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How to Prepare CUET Entrance Exam 2022: Tips & Tricks

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced the Common Universities Entrance Exam (CUET) for Post Graduate Courses across India. 42 Universities will be participating in the CUET from all over India. Candidates who wish to apply for PG Courses at these universities must apply for the CUET. Though the CUET PG Exam Date is yet to be announced, the candidates must start their CUET PG Preparation to ensure they are well-prepared by the time the CUET PG Exam 2022 is conducted. In the following article, the candidates must go through the CUET PG Preparation Tips thoroughly.

CUET PG Exam Notification PDF 2022

What is CUET?

The CUET or the Common Universities Entrance Exam will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on behalf of University Grant Commission (UGC). This is the first time when 42 universities have come together and their entrance exam for the PG courses will be conducted on a Central Level. Candidates who are preparing for the CUET PG must have a clear plan and strategy to handle such a national level exam. Thus, they can go through the following CUET PG Preparation Tips carefully to be well- equipped to take on the challenge and crack the CUET PG with finesse.

CUET PG Exam Date 2022

How to Prepare for CUET Entrance Exam?

You can easily go through the following CUET PG Preparation Tips to know How to Prepare CUET Entrance Exam. These CUET PG Preparation Tips are designed to help you crack the CUET PG Exam 2022 flying colors.

Study the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The candidates must check out the CUET PG Syllabus and Exam Pattern very carefully to ascertain the nuances of the Exam. The candidates must have a fair idea of the various sections and topics in the CUET Syllabus thoroughly. They must know the marks distribution and marking scheme as well. As CUET PG is conducted for various subjects, the candidates must check out the syllabus and exam pattern of their respective subjects.

CUET PG Exam Syllabus 2022

Clear Roadmap

The candidates should have a clear roadmap for their preparation for the CUET PG Exam 2022. Once they have analyzed the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly, they will realize which sections are important and need more of your attention. You need to carefully formulate the study routine by giving enough time to each and every subject and topic. Don’t forget to assign breaks in between your lessons. Do not cramp in too many things in one day. This will hamper your progress as your brain won’t be able to retain all the information in one go and all your preparation will go waste.

CUET PG Exam Application 2022

Choose your Study Material Wisely

You must ensure to choose the right type of study material for the CUET PG Preparation. The study material should be authentic and accurate. Thus, refer to authentic publications and authors. Moreover, when you are selecting a book, flip through the ages to ensure you understand the language and style of writing of the author. Some books are written in much harder and difficult style. If you find it difficult to understand the style of writing then image how much difficulty you will face while you try to learning and understand any concepts and theories from book. Hence, choose CUET PG books and other study material wisely.

CUET PG Cut Off Marks

Manage your Distractions

One of the most important CUET PG Preparation Tips is to know how to handle distractions. You should always ensure a study ambience which lacks distractions like loud noise, a mobile phone or anything that possess the potential to distract you. Always keep your mobile phone in flight mode or keep it in a separate room while studying. You can always go back to check your phone during your short breaks. Similarly, try to handle all of your distractions that can adversely affect your progress.

CUET Participating Universities

Write Down & Remember More

Make a habit of writing down everything you learn for the first time. This practice has a lot of advantages. Writing down things helps to boost your memory. Moreover, people tend to remember more when they read things in their own handwriting. Moreover, you will have all your notes organized in one place in your handwriting. You can easily revise from these handwritten notes while your revision sessions.

Attempt Daily Quizzes and Mock Tests

You should get into the habit of solving Daily Quiz. These short quizzes of 10 -20 questions based on particular topic. You can attempt the daily quiz on such topics that you have already covered from the CUET PG Syllabus regularly. This will help your to revise and assess your progress of learning on a daily basis. You can again go back to revising the topic if think you need to.

Same way you must start attempting Online Mock Tests once you are done with a substantial amount of the CUET PG Syllabus. In this way, you will be in habit of solving 100 to 150 questions based on your subject in a time bound manner. Your time management skill, solving problem skill along with speed and accuracy will improve with regular practice.

Ask for Help and Guidance

If you think you are unable to understand or prepare for particular section of the CUET Syllabus, then it is high time you should seek expert guidance. You can watch YouTube videos on these topics. Various subject matter experts offer tutorials and video assistance on YouTube channels. If you like the way they teach, you can connect with them and ask for assistance. You can also take online coaching from them from the comfort of your home. They will be able to help you understand the concepts and theories in their respective subjects with their unique style of teaching.


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