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10 Input and Output Devices of Computer Chart

In computing, input and output devices serve as the bridge between a computer and the external world. They are essential for the computer to interact with its environment, allowing it to take in data, process it, and then produce results. Here’s a simple explanation:

Input and Output Devices

An input device is a computer device that lets users enter data into a system and give the system commands on how to carry out operations, and output devices are show the processed output. Input and Output Devices details are given below

Input Devices

What They Do: Input devices allow you to send information to the computer.
Examples: Keyboard, Mouse, Microphone, Touchscreen, Scanner
These are the tools you use to tell the computer what to do. When you type on a keyboard or click with a mouse, you’re using an input device to send instructions to the computer.

Output Devices

What They Do: Output devices let the computer send information back to you.
Examples: Monitor, Printer, Speakers, Projector
These are the tools the computer uses to show you results or give you information. When you see something on your screen or hear sound from the speakers, it’s thanks to an output device.

Input and Output Devices of Computer

The input and output devices of computers come in a variety of types. The user and the computer are connected by the input and output devices of the Computer. The main function of a Computer is to rely on the Combined functions of input and output devices computers. The functioning of the input and output devices of computer is totally different, Input devices receive data or action from the user whereas the Output devices deliver data or action to the user. In this article, we will learn about various types of Input and output devices of computers, their functioning, and many more.

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Input and Output Devices of Computer Definition

Input and output devices of Computer: Input and output devices of Computer, also known as I/O device, is any hardware that enables a user to interact with a computer or other systems.   An input device is a unit of hardware or equipment that facilitates data entry into a computer. An output device is a unit of machinery or hardware that disseminates the outcome of input after processing it (i.e., translating data from machine language to a human-understandable language). Check the below chart that contains various types of Input and Output Devices of Computer.

Input and Output Devices Chart

List of Input Devices of Computer  List of Output Devices of Computer 
Keyboard Mouse Monitor
Joysticks Wii Remote Printer
Light Pen Gamepad Plotter
Microphone Webcam Headphones
Scanner Digital camera Speaker
Barcode Reader Portable Media Player Projector
Trackball Graphic Tablet Braille Reader
Magnetic Ink Card Reader (MICR) Optical Character Reader (OCR) Global Positioning System
Optical Character Reader (OCR) Digitizer Video Card

Input and Output Devices of Computer Examples

Input and output devices of the Computer: An input device is a device that transmits data to a computer system for processing, while an output device is a device that receives data from a computer system and subsequently reproduces or displays the results of that processing. The most common Input devices are the mouse, and keyboard and output devices are printers, monitors, etc. Nowadays the Input and output devices of Computer comes with a variety of types and functioning.

Input Devices of Computer

Input devices of Computer serve as a medium between the User and the Computer. Users can transmit signals to the computer via the input devices to instruct it to carry out a specific task. The signal is subsequently received by the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and sent to the output devices. Additional categories for input devices include visual and auditory, discrete and continuous, and direct and indirect. Several Examples of input devices include:


Ley word is a  basic device with keys, where each key represents a different character or function, such as an alphabet, number, or number command. which a computer can be provided to carry out a variety of tasks. A-Z are the typing keys, and 0–09 are the numeric keys. Although there are many different types of keyboards, QWERTY is the most popular. They connect to the computer through a USB or wifi connection.


A mouse is a hand-supported pointing device by which users can move the cursor point on the Computer screen. A mouse has one trackball and three buttons at the top that are used for choosing and navigating, respectively. The touchpad is provided in place of the mouse in laptop cases, which facilitates the movement of the mouse pointer.


A microphone is a transducer that changes sound into an electrical signal. It includes an integrated voice input system that takes sound impulses from the computer user and turns them into digital data.Utilizing a microphone to capture or replicate the sound


Scanners are input devices used to transport data from paper to computers. Any piece of paper we place on a scanner is transformed into a digital signal and seen on the computer screen. This is primarily used to change data by printing an image that has been converted to a digital format.

