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Application for Sick Leave for School, Office, Format, Examples, Tips

Application for Sick Leave

An employee’s Application for Sick Leave is a formal request made to their employer or supervisor informing them of their incapacity to attend work due to illness or medical reasons. Sick Leave Application is a method for employees to request leave from work to focus on their health and recover from an illness or medical condition.

Sick Leave Application

This page explains how to make an application for Sick Leave. Here you will discover a format and sample of a Sick Leave Application for school and college students, as well as their parents/guardians and office employees. If a student is sick and unable to attend class, they write a letter to their principal asking for leave. Similarly, in order to be given time off if they are unable to come to work due to illness, employees or professionals must submit a Sick Leave Application to their managers or supervisors.

Application for Sick Leave Format

A Application for Sick Leave typically includes the following information:

  1. Date: The date on which the sick leave application is written.
  2. Employee’s Information: The employee’s name, designation, and department.
  3. Date(s) of Absence: The specific date(s) for which the employee will be absent from work due to illness.
  4. Reason for Sick Leave: A brief explanation of the illness or medical condition that prevents the employee from performing their duties.
  5. Supporting Documents: If required by the employer, the employee may need to attach relevant medical documents, such as a doctor’s certificate or medical report, to support their sick leave application.
  6. Contact Information: The employee’s contact details, including phone number and email address, for communication purposes.
  7. Signature: The employee’s signature at the end of the application.

It is important to follow the sick leave policy and procedures established by the organization or employer. This may include notifying the employer within a specified time frame, providing necessary documentation, and adhering to any limitations or requirements regarding the duration and frequency of sick leave.

Sick Leave Application for School- Objective

  • The right way to request a few days off from work is to fill out a leave application.
  • Many companies now have a digital leave application style in which employees may request time off immediately through the corporate web.
  • We have provided a format for sick leave applications in school to make it easier for employees and students to write sick leave applications for illness and sickness.

Application for Sick Leave in English- Points to Consider

We have to follow these points while taking an Application for Sick Leave from work or from Office. Take a close look at these points.

  • Greeting or addressing the person who is being addressed
  • Subject heading
  • The reason for the absence
  • Details of your employment compensation and the number of leaves you’ll need
  • Information about how to contact us
  • Signature and Name

Application for Sick Leave in Office

Example 1 –

[Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State, ZIP Code] [Email Address] [Phone Number] [Date]

[Recipient’s Name] [Recipient’s Position/Title] [Company/Organization Name] [Company/Organization Address] [City, State, ZIP Code]

Subject: Sick Leave Application

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to inform you that due to unavoidable circumstances, I am unable to attend work for a specific period of time. I am requesting sick leave, effective from [start date] to [end date], as I am currently experiencing a medical condition that requires me to rest and recover.

I have consulted with my healthcare provider, who has diagnosed me with [specific medical condition]. The condition requires proper rest, medication, and treatment to ensure a full recovery. As a result, I am unable to perform my duties and fulfill my responsibilities during this period.

I understand the importance of my role in the company and the impact of my absence on the team. To ensure a smooth workflow during my absence, I have taken the liberty of notifying my colleagues [colleague’s name(s)] about my situation and providing them with relevant information regarding any pending tasks or projects that may require attention during my leave.

I will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience caused by my absence and ensure a smooth transition of my responsibilities. If necessary, I am available to assist remotely, answer any urgent inquiries, or provide guidance to my colleagues.

I have attached the medical certificate provided by my healthcare provider, which outlines the duration of my recommended leave. I kindly request you to consider my application for sick leave and grant me the designated time off to focus on my recovery.

Please let me know if there are any specific procedures or forms that need to be completed for the sick leave application. I will promptly provide any additional information or documentation required.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and consideration in this matter. I value my role in the company and look forward to returning to work in good health and full capacity.

If there are any further details or actions I need to take, please do not hesitate to inform me. I can be reached via email or phone.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your Name]

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Application for Leave in School

Example 2 –

[Principal’s Name]
[School Name]
[School Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

Subject: Leave Application

Dear Principal [Principal’s Last Name],

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to request a leave of absence from school for the following reason:

[Provide a brief and specific reason for your leave. Whether it’s for personal reasons, a family event, illness, or any other legitimate reason, be clear and concise.]

The details of my leave are as follows:

Leave Start Date: [Specify the date you intend to start your leave] Leave End Date: [Specify the date you plan to return to school] Duration of Leave: [Mention the number of days you’ll be absent] Class/Grade: [Your current class/grade]

I understand the importance of regular attendance in school and am committed to making up for any missed work during my absence. I will ensure that I complete all assignments and catch up on any lessons I miss during my leave.

