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How to prepare Super TET without Coaching?

The Super TET exam 2022 will be conducted soon to fill 17000 vacancies. The Super TET Official Notification is awaiting, however, it is expected to be released soon. The candidates who are interested in the Super TET recruitment exam 2022 need to start their preparation asap. Many candidates opt to prepare for the Super TET on their own.

However, there are candidates who feel overwhelmed while preparing for the Super TET exams. Such candidates can conveniently opt for online courses or study material for better guidance from the experts. Though candidates who wish to prepare on their own, can prepare for the Super TET without coaching and for them, Adda247 brings to them a perfect plan to prepare for the Super TET at home.

How to prepare Super TET without Coaching?

The candidates who wish to prepare for Super TET at home need to follow the below-mentioned strategies to crack the Super TET exam 2022 with flying colours. Follow the Teachers adda website and YouTube channel for better preparation of all teaching exams.

Formulate a Plan of Action

The candidates need to study the syllabus, exam pattern, and previous year’s question papers carefully to understand the exam pattern and extend the syllabus that needs to be covered. The candidates need to attentively and meticulously into the previous year’s question papers to identify the most common topics and repeat questions that appeared in the question papers. This will help you to pinpoint the areas where you need to focus more during your preparation. Based on your research, you have to formulate a daily routine that will encompass the syllabus and cover all the subjects concerned. Make sure your daily routine allows you to study at least 7-8 hours a day.

SUPER TET Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2022

Refer to Authentic Study Material

Once you have gathered all the essential information and a fair idea about what to study, you have to pick your study material accordingly. Make sure the study material you choose is up-to-date and covers the entire syllabus. Flip through the pages before buying the books and see if the language used in the book is easy to read and understand. The books and other resources should be authentic and reliable.

Make Handmade Note

No matter how many resources you are studying from, it is very important to make handmade notes on every topic in an organized manner. This will help you to keep a note of all the important topics you have gone through. Later on, you can go through these handmade notes where up will find all the relevant information in one place in an organized way. Revisions become easier and more effective with handmade notes. You will not have to hop from one book or notes to another to study one subject or topic.

Solve daily quizzes

As you progress through your daily routines and cover more topics, try to attempt daily quizzes simultaneously on that specific topic. These daily quizzes have 10 to 20 questions specifically designed around those topics you have covered to test your knowledge and daily progress. You can easily detect the areas you are strong and the ones where you need to improve. You can easily find these daily quizzes online free of cost and check your progress.

Attempt mock tests

Once you are done with the syllabus once, try to attempt a full-length time-bound mock test to review your preparedness. You can easily find a free mock test online designed for Super TET 2022. The mock test will help you to check your progress. Mock tests are a great way to improve your problem-solving skills along with your speed and accuracy. These mock tests follow the Super TET syllabus and exam pattern. Thus, you will get accustomed to solving problems with speed and accuracy in a time-bound manner.

YouTube Online Classes

Candidates can watch free YouTube videos on various topics. In these  YouTube videos, subjects experts help them understand all the difficult and tough topics with ease. Watch these videos to clear your doubts about the topics you get stuck in. These subjects experts teach you tips and tricks to tackle each and every subject and topic.


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