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Top 20 General Science MCQs | Maharashtra, SSC and Railway Exams | Download PDF

The Maharashtra Police Constable, MPSC, SSC and Railway Exam are crucial examinations that require a comprehensive understanding of various General Science topics. To help aspirants prepare effectively, we have compiled a set of 20 competitive-level General Science MCQs covering a wide range of subjects.

Top 20 General Science MCQs for Maharashtra, SSC and Railway 26 April 2024

These 20 General Science Multiple Choice Questions cover a diverse range of topics relevant to the Maharashtra Police Constable, MPSC Exam 2024, SSC and Railway Exam 2024. Use these questions as a tool to assess your knowledge and enhance your preparation for the upcoming examination. Remember to review the explanations and expand your understanding of each topic to ensure a well-rounded preparation. Best of luck!

  1. How many hydrogen bonds are there between thymine and adenine?
    (a) 4
    (b) 3
    (c) 2
    (d) 7
    Answer: c
  2. What are the eyes on potato tubers?
    (a) Scars
    (b) Sutures
    (c) Rootlets
    (d) Nodes with buds
    Answer: d
  3. In meiosis, what is the stage where pairing of homologous chromosomes begins?
    (a) Diplotene
    (b) Pachytene
    (c) Leptotene
    (d) Zygotene
    Answer: d
  4. Which of the following is fungus excluding mycelium?
    (a) Saccharomyces
    (b) Mucor
    (c) Puccinia
    (d) Rhizopus
    Answer: a
  5. Where is a gene located on a chromosome?
    (a) Site
    (b) Locus
    (c) Allele
    (d) Trait
    Answer: b
  6. Which organelles are involved in photorespiration?
    (a) Chloroplast, peroxisome, and glyoxysomes
    (b) Glyoxysomes, chloroplast, and mitochondria
    (c) Chloroplast, mitochondria, and peroxisome
    (d) Mitochondria, peroxisome, and glyoxysomes
    Answer: c
  7. What is the ratio of F2 generation in a dihybrid cross?
    (a) 1:2:1
    (b) 1:1
    (c) 9:3:3:1
    (d) 3:1
    Answer: c
  8. Where is Floridean starch found?
    (a) Phaeophyceae
    (b) Rhodophyceae
    (c) Chlorophyceae
    (d) Myxophyceae
    Answer: b
  9. What is the phenomenon called when a single gene has multiple effects?
    (a) Pleiotropy
    (b) Genostasis
    (c) Codominance
    (d) Epistasis
    Answer: a
  10. What is the hormone that reduces transpiration rate by inducing stomatal closure?
    (a) Cytokipin
    (b) Auxin
    (c) ABA
    (d) Ethylene
    Answer: c
  11. When was Lamarck’s theory of evolution published?
    (a) 1806
    (b) 1802
    (c) 1812
    (d) 1809
    Answer: d
  12. What is the female sex organ in bryophytes known as?
    (a) Antheridium
    (b) Archegonium
    (c) Ascogonium
    (d) Carpogonium
    Answer: b
  13. What is the equivalent ATP yield from NADH produced in the Krebs cycle?
    (a) 7 ATP
    (b) 5 ATP
    (c) 3 ATP
    (d) 9 ATP
    Answer: c
  14. What constitutes a nucleoside?
    (a) Pyrimidine + purine + phosphate
    (b) Purine + sugar + phosphate
    (c) Purine/pyrimidine + phosphate
    (d) Purine/pyrimidine + sugar
    Answer: d
  15. What serves as the final electron acceptor in mitochondrial electron transport chains?
    (a) NAD+
    (b) FAD
    (c) H2O
    (d) None of these
    Answer: c
  16. Which plant includes feather stigma?
    (a) Wheat
    (b) Poppy
    (c) Pea
    (d) Hibiscus
    Answer: a
  17. How does water move from cell to cell through plasmodesmata?
    (a) Facilitated
    (b) Apoplastic
    (c) Transmembrane
    (d) Symplastic
    Answer: b
  18. What is the process of water exudation through hydathodes called?
    (a) Evaporation
    (b) Bleeding
    (c) Guttation
    (d) Transpiration
    Answer: c
  19. What is the CO2 fixation mechanism in maize plants known as?
    (a) CAM pathway
    (b) C3 – C4 intermediate
    (c) C3 pathway
    (d) C4 pathway
    Answer: d
  20. In which plant family is basal placentation found?
    (a) Fabaceae
    (b) Asteraceae
    (c) Malvaceae
    (d) Solanaceae
    Answer: b

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