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Goa TET Exam 2021: Goa TET Preparation Tips & Tricks

Goa TET Preparation tips: Goa TET or Goa Teachers Eligibility Test is a state-level exam conducted by Goa Government for all the eligible candidates aspiring to become teachers. The Government of Goa has announced the dates of the entrance of Goa TET to be held on 21st November 2021. Aspiring candidates need to speed up their preparations. Now is the time to eliminate all your distractions and focus on the Goa TET exams alone. Thus, this article will discuss some tips for the GTET exam preparations tips

Goa TET Notification

Goa TET Exam Date

The entrance exam of Goa TET Exam Date is to be held on 21st November 2021. The last date to submit the online for the Goa TET exam is 20th October 2021.

Goa TET Exam Schedule 2021
21st November 2021 (Sunday) PAPER I 09.30 AM TO 12.00


2.30 HOURS
21st November 2021 (Sunday) PAPER-II 02.00 PM TO 04.30 PM 2.30 HOURS

Goa TET 2021 Exam Pattern

Goa TET 2021 includes MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with four alternatives among which one answer is the correct one. Each question carries one mark without any negative markings.

There are two papers of Goa TET:

  • Paper-I is for the candidates intending to become a teacher for classes 1 to 5.
  • Paper-II is for the candidates intending to become a teacher for classes 6 to 8.

Goa TET Exam Pattern  Paper I for classes 1 to 5

Structure of Paper I for classes 1 to 5
S.No. Subjects No. Of Questions Marks
1 Child Development and Pedagogy (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 MARKS
2 Language I (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 MARKS
3 Language II (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 MARKS
4 Mathematics (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 MARKS
5 Environmental Studies (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 MARKS
Total 150 MCQs 150 MARKS

Goa TET Exam Pattern For Paper-II for classes 6 to 8

Structure of Paper I for classes 1 to 5
S.No. Subjects No. Of Questions Marks
1 Child Development and Pedagogy (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 MARKS
2 Language I (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 MARKS
3 Language II (compulsory) 30 MCQs 30 MARKS
4 Mathematics and Science

(for Mathematics and Science teacher)


Social Studies/Social Science

(for Social Studies/Social Science teacher)

60 MCQs 60 MARKS
Total 150 MCQs 150 MARKS

Note: Mathematics & Science- 60 MCQs each -60 Marks Or Social Studies/Social Science -60 MCQs -60 Marks (for Social Studies/Social Science teacher)

Goa TET Syllabus 2021

How to prepare for the Goa TET?

As the dates for the Goa TET exams are already out, it’s high time Goa TET aspirants pull up their socks and accelerate their Goa TET exam preparations. Following are the few tips that will help the candidates to prepare for their Goa TET Exams 2021:

Analyze the syllabus and exam pattern:

A detailed and careful analysis of the syllabus and exam pattern is vital in your preparation for the Goa TET Exam. Without a comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of the exam pattern your preparation is not complete and might affect your performance during your Goa TET Exam. When you study the exam pattern and syllabus properly, you get a clear idea of the important and relevant topics for the Goa TET exam.

While studying the exam pattern, consider the question paper structure, mark distribution based on subjects, and total time duration of the paper. The scrutiny of the exam paper will help the candidates to identify their weaknesses and strengths. This way candidates can create a suitable timetable for themselves and set their priorities accordingly. Candidates can easily create an effective study plan that will help them succeed in their Goa TET exams.

Manage Proper Timetable

Once the candidate has identified their strengths and weaknesses based on their Goa TET exam pattern and syllabus scrutiny, they need to create a timetable. Without a proper and effective timetable, candidates are bound to waste a lot of time figuring out what to study and when to study. Candidates need to create a timetable accommodating all the relevant and important topics and allot enough time to prepare them. With a proper timetable, candidates will have a clear view of their progress through the syllabus and it will keep them on track.

Checklist to create a timetable:

  •  The timetable should have all the topics covered.
  •  The timetable should be made in a table form with all the topics mentioned along with the time allocated to them.
  •  The timetable should have an hourly structure. an 8 hrs day study routine is highly recommended. Therefore, the timetable should be structured to accommodate an 8 hrs study plan.
  •  It is highly recommended to keep creating space in the timetable to include specific subtopics, the name of the study material, references, and other relevant and helpful guides. This will help the candidates to stay organized and focus on the study in a more comprehensive manner.
  •  Candidates need to dedicate an appropriate amount of time to each subject and topic of relevance based on their strengths and weaknesses.

Choose your study material carefully

It is advisable to the candidates to refer to the standard books designed for the Goa TET exam only. A standard book covering the complete syllabus of the Goa TET exam 2021 is the best choice for aspiring candidates. Standard books are structured to include verified and validated content in comprehensive language. As the Goa TET exam syllabus is almost similar to the CTET exam syllabus, candidates can refer to books on CTET exams. Candidates are required to be attentive and observant while purchasing any book on Goa TET exam preparation.

Mindful formulation of Study notes:

Study notes are the gist or substance churned out from the collection of the information and resources by every candidate. It is advised to create a study note for every subject and topic organized neatly for future reference. It might get frustrating to refer to several books before a candidate finds out the relevant information he/she was looking for. Create a comprehensive set of notes after referring to various books and resources. Candidates can easily refer to these study notes later while revising for their Goa TET exams.

Study Previous Year Goa TET Exam Paper:

It is highly recommended for the candidates to go through a minimum of 5 years of Goa TET exam question papers. Analysis of the types of questions and solving them as practice will help the candidates to secure higher marks in their exams. The candidates can gain a better perspective on the types of questions, distribution of questions, and difficulty level.

Attempt Mock Test

Mock tests are the best way to prepare for any competitive exam. Once the candidate is done with the study of the entire Goa TET syllabus, attempt various online mock tests. Mock tests are helpful in increasing your speed and accuracy in solving question papers.

Confidence is the Key to Success

The effort, dedication, and preparation of a candidate are as good as their confidence. If a candidate is not confident enough in their action then it will reflect in your performance and exam result as well. Thus, the candidates should be confident and positive, and assertive in their approach.

Download Goa TET Syllabus and Exam Pattern for Paper 1 and Paper 2 PDF

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