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Washing Soda Formula- Chemical Name is na2co3

Washing Soda Chemical Name

Sodium carbonate is the chemical name of washing soda. Pure sodium carbonate is a hygroscopic (meaning it absorbs moisture from the air) white powder with no odor. Sodium carbonate has the chemical formula Na2CO3 and a molar mass of 106g/mol. It’s an ionic compound made up of two sodium and one carbonate ion, and it’s a sodium salt of carbonic acid.

Washing Soda Formula

The formula for washing soda is Na2CO3.10H2O. Washing soda is a hydrated form of sodium carbonate. Washing soda is highly soluble in water and it produces strongly alkaline water solution. In this article, we will learn about washing soda and the method of preparation of washing soda, and the uses of washing soda. 

Washing Soda Formula Based Making Procedure

Solvay’s process is used to synthesize washing soda. In Solvay’s method, sodium chloride, ammonia, and carbon dioxide react in water. Calcium carbonate is utilized to make carbon dioxide, and the remaining calcium oxide is used to recover ammonia from ammonium chloride. Sodium bicarbonate is first obtained, which is then heated to produce sodium carbonate. At last, sodium carbonate is recrystallized to make washing soda.

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Brine Purification

The first step is to purify the brine. The first step is to make the brine, which is a saturated solution of sodium chloride. Evaporation is used to concentrate brine. Precipitation is used to eliminate impurities. The initial pure scaling of downstream process equipment and to prevent contamination of the final product is sodium chloride brine. The brine solution is then filtered and fed through an ammonium tower to dissolve ammonia once the contaminants have been removed. The brine is then exposed to ammonia gas after it has been purified.

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Washing Soda Formula Based Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Formation

After brine purification, the ammoniated brine is transferred to the carbonating columns, where sodium carbonate is precipitated by exposing the brine to carbon dioxide.

NaCl + NH3 + CO2 + H2O → NaHCO3 + NH4Cl

Washing Soda Formula Based Sodium Carbonate Formation

The sodium hydrogen carbonate floating in the carbonating tower is extracted and processed at 300 degrees Celsius to generate sodium carbonate. This carbon dioxide is returned to the carbonating tower for reuse.

2 NaHCO3 → Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2

Washing Soda Formula Baesd Ammonia recovery

Calcium hydroxide is generated when calcium oxide, a byproduct of the thermal breakdown of limestone in the lime kiln, combines with water. Calcium hydroxide reacts with ammonium chloride that has been filtered out of the carbonating tower.

Na2CO3 + 10H2O → Na2CO3.10H2O

Hence, the ammonia is reused in the process, resulting in ammoniated brine. The Solvay method produces calcium chloride as a by-product.

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Chemical Name and Formula of Washing Soda- Sodium Carbonate

The Chemical Name of the Washing Soda is Sodium carbonate and Sodium carbonate has the chemical formula is Na2CO3.

Chemical Properties of Washing Soda 

Washing soda is a solid that’s stable but hygroscopic, and it dissolves quickly in water to generate slightly acidic carbonic acid and strong base sodium hydroxide. Sodium carbonate in water solution is a strong base. It interacts strongly with various acids, decomposing to release poisonous disodium oxide fumes.

Physical properties of Washing Soda

  1. The density of washing soda is 2.54
  2. Boiling point- decomposes
  3. The melting point of sodium carbonate is 851
  4. Monohydrated salts (Na2CO3.10H2O), anhydrous salts (Na2CO3), hepta-hydrous salts (Na2CO3.7H2O), and deca-hydrous salts are all examples of washing soda.
  5. The color of washing soda is grey, it’s a greyish-white powder. 
  6. Taste- alkaline taste
  7. Stability- stable at ordinary temperature and atmospheric conditions, dries out in warm.

Na2CO2 Chemical Name

The chemical name for Na2CO3 is sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate is also commonly known as soda ash or washing soda.

Uses of Washing Soda

Here we have given some uses of washing soda. Check out the uses of washing soda listed below: 

  1. Washing soda is used as one of the laundry detergents of greatest significance.
  2. Washing soda is used in the softening of water. 
  3. Washing soda is used in glass production.
  4. Washing of soda is used in the paper industries, soap, detergents, and textile industries.
  5. In household washing soda is used as a cleaning agent. 


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Q. What is the chemical formula of washing soda?

The chemical formula of washing soda is  Na2CO3.

Q. What is the chemical name of washing soda?

The chemical name of washing soda is sodium carbonate.

Q. What is the molar mass of washing soda?

The molar mass of washing soda is 106g/mol.

Q. What are the uses of washing soda?

The washing soda is used as a cleaning agent and is also used in glass production.