I kindly request your approval for this leave and assure you that I will resume my studies promptly upon my return. If there are any specific procedures or forms that need to be completed for leave requests, please inform me, and I will comply with them accordingly.

I would appreciate it if you could grant me this leave and inform my teachers about my absence. If there are any additional details or requirements you need from me, please feel free to contact me at [Your Contact Information].

Thank you for your understanding and consideration of my request.


[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]

Sick Leave Application for College / School

Example – 3

Here we have an Application for Sick Leave from the school sample given below.


Mr./Mrs (name of recipient),

I’m writing to let you know that I’m sick with a serious viral infection and would like to take some time off from school/work. I caught this infection last night, and I won’t be able to return to work for at least [number of days]. My doctor has urged that I rest and recuperate properly before returning to work. For your convenience, the doctor’s report is also attached.

Please give me a leave of absence for [number of days]. In the case of an emergency, I will be reachable via phone. Please contact me whenever it is convenient for you. I’ve delegated responsibility for crucial items to [Name of the coworker] in order to ensure that all deadlines are met.

I am confident that you will understand and grant me leave for the time period requested. I’m awaiting your response.

Thank you for your time and attention.




Application for Sick Leave to Principal

Let’s look at a sample first to see how the Application for Sick Leave should be formatted. This will make it easier for you to write the necessary Sick Leave application.

Example 4 –


The Principal

(Name of School) (Address).

Subject: Request for School Sick Leave.

Greetings (Sir/Madame),

With respect, I’d like to inform you that my child (student’s name) is a student in your school’s class (class name). My child has been admitted to the hospital and will be monitored by a doctor for two days due to various health difficulties. My family members are currently caring for him/her in the hospital, and we are unable to send him/her to school.

I humbly request that you consider our situation and allow my child leave for (number of days) from (start date) to (end date). For your convenience, I’ve attached a medical paperwork from the doctor. I assure you that he will continue to attend school on a daily basis.


Thank you very much,


Yours Sincerely,

(Parent’s Name)


Application for Sick Leave for Office in Hindi

एक दिवसीय कार्यालय के लिए रुग्ण अवकाश आवेदन के लिए आवेदन

Example – 5


श्रीमान/श्रीमती (प्राप्तकर्ता का नाम),


मैं आपको यह बताने के लिए लिख रहा हूं कि मैं एक गंभीर वायरल संक्रमण से पीड़ित हूं और काम से कुछ समय निकालना चाहता हूं। मैंने कल रात इस संक्रमण को पकड़ लिया, और मैं कम से कम [दिनों की संख्या] काम पर नहीं लौट पाऊंगा। मेरे डॉक्टर ने आग्रह किया है कि मैं काम पर लौटने से पहले आराम करूं और ठीक से स्वस्थ हो जाऊं। आपकी सुविधा के लिए डॉक्टर की रिपोर्ट भी संलग्न है।

कृपया मुझे [दिनों की संख्या] के लिए अनुपस्थिति की छुट्टी दें। आपात स्थिति में फोन के जरिए संपर्क किया जा सकता है। जब भी यह आपके लिए सुविधाजनक हो, कृपया मुझसे संपर्क करें। मैंने महत्वपूर्ण वस्तुओं की जिम्मेदारी [सहकर्मी का नाम] को सौंप दी है ताकि यह सुनिश्चित हो सके कि सभी समय सीमा पूरी हो गई है।

मुझे विश्वास है कि आप समझेंगे और मुझे अनुरोधित समयावधि के लिए छुट्टी प्रदान करेंगे। मुझे आपकी प्रतिक्रिया का इंतजार है।

अपना समय और ध्यान देने के लिए आपका धन्यवाद।

Sick Leave Application for School in Hindi

Example 6 –

सादर/ईमानदारी से


स्कूल प्राचार्य को बीमारी की छुट्टी के लिए आवेदन

आइए पहले यह देखने के लिए एक नमूना देखें कि छुट्टी के आवेदन को कैसे प्रारूपित किया जाना चाहिए। इससे आपके लिए आवश्यक अवकाश आवेदन पत्र लिखना आसान हो जाएगा।




