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NEET Dress Code 2021 for Male and Female by NTA

NEET Dress Code 2021 for Male and Female by NTA discussed here. NEET 2021 exam will be conducted on September 12th. The admit cards for NEET 2021 will be available on 9th September. The exam will be conducted in all of the exam centres in India and abroad.

For the NEET 2021 exam students have to follow the dress code given by NTA. This article will give you all the information related to the NEET 2021 Dress Code. All students must strictly abide by the dress code or else they won’t be allowed to enter the examination hall.

If there is an exception, it is to be informed to the officials with prior notice and written permission must be obtained. This written permission will have to be shown by the NEET 2021 candidate, at the time of entering the NEET 2201 examination hall.

A particular dress code is set every year for all the students appearing in the undergraduate medical entrance exam, NEET to avoid cases of malpractices. Two new items have recently been added to the dress code for NEET 2021, which are gloves and a mask. This is due to the covid pandemic.
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NEET Dress Code: For Male and Female Candidates

Check the pointwise list for the NEET 2021 Dress Code given below to know about the details of the dress code for NEET 2021.

  • Face masks and gloves are mandatory for all the students. This is to be worn during the entire examination duration.
  • Jewellery of any kind, watches, and other items such as an electronic watch, earphones or any other similar item is prohibited.
  • Full sleeved and light colour clothes are not allowed to be worn. Both the genders are expected to abide by this.
  • Any clothing with big buttons is not allowed.
  • Shoes, Bellies, Sunglasses, Wallets and handbags should not be carried inside the examination hall. Students are advised to wear slippers and sandals with low heels preferably.
  • Boys are not supposed to wear kurta, pyjamas, and girls are not allowed to wear sarees to the examination hall.

These are some of the most important dress code rules that have been notified by NTA. More of these can be checked in the official information brochure by visiting the NTA NEET website for 2021.

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NEET Dress Code for Male

NEET Dress Code 2021 for males has been released by NTA. All the male candidates appearing for NEET 2021 can check their dress code by referring to the points listed below.

  • Full sleeve t-shirts and shirts are not allowed. Students must wear a half shirt or t-shirt to the examination hall.
  • Light clothes should be worn where there aren’t any zip pockets, big buttons or embroidery of any kind.
  • Pants or trousers are allowed for all male candidates. Kurta and pyjama are strictly prohibited.
  • Sandals or chappals with thin soles are allowed to be worn. Shoes are not allowed inside the NEET 2021 examination centre.

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NEET Dress Code for Females

All the female candidates can check their dress code from the below-given list of NEET Dress Code for Females. All of the prohibited items must be avoided at any cost.

  • Embroidered clothes and clothes with buttons, flowers, and brooches are not allowed.
  • Full sleeves clothes are not allowed.
  • Light chappals and slippers should be worn by the female candidates. Jewellery of any kind must be avoided. Jewellery like earrings, nose pins, rings, necklaces, anklets, bracelets, and pendants are strictly prohibited.

These are some of the dress code rules that female candidates must follow while they get ready to appear for the NEET 2021 exam on 12th September.

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NEET Customary Dress Code Allowed by NTA Authorities

Students following any particular religion where they need to wear the customary dress by NTA Authorities is allowed to appear in the same for NEET 2021. Such candidates need to report to the examination hall at least an hour before the exam commences.

Muslim females are allowed to wear burkha and Sikh candidates can carry their kara, kirpan, or kanga with them to the NEET 2021 examination hall. The candidates need to mention in the application form of NEET that they will be wearing a customary dress and its type.

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List of Banned Items in NEET Dress Code

All the items that are banned in NEET 2021 by NTA are mentioned below. All the candidates are requested to abide by the same. If any discrepancy is found, actions will be taken against the candidate.

  • Textual material, geometry or pencil box, pouch, calculator, scales, pen drives, eraser, log table, electronic pen, log table, scanner, writing pad, and bits of paper are not allowed to be carried inside the examination hall.
  • Communication devices of all kinds are banned.
  • Wallets, Goggles, handbags, belts, and caps are not allowed.
  • Jewellery of any kind is banned.
  • Opened and packed, both kinds of food items are not allowed to be carried inside the examination hall.

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NTA NEET Guidelines for Diabetic students in 2021

Students suffering from Diabetics are allowed to carry a few food items such as given below. Any items except the below-stated ones are not allowed inside the examination hall.

  • Eatables like sugar tablets, fruits like bananas, apples and oranges, along with a transparent water bottle are allowed to be carried inside the examination hall.
  • Packaged food items too are not allowed inside the NEET 2021 examination hall.



What is the dress code for NEET 2021?

We have listed the entire dress code for NEET 2021 in this article. Read the complete article to get all the information related to the dress code.

Can we wear leggings in NEET 2021?

Leggings are not allowed in the NEET 2021 examination centre.

Can I wear full sleeves in NEET?

Full sleeves are not allowed to be worn for the NEET 2021 examination.

Is the skirt allowed for NEET?

No, a skirt is not allowed for NEET 2021.

Is Black lower allowed in NEET?

Only light colour lowers are allowed. Black, as it is a dark colour, isn’t allowed.


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