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Science Quiz: Pedagogy For CTET Exam 2016

Science Quiz: Pedagogy For CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.While making groups for an activity, an EVS teacher should-
A.Ensure separate groups for boys and girls
B.Make groups according to their marks
C.Make two groups only, each with a lot of students
D.Ensure cooperation and participation of all members

2.An EVS teacher usually begins her class by posing a few key questions. Of the following reasons, select which one is the least preferred?
A.Learner’s thinking can be stimulated
B.The questions arouse curiosity in learner
C.Questions help in contextualizing topics
D.Learner thinking can be restricted

3.The chapter of class V NCERT EVS textbook titled, ‘Sunita in space’ describes astronaut Sunita William’s experience in spaceship. What could be the reason / reasons for including this?
I.This incident gives a peep into the life of an astronaut
II.This incident describes physical conditions in a spaceship
III.This incident challenges gender stereotypes
IV.This incident helps in explaining  the concept of gravity
A.Only D
B.A, B and C
C.A, B, C and D
D.Only A

4.A teacher of class IV asks students to put their worksheet, observation reports and material collected during a term in a folder. These folder can be called-
D.Anecdotal records

5.As a teacher of class V, which of the following resources would you find best to use while dealing with a topic on ‘conservation of fuels’?
A.Reference books
D.None of these

6.Poems and stories are effective in transacting the themes of EVS. This is because poems and stories-
I.Can be rich depiction of the child’s environment
II.Can provide contextual learning environment
III.Can explain various abstract concepts effectively
IV.Can nurture creativity and  aesthetic sense
A.A, B and  D
B.Only C
C.Only B
D.A and B

7.As a newly appointed EVS teacher in a school, your foremost priority before beginning to teach would be to 
A.Identify the slow learner in the class
B.Prepare detailed chapter wise notes for learners
C.Prepare socio cultural profile of learners
D.Prepare lesson plan in advance

8.The content in an EVS textbook should.
I.Avoid description and definition
II.Discourage rote learning
III.Provide opportunities to the child to question and explore
IV.Give only written information to the child
Select the correct option
A.A and D
B.B and C
C.Only C
D.A, B and C

9.Stories are an important aspect of teaching-learning EVS in primarily classes. Which one of the following is least appropriate reason for including story telling as pedagogy in EVS classroom?
A.Stories include experiences of the people
B.Stories cut across various subject areas
C.Stories help in class management
D.Stories provide context to relate EVS concepts

10.Which one among the following is the strongest argument in favor of adopting a theme-based approach in EVS?
A.It helps in giving a structure to lesson plans and makes teaching more effective
B.It helps in covering a wide range of concepts, issues and skills
C.It helps in softening subject boundaries and accessing knowledge holistically
D.None of these