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How To Build Your Confidence?

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We often hear our readers complaining about a lack of confidence and ask about how to build self-confidence to be able to handle their personal and professional life in a better manner. So, we thought we should discuss ‘How to build your confidence” today.

First of all, you need to release is that confidence is not a piece of acquired knowledge, it is a state of mind. There are no set rules to learn to be confident. However, you can build and keep boosting your confidence by Positive thinking, learning to embrace yourself, knowing it’s okay to make mistakes, owning up to your mistakes, and facing them with a positive attitude.

Self-confidence is the faith and trust you show in yourself while facing challenges in your life.

The root cause of lack of self-confidence can be traced to low self-esteem, being unhappy with who you are, fear of criticism, unknowns, or failures, poor management skills, or sheer lack of knowledge.

The first step to building your self-confidence is to accept the way you are- be it the way you look or the way you are. Embrace yourself with all your faults and flaws. Once you accept yourself with all your imperfections, you will start liking yourself. The point is to love yourself.

The most common trait of confident people is their faith, trust and love for themselves.

Having said that, you have to consciously identify and rectify your flaws. Flaws that have been hindering your progress or shackling you up in a pitfall of skepticism, cynicism and a never-ending loop of mistrust towards your abilities. You have to get rid of the negativity within you.

Start prioritizing yourself and slowly start working on your trust in yourself.

Don’t start modifying yourself all at once. Go slow. If you think your lack of self-confidence has crept into your mind due to lack of knowledge then start reading books on subjects where you need improvement.

Work on your talking skills in public. Some people feel a lack of confidence while talking to new people or even just people in general. So, set a target of talking to one person a day for 1 minute (or more if you wish to). The point is to take initiative. These small initiatives will help you bring change in your attitude and thinking process. Eventually, you will gain the confidence to face the world.

Stop thinking about what people will think of you rather than start focusing on how to improve yourself. That is the key to building self-confidence.

Hope this helps you find the confidence that’s hidden in you. Just brush away the dust of fear of criticism and failure and you will find it again.

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