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How To Crack MP TET in The First Attempt?

The MPTET exam dates 2021  are out and is scheduled to be held on 5th March. It is the perfect time to get started with your MPTET Preparation routine. Many candidates feel overwhelmed about appearing in the exam. They often wonder how to crack MP TET on the first attempt. Well, the good news is that aspirants do not need to feel pressured or overburdened. All you need is to formulate a perfect preparation routine and strategy to crack the MP TET exam 2021 with flying colors.

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Scrutinize the Exam Pattern

It is highly recommended for the candidates to go through the MP TET exam pattern thoroughly. This will give the candidates clarity on the nature of the question paper, marking system, and marks distribution involved in the MPTET Exam 2021. The candidates can get a fair idea of how to strategize their preparation routine. The MP TET exam will be conducted in online mode. The candidates have to answer 150 questions each carrying 1 mark in 2 hours and 30 minutes. The marks distribution for the question paper is given below.

Subjects No. of Questions Marks Marking system
Language-1 30 30 No Negative Marking.
Language-2 30 30
Child development & Pedagogy 30 30
Mathematics 30 30
Environmental Science 30 30

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Study the Syllabus

Proper scrutiny of the syllabus plays an essential role in evaluating the level of time and energy that needs to be dedicated by the candidates to crack the MP TET exam 2021. The length of the syllabus helps the candidates to gauge the extent of study material that needs to be read. The number of subjects, topics, and sub-topics that need to be covered is crucial to learn on the part of the candidates. A glimpse of the syllabus is given below.

Subjects Topics
Language-1 English-Comprehensions, language development.
Language-2 Hindi- Comprehensions, development of language.
Child development & Pedagogy Concept of inclusive education, learning pedagogy, understanding of children and their special needs, child development knowledge.
Mathematics Algebra, mensuration, shapes, spatial understanding, geometry, numbers, arithmetic.
Environmental science Natural resources, solar system, food resources, parts of the body, water, air, surroundings, habitats.

MP TET Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Make a routine

Now, that the candidates have understood the extent of the syllabus and nuances of the exam pattern, it will be easier for them to come up with an effective and compact study plan. The candidates should formulate a monthly routine based that would include time schedules for each subject and topic. The candidates should pay attention to every detail while preparing their proper time allotment to every topic, breaks in between study sessions, and time for good sleep.

MP TET Exam Date (OUT)

Subject-Wise Daily Time Distribution

While formulating your study routine make sure you dedicate enough time to each topic. Make sure you cover every subject daily. You can decide how much time needs to be spent on which subject based on your weaknesses and strengths. However, the average time spent daily on each subject should be approximate to the time allocation process mentioned in the table below:

Subject Number of Hours (per day)
Child Development and Pedagogy 1.5 hours
Mathematics 2 hours
Science 2 hours
Social Studies 1.5  hours
English 1.5 hours
Hindi 1.5 hours
Total Time 10 hours

Follow Authorized Books

It is highly recommended to read authentic books from authorized publishers to avoid misunderstanding and confusion. Check the index of the book properly to see if all the topics are covered from the syllabus. Try to read some paragraphs to check if you are able to comprehend the language and tone of the book. Sometimes, students find it very difficult the language used in some books. They fail to understand the concepts and theories properly. To avoid such issues, flip through the pages of the books before buying them.

Make Personalized Short Notes

No matter how many books, references, and study material you study from, it is highly advisable to make personalized short notes. These shorts should be easy to understand by highlighting the important concepts and theories in pointer format. This will help you exponentially during the revision process. You don’t have to go to various books and study materials while revision. You can easily flip through the pages of your notes and revise them conveniently.

Attempts Quizzes Regularly

Once you are done with learning all the basic concepts and theories from your study materials and books, you should state attempting daily quizzes (pop quizzes). They will help you revise what you have learned and also test your knowledge and understanding of what you have studied until now. You can evaluate your progress and help you identify your weaknesses.

Focus on Weak areas

Now that you have identified your weaknesses, you need to work on them. Invest more time and energy in the sections you are weak in and try to brush up your comprehension of the concepts. Make special and in-depth notes on your weak sections to have to cover properly. Revise these sections regularly.

Practice Mock Test

Once you have dealt with your weak section try to practice mock tests. This will grove your confidence and again help you evaluate your progress. The more mock tests you attempt, the better your performance would become. Mock tests are also a great way to fine-tune your time management skills. It will help you solve the questions with increased speed and accuracy.

MP TET Eligibility Criteria

Previous Year Question Papers

Make sure your study and practice the MP TET previous year’s question papers. This will help you decode the type of questions asked in the previous years and what kind you questions you should be expecting in the upcoming exam. Proper scrutiny will help you identify common topics and important questions in the question paper. It will help your preparation exponentially because now you will know which sections and topics need better attention.

MP TET Previous Year Question Paper

Be Confident

Your confidence is the key to your success in the MP TET exam 2021. You have to show confidence in yourself and in your preparation. After all these preparation strategies and their implementation, you have to have faith in yourself that you didn’t leave any stone unturned. Keep a positive approach and you will see success.

Stay Calm and Stay Healthy

It is very important to maintain a healthy diet throughout your preparation regime. The pressure of performance keeps building in you and you will be able to deal with your mental anxiety and pressure only if you are physically ready to take on the challenge. Thus, dedicate proper attention to your diet. Moreover, keeping your mind calm and steady is another challenge that you need to overcome. A calm mind and a healthy body will help you stay on track with your preparation for the MP TET exam 2021.

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