Barcode Reader

barcode reader is an optical scanner device. It is frequently used in shopping complexes. It is able to read and comprehend the bar code information found on products, publications, etc. It functions similarly to a reading gadget that illuminates a bar code before displaying on the screen specifics about that particular item.


Unlike a mouse, a joystick is a pointing device used to move the cursor on computer screens. It consists of a stick that is angled and attached to the base, making it simple to move and control. Each of the stick’s bottom and top ends is fitted with a spherical ball. The lower spherical ball slips into a socket. The joystick can be moved in all four directions. It is primarily used to regulate how characters move in video games.

Light Pen

A light Pen is a pen-like shape by which users can choose and even draw on the screen with the pen-like. It is light-sensitive technology, such as A tiny tube containing an optical system and a photocell.
The photocell sensor element of a light pen detects the screen position and sends a signal to the CPU when the tip is moved over a display screen while the pen button is depressed.

Output Devices of Computer

An output device is a computer component that shows the outcome of the input data that has been inserted and processed by the CPU. The central processing unit (CPU) of a computer translates information received from machine language to human-friendly language before sending these signals to output devices to carry out the tasks specified by entered data. Some examples of Computer devices are


Monitors are the most crucial output device for giving the user a pixel-based visual. Monitors also known as Visual Display Units (VDUs) \. When we give the computer a command to do an activity, the result of that instruction is shown on the monitor’s screen. Over time, several types of monitors have been developed, including CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) and flat-panel display displays.


The function of the Printer is like that of a photocopy machine. The user can print data or information on paper using printers,  Additionally, there are many different kinds of printers on the market that can be used for various tasks. printers with impact, character, line, and laser technology


A Speaker that transforms electrical commands into audio signals. As a result of entering data into a computer, it helps to listen to sound signals.A computer system’s speakers are connected individually by usb. But  With the development of technology, wireless speakers that may be connected via Bluetooth or other technologies


A projector is an optical output device that displays visual information, such as still or moving images, onto a projection screen. They are commonly used in auditoriums and movie theatres to display videos or provide lighting. The content shown on the projection screen will match what is shown on the monitor screen after a projector is connected to a computer system. The fact that the projector here shows content on larger screens makes a difference.

Input and Output Devices of Computer Differences

Piont of Differences  Input Devices Output Devices
Data Collects data from the user and provides it to the processor so that it can be processed or stored in a backup memory. Takes the data from the processor and returns it to the user.
Complexity More complex. Less complex
Function It transforms User-friendly language into machine-friendly instructions. It transforms the machine’s language into user-friendly language.
Command The user directly commands it. It follows the processor’s commands.
Examples  Scanner, Keyboard, Image Scanner, Microphone, Mouse, Joystick. etc. Monitor, Speaker, Projector, printers, etc.

What are 10 Input and Output Devices

list of common input and output devices:

10 Input Device Name

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse (including trackpad)
  3. Touchscreen
  4. Graphics Tablet / Digital Pen
  5. Microphone
  6. Webcam
  7. Scanner
  8. Barcode Reader
  9. Joystick
  10. Gamepad / Controller

10 Output Device Name

  1. Monitor (LCD, LED, OLED, etc.)
  2. Printer (Inkjet, Laser, Dot Matrix, etc.)
  3. Projector
  4. Speakers
  5. Headphones / Earphones
  6. Braille Display
  7. Haptic Feedback Devices (vibration motors, force feedback controllers)
  8. LED Indicator Lights
  9. Plotter (used for high-quality vector graphics)
  10. Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) for audio output

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Why are input and output devices necessary for a computer system?

The computer system can communicate with the outside world by moving data into and out of input and output devices. Data is introduced into the system through an input device.

What are examples of Input devices of Computers?

There are various types of Input Devices associated with a computer including a Mouse, Keyboard, Light pen, Scanner, barcode reader, etc.

How do you identify input and output devices on a computer?

A device is an input device if it sends data to the computer in the form of text, sound, images, button presses, etc. A device is an output device if it sends data to the computer in the form of sound, movement, printing, images, etc.

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