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Commonwealth Games, Location, Participants, Countries, Opening & Closing Ceremony

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What are Commonwealth Games?

Commonwealth Games are often referred to as the Friendly Games which was started as a multi-sport event among the Commonwealth Countries. Participants from various Commonwealth Countries have participated in various sporting events since 1930 and promoted the sportsmen’s spirit. Last year at the Commonwealth Games 2022, more than 4600 sports people have participated from 72 nations across the globe.

Commonwealth Games 2022, India Medal Winners Lists

Commonwealth Games Location

The Commonwealth Games Location depends on the hosting country and cities allocated. The Commonwealth Games 2022 was located at Birmingham, England. The Commonwealth Games 2022 was conducted in 15 venues spread across the West Midland Region in Birmingham. 7 among the 15 venues including the marathon route and athletics stadiums as the Commonwealth Games Location was located in Birmingham City. In the following table, check out the list of venues and their Commonwealth Games Location in detail.

Area/Region Stadium/Venue Events/Sports
Birmingham Alexander Stadium (renovated) Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Athletics
Arena Birmingham (existing) Gymnastics
Edgbaston Cricket Ground (existing) Cricket
Smithfield Market (purpose-built temporary stadia) 3×3 Basketball, 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball, Beach Volleyball
Sutton Park (existing) Triathlon
University of Birmingham Squash Centre (existing) Hockey, Squash
Victoria Square (existing) Marathon (finish)
West Midlands Region Cannock Chase, Staffordshire (existing) Cycling (Mountain Bike, Road, Time Trial)
Coventry Arena (existing) Rugby Sevens, Judo, Wrestling
Victoria Park Bowling Greens, Leamington Spa (existing) Lawn Bowls
Sandwell Aquatics Centre (purpose-built) Aquatics
National Exhibition Centre, Solihull (existing) Hall 1 – Weightlifting, Para Powerlifting

Hall 3 – Table Tennis, Para Table Tennis

Hall 4 – Boxing

Hall 5 – Badminton

Arena – Netball

St Nicholas’ Park, Warwick (existing) Cycling (Road Race)
West Park, Wolverhampton (existing) Cycling (Time Trials)
Greater London Lee Valley VeloPark, London (existing) Cycling (Track)

Commonwealth Games Participants

More than 4600 Commonwealth Games Participants participated from across 72 nations in the Commonwealth Games 2022. Here is the list of Commonwealth Games Participant Countries. Check out the table below for a detailed list and the number of participants from each participating country.

Commonwealth Games Participant Countries 2022
Anguilla (13) Grenada (14) Pakistan (73)
Antigua and Barbuda (13) Guernsey (28) Papua New Guinea (34)
Australia (427) Guyana (32) Rwanda (16)
Bahamas (28) India (210) Saint Helena (11)
Bangladesh (30) Isle of Man (34) Saint Kitts and Nevis (6)
Barbados (65) Jamaica (120) Saint Lucia (13)
Belize (13) Jersey (28) Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (21)
Bermuda (17) Kenya (123) Samoa (38)
Botswana (36) Kiribati (6) Scotland (254)
British Virgin Islands (19) Lesotho (21) Seychelles (27)
Brunei (7) Malawi (22) Sierra Leone (27)
Cameroon (36) Malaysia (103) Singapore (67)
Canada (268) Maldives (24) Solomon Islands (19)
Canada (268) Malta (29) South Africa (228)
Cayman Islands (21) Mauritius (62) Sri Lanka (110)
Cook Islands (18) Montserrat (5) Tanzania (17)[
Cyprus (53) Mozambique (14) Tonga (28)
Dominica (11) Namibia (33) Trinidad and Tobago (72)
England (437) (Host) Nauru (16) Turks and Caicos Islands (11)
Eswatini (12) New Zealand (233) Tuvalu (6)
Falkland Islands (16) Nigeria (94) Uganda (77)[
Fiji (64) Niue (15) Vanuatu (17)
The Gambia (16) Norfolk Island (10) Wales (201)
Ghana (101) Northern Ireland (97) Zambia (41)
Gibraltar (23)

CWG Opening Dates

The CWG Opening Dates for CWG 2022 was 28th July 2022. The opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2022 was held at the Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. The grand opening ceremony was attended by Prince Charles as the Chief Guest, while the Queen’s Baton reached Alexander Stadium on 27th July 2022 as scheduled. The British screenwriter Steven Knight created the entire opening ceremony which was approximately 2 hours and 30 Minutes long. The Indian Contingent was led by the Badminton Play P. V. Sindhu and Indian Hockey Captain Manpreet Singh.

Commonwealth Games Closing Dates

The Commonwealth Games Closing Date was 8th August 2022. The Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2022 was as grand and spectacular as the opening ceremony. Many great performances and appearances took place on the Commonwealth Games Closing Dates.

List of all Commonwealth Games Events & Sports

Here is a list of Commonwealth Games Events & Sports in a tabular format. The Commonwealth Games Participants participated in the following events and compete with each other. The winning Commonwealth Games Participants got Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals as per the position they secured in individual sporting events as 1st, 2nd and 3rd position respectively.

Sporting Events of Commonwealth Games 2022

3*3 Basketball Cycling- Mountain Bike
3*3 Wheelchair  Basketball Cycling- Road
Aquatics- Diving Cycling- Track & Para Track
Aquatics- Swimming & Para Swimming Gymnastics- Artistic
Athletics and Para Athletics Gymnastics- Rhythmic
Badminton Hockey
Beach Volley Judo
Boxing Lawn Bowls & Para Lawn Bowls
Cricket T20 Netball
Para Powerlifting Rugby Sevens
Squash Table Tennis & Para Table Tennis
Triathlon & Para Triathlon Weightlifting


How many countries participate in Commonwealth Games 2022?

A total of 72 nations participated in the Commonwealth Games 2022. 

Why China is not part of the Commonwealth Games?

As China was never a part of the British Colonization thus it is not a Commonwealth of Nations.

What is the main purpose of the Commonwealth Games?

The main objective of the Games is to uplift the spirit of the athletes and inspire younger generations to participate and compete with the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship. The core values of the Commonwealth Games are humanity, equality and destiny which accentuates the bonding and unity among the Commonwealth Family through a glorious and magnificent festival of sports.