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CG TET Exam 2022: CG TET Last Minute Preparation Tips

CG TET Last Minute Preparation Tips: CG TET Exam 2022 has been scheduled on 18 September 2022. All the candidate must be excited and anxious at the same time for the exam. Candidate should be prepared as CG TET exam is near by. Many Candidates feels nervous before the exam because a person who has given every ounce of energy, effort and time for the preparation of the CG TET Exam 2022 will only feel nervous about giving their best performance in the exam as well. Here candidate should calm their nerves, we bring you some last-minute preparation tips for the CG TET aspirants.

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CG TET Last Minute Preparation Tips:

Go through this highly effective and impactful CG TET Last Minute Preparation Tips to stay calm and well-prepared to face the CG TET Exam 2022.

Revise Wisely

As it is less than a week is left for the CG TET Exam 2022, the aspiring candidates are advised to revise all the important theories, concepts and topics that they have already learned by heart. Do not try to attempt any new topic. This will lead to confusion and

Follow Handmade notes

It is scientifically proven that people can retain study material for much longer when they read it in their handwriting. It can be because you have written and you remember things longer when you write it yourself. So, revise from your handmade notes during the last phase of your preparation routine.

Solve Previous Year’s Paper

Start solving previous year’s questions papers. As, we have already seen in the CTET exam, that many questions were directly picked from the previous year’s questions papers. So, if you practice the question paper beforehand it will help you spot common and important topics as well as might also help you get some repeat questions.

Attempt Mock Tests

Once you are done with the previous year’s questions, start attempting mock tests. Mock tests are another great way to get into the practice of solving 150 questions in 150 minutes with accuracy. This will increase your speed and problem-solving skills as well. You will be able to assess performances and understand the important concepts.

Focus on Weak Points

Only you have assessed your knowledge and understanding through mock tests, you can easily identify your strong and weak areas. You need to focus more on your weak areas. Revise and practise more questions on those topics to improve your score.

Health is Wealth

Always remember, your health is your biggest asset. If you compromise or ignore your health you might not have the strength to even attend your exam. Preparation is definitely crucial however, attending your CG TET Exam will be equally important and performing well with a sound mind and good health is even more important. You have to sort out your priorities. Study well and give enough time for rest and relaxation as well.

Don’t Panic

You might feel panic-stricken when you think of the approaching exam. But, you have to steady your nerves and stay calm. You have to be compassionate and confident about yourself. Remember you have worked hard and given every ounce of effort and energy you have to prepare for the exam. Now, believe in yourself and trust your instincts. Try to develop a positive mindset. This will also help you during your CG TET exam as well.

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