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Adda247 Wishing You All Happy Buddha Purnima

Add247 wishes you a very happy and prosperous Buddha Purnima.

Buddha Purnima is the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha. Hence, it is a very auspicious festival for Buddhists and Hindus. People in India celebrate this day by offering prayers and chanting sutras. Many people meditate or discuss the teachings of the Buddha with the community. People visit Viharas with family and friends and full-length Buddhist sutras is observed. Buddhists all over the world celebrate Buddha Purnima in their own grand manner.

This year the Buddima Purnima will be celebrated on 16th May 2022. The date of Buddha Purnima varies as it depends on the lunisolar calendar followed by the Asians. Gautam Buddha was born on a full-moon night in 536 B.C. Thus, his birthday is celebrated on the full- moon day of the month of Vaishakh Month.

AS Gautam Buddha was the religious founder of Buddhism, he is revered with the highest honour by Buddhists and people from other religions as well. He was born in Lumbini (Present Day Nepal) as a prince. He renounced his prince hood and all otherworldly pleasures to pursue the path of enlightenment. His spiritual quest took him to Bodh Gaya where he attained enlightenment after meditating for 49 straight days under a tree.

After attaining enlightenment, he start preaching to others about the way of life which later became the foundation of Buddhism. Buddhism is the amalgamation of the teachings and religious beliefs of Gautam Buddha. He travelled extensively to preach the sermon for the next 45 years until he left this mortal world.

Thus, Buddha Purnima is celebrated in various countries like India, Indonesia, Srilanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Tibet, and Mongolia. This year marks the 2584th birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha.

Adda247 wishes all the candidates working hard on attaining knowledge and education to improve their life and lifestyle a happy Buddha Purnima. May all your hard work and dedication bear you your desired results.

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