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Top 20 Computer Awareness MCQs | Maharashtra, SSC and Railway Exams | Download Free PDF

The Maharashtra Police Constable, MPSC, SSC and Railway Exam are crucial examinations that require a comprehensive understanding of various Computer Awareness topics. To help aspirants prepare effectively, we have compiled a set of 20 competitive-level Computer Awareness MCQs covering a wide range of subjects.

Top 20 Computer Awareness MCQs for Maharashtra, SSC and Railway 23 April 2024

These 20 Computer Awareness Multiple Choice Questions cover a diverse range of topics relevant to the Maharashtra Police Constable, MPSC Exam 2024, SSC and Railway Exam 2024. Use these questions as a tool to assess your knowledge and enhance your preparation for the upcoming examination. Remember to review the explanations and expand your understanding of each topic to ensure a well-rounded preparation. Best of luck!

  1. Which of the following is not a positional number system?
    a) Roman Number System
    b) Octal Number System
    c) Binary Number System
    d) Hexadecimal Number System
    Answer: a) Roman Number System
  2. The value of radix in the binary number system is _____________
    a) 2
    b) 8
    c) 10
    d) 1
    Answer: a) 2
  3. The binary equivalent of the decimal number 10 is __________
    a) 0010
    b) 10
    c) 1010
    d) 010
    Answer: c) 1010
  4. A computer language that is written in binary codes only is _____
    a) machine language
    b) C
    c) C#
    d) Pascal
    Answer: a) machine language
  5. The octal equivalent of 1100101.001010 is ______
    a) 624.12
    b) 145.12
    c) 154.12
    d) 145.21
    Answer: b) 145.12
  6. The input hexadecimal representation of 1110 is _______________
    a) 0111
    b) E
    c) 15
    d) 14
    Answer: b) E
  7. A bit in computer terminology means either 0 or 1.
    a) True
    b) False
    Answer: a) True
  8. Convert the binary equivalent 10101 to its decimal equivalent.
    a) 21
    b) 12
    c) 22
    d) 31
    Answer: a) 21
  9. Which of the following is not a binary number?
    a) 1111
    b) 101
    c) 11E
    d) 000
    Answer: c) 11E
  10. Which of the following is the correct representation of a binary number?
    a) (124)2
    b) 1110
    c) (110)2
    d) (000)2
    Answer: d) (000)2
  11. Which field encompasses a variety of computer networks, both public and private, used in everyday jobs?
    a) Artificial Intelligence
    b) Machine Learning
    c) Network Security
    d) Information Technology
    Answer: c) Network Security
  12. Does Network Security provide authentication and access control for resources?
    a) True
    b) False
    Answer: a) True
  13. Which is not an objective of network security?
    a) Identification
    b) Authentication
    c) Access control
    d) Lock
    Answer: d) Lock
  14. What is a part of network identification?
    a) UserID
    b) Password
    c) OTP
    d) Fingerprint
    Answer: a) UserID
  15. What is the process of verifying the identity of a user?
    a) Authentication
    b) Identification
    c) Validation
    d) Verification
    Answer: a) Authentication
  16. Which concern of authentication deals with user rights?
    a) General access
    b) Functional authentication
    c) Functional authorization
    d) Auto-verification
    Answer: c) Functional authorization
  17. What does CHAP stand for?
    a) Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
    b) Challenge Hardware Authentication Protocol
    c) Circuit Hardware Authentication Protocol
    d) Circuit Handshake Authentication Protocol
    Answer:a) Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
  18. Which security feature controls access to resources in an operating system?
    a) Authentication
    b) Identification
    c) Validation
    d) Access control
    Answer: d) Access control
  19. What is an algorithm used in encryption called?
    a) Algorithm
    b) Procedure
    c) Cipher
    d) Module
    Answer: c) Cipher
  20. What is the information transformed in encryption?
    a) Plain text
    b) Parallel text
    c) Encrypted text
    d) Decrypted text
    Answer: a) Plain text

Top 20 Computer Awareness MCQs- Download Free PDF

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