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Social Science Quiz on “Globe and Environment”

Social Science Quiz on "Globe and Environment"_30.1
1. Which one of the following is the busiest ocean route in the world?
A. Pacific Ocean
B. Indian Ocean
C. South Atlantic Ocean
D. North Atlantic Ocean

2. At the winter solstice the noon altitude of the sun at the Tropic of Cancer is-
A. 47.0 degree
B. 23.5 degree
C. 43.0 degree
D. 66.5 degree

3.What is the difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich Standard Time?
A. -4 hrs and 30 min
B. -5 hrs
C. 5 hrs and 30 min
D. 6 hrs and 30 min

4. In ancient Indian historical geography the name ‘Ratnakara’ denoted-
A. the Arabian sea
B. the Indian Ocean
C. the Bay of Bengal
D. the confluence of the Ganga the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati at Prayaga

5. Which one of the following regions of India is now regarded as an ‘ecological hot spot’?
A. Western Himalayas
B. Western Ghats
C. Eastern Himalayas
D. Eastern Ghats

6. ‘Saddle peak’ the highest peak of Andaman and Nicobar Island is located in-
A. Little Andaman
B. Middle Andaman
C. Great Nicobar
D. North Andaman

7. Which one of the following sea is without a coast line?
A. White sea
B. Sea of Okhotsk
C. Saragossa Sea
D. Tasmania Sea

8. The shortest distance between two places on the globe is along-
A. 45 degree N. Latitude
B. Prime Meridian
C. 45 degree S. Latitude
D. International Date Line

9. India’s permanent research station Dakshin Gangotri is situated in the-
A. Antarctica
B. Arabian Sea
C. Indian Ocean
D. Great Himalayas

10. The palaeomagnetic results obtained from India indicate that in the past, the Indian landmass has moved-
A. Eastward
B. Southward
C. Northward
D. Westward