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How To Prepare DSSSB Exam At Home?

The DSSSB PGT recruitment notification is going to be released soon. The candidates who wish to crack the DSSSB PGT recruitment exam need to start their preparation asap. According to the DSSSB Calendar, the DSSSB PGT exam will be held in April 2022. Thus, candidates will have to get ready for the exam in a restricted time frame. The candidates can prepare for DSSSB exam without coaching classes at home. However, they have to come up with appropriate study plan and proper study material to be able to crack the exam. Candidates who think they need guidance and assistance from experts can avail online classes or refer to online study material. For candidates who wish to prepare for themselves, Adda247 brings a dependable and reliable tips to prepare for DSSSB exam without coaching classes.

How to prepare DSSSB Exam without coaching?

The candidates need to meticulously follow the preparation tips to get desired results in your DSSSB exam.

Study the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The first step to prepare for any examination is to carefully study the syllabus and exam pattern prescribed by the conducting body. For DSSSB examination, the candidates should have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the extent of syllabus and nuances of the exam pattern. Careful and diligent study of the syllabus and exam pattern will help the candidates to understand what to study and eventually how to prepare a routine of plan of action for covering the entire syllabus in the time bound manner.

DSSSB Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Map out a Plan of Action

Once you have gone through the entire syllabus you will understand how much you need to study. Accordingly you have to map out a daily routine along with a weekly and monthly tracking system. You have to keep tracking your progress through the syllabus based on your routine. Make sure you routine covers all the subjects in one day. Assign at least one hour to each of the subjects and revision time as well. Do not neglect the importance of rest and break. Thus, your routine should have enough breaks to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Pick Authentic Study Material

Now that you are all sorted about the plan of action, you have to focus on the type of study material and resource you are going to use for your preparation. The candidates need to pick and choose high-quality study material compiled by authentic publications. If you are unsure of the study material then go through it before purchasing it. Flip through the pages of the books and check the content to ensure it cover the entire DSSSB syllabus. See if the language used in the book is easy to read and understand. You can use online resources as well. You will find may paid and free content on DSSSB. Just check the reliability of the sources.

Prepare Handmade Notes

No matter how many resources you use to prepare for the DSSSB exam, make sure you simultaneously make your handmade notes on the topics you cover. Create a compiled version of the study material in an organized and structured manner. This handmade note will help you during your revision process. Moreover, you will not have to hop back and forth from one study material to the next to find that one piece of information you want to revise or conform. Thus, it is better to create handmade notes and arrange all the information in a structured way.

Get in a Routine of solving Daily Quizzes

It is essential for you to get into the habit of solving daily quizzes. Try to pick quizzes on the topics you have just finished. Solve them and see how many correct answers you get. This will help you to identify your weak spots and leave room for improvement. You can revise the portions from where you couldn’t answer in your daily revision sessions. This way you will be able to keep track of your daily progress. Daily quizzes contain 10 -20 questions which you have to solve in a time bound manner. So that you get into the habit of solving problems with speed and accuracy in restricted time frame.

Mock Tests

Once you are done with syllabus entirely, try to attempt as many mock tests as possible. Mock tests help you sit for a complete test at one go. It simulates the question pattern, nature of question and time bound nature of a real DSSSB exam. Thus, you will get a feel of attempting a real exam. It helps you get accustomed to the idea of appearing for an exam and solving all the questions with accuracy and speed. Eventually, it will help you mentally prepare for the real exam, and you will not feel intimidated on your final exam day.

YouTube Classes

While study by yourself, you might get stuck with some topic. As you have not taken any coaching classes, you can easily access free or paid DSSSB classes on YouTube. Many subject experts explain the concepts, theories and other topics of DSSSB on their YouTube channels. You can take help of these videos. If you need, you can contact such subjects and take direct guidance from them through live online classes.

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