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PTET 9th June 2024 Question Papers of 2nd and 4th

The much-anticipated PTET question papers for the exams held on 9th June 2024 has been available in below article.. These PTET question papers, which are crucial for the students who wants to take admission in Bed 2yr  and 4 year course, are now available for download, offering a valuable resource for those who appeared for the exam and those preparing for future exams.

PTET 9th June 2024 Question Papers of 2nd and 4th Years

Accessible online, the PTET 9th June 2024 Question Papers of 2nd and 4th Years PDF provides convenience and accessibility, allowing candidates to study at their own pace and revise effectively. With this important tool at their disposal, aspirants can check their score and status for upcoming result for the PTET 2024 exam.

PTET 2024 Question Paper PDF Download Link
PTET 2 Years Question Papers PDF Download 
PTET 4 Years Question Papers PDF Download

PTET: A Gateway to Teaching

The Pre-Teacher Education Test (PTET) is a highly regarded examination conducted in Rajasthan, designed to assess the eligibility of candidates aspiring to pursue a career in teaching. The exam serves as a gateway for admission into Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) programs, a prerequisite for teaching in schools across the state.

Release of Question Papers

The release of the PTET question papers for 9th June 2024 provides a significant opportunity for students to evaluate their performance and understand the examination pattern more thoroughly. The papers for both 2nd and 4th-year students are now accessible, allowing candidates to analyze their answers and prepare for future assessments.

PTET Examination Highlights

1. Structure and Pattern: The PTET examination is meticulously structured to evaluate a candidate’s proficiency in various subjects essential for a teaching career. The question papers encompass a wide range of topics, including General Awareness, Mental Ability, Teaching Aptitude, and Language Proficiency (Hindi and English).

2. Key Areas of Focus:

  • General Awareness: This section tests the candidates’ knowledge of current events, history, geography, and other relevant subjects.
  • Mental Ability: Critical thinking, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills are evaluated in this section.
  • Teaching Aptitude: Questions in this area are designed to assess the candidate’s understanding of the educational process, teaching techniques, and pedagogical knowledge.
  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in both Hindi and English is tested to ensure that candidates can effectively communicate in both languages, which is essential for teaching in Rajasthan.

Importance of Accessing Question Papers

For candidates who appeared for the exam, the PTET question papers from 9th June 2024 serve as an excellent tool to gauge their performance. By reviewing the questions and their responses, students can identify their strengths and areas needing improvement. This self-assessment is crucial for enhancing their preparation strategies for future examinations.

How to Access the PTET Question Papers

The PTET question papers for 9 June Exam for BED 2yr and 4 year course admission has been available. Here’s a step-by-step guide to access the papers:

  1. Visit the Official PTET Website: Navigate to the official PTET portal where the latest updates and resources are provided.
  2. Find the Question Paper Section: Look for the section dedicated to question papers or recent exam updates.
  3. Select the Relevant Year: Choose either the 2nd or 4th-year question papers as per your requirement.
  4. Download the Papers: Click on the download link to save the question papers to your device for detailed review and analysis.


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