, Health, Environmental and Natural Resources. A complete REET Syllabus is also available on the website

Environmental Science

This section is a compulsory part only REET Paper-I. The candidates must focus on the earth’s structure, traffic and road safety, solar system, and general geography. You must go through the Indian constitution, Mountaineering, Culture and Civilization and Pride of Rajasthan Public places and Institutions etc. And some basic Rajasthan Static GK.

Social Studies:

This section comprises 60 marks in the REET Paper-II Examination. In this section, you have to refer to all the NCERT Books from 6th to 10th standard in depth. You must go through Indian Civilization, Culture and Society, Government Composition and Functions, Geography and Resources of India ( Mainly in Rajasthan), and Insurance and Banking System etc.

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