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36000 WB TET 2014 Jobs Scrapped by Calcutta High Court

The Calcutta High Court has delivered the verdict for the Teacher recruitment based on the WB TET 2014 Result. At one go, Calcutta High Court scrapped the appointment of 36000 primary teachers as a crucial part of the cash-for-jobs scam. 

WB TET 2014 Merit List

The scam was revealed after a petition submitted by more than 140 WB TET 2014 candidates who alleged that many candidates appointed did not have the necessary qualifications. As per the petition, these candidates claimed that many candidates who did meet the qualifications and had scored well in WB TET 2014 were not given appointments. 

WB TET 2023 Cut Off 

This verdict has created history as this is the first time in the history of Independent India, was as many as 36000 jobs have been cancelled in one go. The disqualified candidates by the Calcutta High Court will get 4 months of job extension as Court observed the creation of such a large number of vacancies for the primary teacher post in West Bengal will be a chaotic task. During the job extension, these disqualified candidates will be considered as part-teachers and they will get salary and other perks accordingly. 

WB TET Selection Process

6500 candidates recruited as per the WB TET 2014 who did meet the qualifications required have been retained as per the verdict. The Courts have directed the West Bengal Primary Education Board to extract the cost of re-recruitment of the primary teachers from the then President of West Bengal Primary Education Board, Manik Bhattacharya who is in jail currently. 

WB TET Teacher Salary

The Court observed that the entire primary teacher recruitment was illegally executed where recruitment rules were flouted and disregarded on a massive scale. Reservation norms were violated, Optical Marks Recognition (OMR) Sheets were tampered and fictional marks were given to the candidates in the non-existing aptitude test. 

This verdict emerged as a reflection on one of the most prominent scams in the education sector particularly in the parlance of West Bengal. 

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Why did 36000 WB TET 2014 Jobs Scrapped by Calcutta High Court?

The Calcutta High Court has delivered the verdict of scrapping 36000 Primary Teacher Jobs appointed between 2016- 2017 on the basis of WB TET 2014 as various malpractices have been found in the recruitment process and these 36000 appointees are considered disqualified as they did not meet the qualifications.

How many teachers job have been scrapped by the Calcutta High Court?

On a historic court proceeding, the Calcutta High Court has scrapped 36000 primary teachers job who were found under/ not qualified as per the recruitment norms set by the WBBPE.

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