(विद्यालय का नाम) (पता)।


विषय: स्कूल में बीमार छुट्टी के लिए अनुरोध।


नमस्ते (सर/मैडम),


आदर सहित, मैं आपको सूचित करना चाहता हूं कि मेरा बच्चा (छात्र का नाम) आपके विद्यालय की कक्षा (कक्षा का नाम) का छात्र है। मेरे बच्चे को अस्पताल में भर्ती कराया गया है और विभिन्न स्वास्थ्य समस्याओं के कारण दो दिनों तक एक डॉक्टर द्वारा उसकी निगरानी की जाएगी। मेरे परिवार के सदस्य इस समय अस्पताल में उसकी देखभाल कर रहे हैं, और हम उसे स्कूल नहीं भेज पा रहे हैं।


मैं विनम्रतापूर्वक अनुरोध करता हूं कि आप हमारी स्थिति पर विचार करें और मेरे बच्चे को (दिनों की संख्या) (प्रारंभ तिथि) से (समाप्ति तिथि) के लिए छुट्टी दें। आपकी सुविधा के लिए, मैंने डॉक्टर से एक चिकित्सा कागजी कार्रवाई संलग्न की है। मैं आपको विश्वास दिलाता हूं कि वह रोजाना स्कूल आना जारी रखेंगे।

आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद,


(माता – पिता का नाम)



Things to Remember Composing an English Sick Leave Application

While writing a sick leave application to your Headmaster/Principal or Manager, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Mention the topic of your sick leave request.
  • The recipient’s address must be specified.
  • Begin your application letter with courtesy.
  • Mention the name of the disease from which you are suffering.
  • Mention the doctor’s remark concerning your illness.
  • Mention the number of days you’ll be gone.
  • Recognize the recipient’s action.
  • The name and standard must be given.

Sick Leave Application Importance

Application for Sick Leave is very necessary to take leave from school and office. It is sometimes necessary to take sick leave from school or work. However, we can only get our leave authorized if we write an application letter to the appropriate person explaining why we need it. If you need to take time off for medical reasons, you must fill out a medical leave application.

If your health is not good and your doctor has ordered you to rest, you must file a leave application for medical leave office. Notifying the administration of your absence will make a positive impression on them, and they will be able to manage the work with the help of other staff. Students are subject to the same rules as adults. If students require sick leave, they must notify their class teacher or the school principal of their absence. They will develop the habit of behaving appropriately in this manner. Their absence will also be noted by the school authorities.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of medical leave applications for government personnel, as well as application letter types and sick leave samples. As a result, we’ve put up a medical leave application for government personnel, as well as application letter forms and sick leave samples for the workplace and schools. To learn more about an Application for Sick Leave, Application for Sick Leave in English for Class 3, Class 4, and Class 6, read the entire article. Sick Leave Application to Principal, Sick Leave Application in College, Sick Leave for School, Sick Leave Application for School Teacher by Student, Sample Sick Leave Letter to Class Teacher, Sick Leave Application for School & College, Sick Leave Letter for School, Sick Leave Application for College, Write an Application to the Principal for Sick Leave. Other Letters Writing Samples include Formal, Informal, and Different Types of Letter Writing.

Application for Sick Leave Content

Write the application for leave in a courteous manner that accurately conveys the vacation request and sounds genuine.

  • Mention the particular reason you’re asking for a leave of absence.
  • The application’s foundation should be preserved.
  • The application needs to be brief and to-the-point.
  • Check for grammatical or punctuation errors.
  • The relationship between the child and the letter’s sender should be stated in the application.

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Ques. How do I write Sick Leave for office?

Ans. The application must be written in the following format: I'm writing to let you know that I've been sick for the past two days and have been unable to come to work. I went to the doctor today for a checkup, and he recommended that I rest for at least three or four more days. I'm experiencing body discomfort and weakness, and I'm in desperate need of rest. Please accept my request for a leave of absence (date to date).


Ques. How do I write sick leave for 2 days?

Ans. A sick leave for two days should be written in the same format as the sick leave for more days. Every sick leave application is written in the same way, first mentioning the type of sickness you have, example, cold, fever, soar throat, etc. Then, after mentioning the sickness, the number of days should be mentioned, along with the dates of the two days you would be or were absent on.

Ques. How do you write a sick note?

Ans. First, look into your company's sick leave and time off policies. Then, make a short and simple email subject line. After that, inform them of your availability. Also, specify whether it is a paid or unpaid position. Whatever you're working on, provide clear "next steps." If you do not have any sick days, you will be placed on unpaid leave.

Ques. What is the importance of a sick leave application?

Ans. A sick leave application is very important in terms of letting your teachers or the employers know that you were only absent from the school or office premises because you were sick, and not because of any other non disciplinary reason. It is also important in terms of making your attendance complete in the school or office records. A sick leave often is not counted when the attendance of a student, or the salary days of a employee are cointed.

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