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How to Prepare NVS TGT PGT Teaching Exam: Tips & Strategy

NVS Preparation Tips: NVS Teaching Exam will be started from 28th November 2022. The candidates who wish to appear for the NVS examination 2022 must start their preparation immediately. To get familiar with the finer aspects of the exam for various posts, candidate have to create a plan of action for the NVS examination preparation. Adda247 brings to you the most trusted and dependable NVS preparation tips to help you crack the NVS exam 2022 like a pro.

NVS Preparation Tips

The NVS examination will be conducted for various posts and their syllabus, exam pattern and marks distribution is going to be different. The following tips will help you prepare for the NVS exams in 2022. These NVS preparation tips are subject to expert-approved. The candidates who have applied for the NVS exams 2022 will download the NVS TGT PGT Admit card link by using login credentials.Check out the preparation tips and get ready to taste the success.

Check out NVS Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Candidates should always check out the NVS syllabus and exam pattern carefully before getting started with their exam preparation. In fact, studying the NVS syllabus and exam pattern is the first and foremost step of preparation. The candidates should have a clear idea about the extent of the syllabus and the nuances of the exam pattern. This way you will be able to comprehend what to study and how to study for the NVS examination 2022.

NVS Study Material

It is very important to choose reliable sources of study material. Try to choose books from authentic and renowned publications. Always flip through the pages of the books to check if the content of the books covers the entire syllabus or not. Moreover, make sure the language used in the books is easy to read ad understand. As you have already gone through the syllabus it will be easier for you to pick dependable study material.

NVS FREE Study Material 

Plan of Action

Once you have got your study material now you have to formulate a constructive plan of action. It is time for goal setting. You need to set daily goals. Your primary daily goal should be to cover all the subjects in one. Do not get stressed about your daily progress rather monitor your progress weekly. Keep track of all the topics you cover and revise them on weekly basis.

Create a Routine

Your routine will be an integral part of your preparation regime. The better your study routine will be the better your preparation for the examination will be. You need judiciously dedicate enough amount of time to each subject daily. Try to accommodate all the subjects in your daily routine and dictate at least one hour to each subject. Don’t forget to accommodate enough breaks and rest time to avoid burnout. Here is a sample routine with time dedicated to the main subjects that are part of the NVS exam pattern for various posts. You can make adequate changed to suit your preferences based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Subject Time 
General Awareness 1 : 30 hours
Reasoning Ability 1 : 30 hours
Knowledge of ICT 1 hour
Teaching Aptitude 1 hour
Subject Concerned and its Pedagogy 2 hour
General English 1 hours
General Hindi 1 hours
Regional Language(If Applicable) 1 hours
Total Time 9-10 Hours

Handmade notes

Now that you are ready with your daily routine, let’s get started with actual studying. Follow your daily routine religiously and do not try to skip any portion of the syllabus nor neglect any topic. Try to create handmade notes on each topic simultaneously as you cover the topics daily. Keep them organized in a structured way so that you can refer to your handmade notes for revision. You will not have to hop around your study material while revision. your handmade notes will be your one-stop solution during your final phase of preparation.

Daily Quizzes

Try to solve daily quizzes dedicated to the topics you covered that day. This will help you determine how much you have been able to comprehend the topics you covered on daily basis. You can revise the portion you need to give extra attention to at the end of the day. Or you can go through the portion at the end of the week. NVS Daily quizzes have 10-20 questions dedicated to certain topics that you have to solve in a time-bound manner.

Mock tests

As the name suggests, mock tests are replicas of the real examination. You can attempt these mock tests online free of cost. These NVS Mock Tests are designed by subject experts who follow the syllabus and exam pattern as prescribed by NVS. you will have you solve questions in a time-bound manner to help you enhance your speed, accuracy and problem-solving skills.

Previous Year Question Paper

NVS Previous Year’s Question Papers are another great way to prepare for the NVS examination. Solving PYQ papers help you derive an in-depth understanding of the standard of the NVS examinations. You will get to know the type or nature of questions asked in the examination. This will help you strengthen your comprehension of the NVS examination and eventually you will be able to formulate proper strategy to solve the question paper during the NVS examination 2022.

YouTube Channels

Candidates can refer to various YouTube channels where subject experts help you learn and understand various concepts and theories in-depth. They can assist you and guide you to comprehend the correct approach to handle the preparation and the exam as well. You can directly contact them to get personalized guidance and clarify your doubts. Some channels also provide paid online classes to help you with the same purpose.

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