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Addapedia Editorial Analysis- 25-05-24 | अड्डापिडीया संपादकीय विश्लेषण- 25-05-24

Southern sojourn

 (The Hindu, 25/05/24)

The 46th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) is discussing regulating tourism in Antarctica. India is part of a group advocating for regulations.

  • ATCM is an annual meeting of the Consultative Parties (29 countries with voting rights) that deal with the management of Antarctica

Why is there a need to regulate tourism in Antarctica?

  • Unlike other continents, Antarctica does not have an indigenous population.
  • Its isolated and pristine environment makes it an alluring destination for tourists.
  • The number of tourists has risen from 8,000 in 1993 to 1,05,000 in 2022, exceeding the number of scientists.
  • Currently, Indian Antarctic tourism is minimal. However, with growing prosperity, it could become a future benefit

Why is Antarctica tourism a concern?

Unlike other continents, Antarctica is pristine and untouched by humans. Increased tourism could lead to:

  • Pollution from ships and visitors
  • Accidents disrupting the unique ecosystem
  • Unease about potential future territorial claims, favoring countries with more tourist presence.

Why is India interested in regulating Antarctica tourism?

  • To preserve the continent’s pristine environment.
  • To ensure Antarctica remains a zone of peace and scientific cooperation.

Can you answer the following question?

India has been a vocal proponent of regulating tourism in Antarctica at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM). Critically examine the challenges and opportunities associated with tourism in Antarctica.

Explosion in chemical unit in Thane: After the blaze

(Indian Express, 25/05/24)

A chemical factory blaze in an industrial complex in Thane, Maharashtra killed at least 11 people and injured over 60 others.

  • It was found that the food coloring factory used highly reactive chemicals and did not have a registered boiler under the Indian Boiler Act, 1950.

What has been the state government’s response to this disaster?

  • Chief Minister Shinde pledged strict action, including potential closure or relocation of high-risk units
  • However, Shutting down or relocating factories disrupts the economy and impacts livelihoods. A more measured approach is necessary.

What is the significance of the chemical industry in India?

  • India is among the top six chemical manufacturing countries in the world.
  • The chemical industry contributes about 11% of India’s exports and employs more than 2 million people.
  • Diverse industries — pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilisers, paints and petrochemicals — collectively account for more than 70,000 of the products that are made from chemicals.

How serious is the issue of chemical industry accident?

  • The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) estimates that the country reported 130 chemical accidents in the last decade, claiming more than 250 lives.
  • Major industrial accidents like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 1984, Jaipur oil depot fire in 2009, Visakhapatnam gas leak in 2020, and Tinsukia natural gas well blaze in 2020 reflects the inadequacies in regulating chemical industries.

What are the shortcomings in the regulation of the chemical industry in India?

  • Despite having 15 Acts and 19 rules governing different aspects of the chemical industry, there is no law dealing exclusively with the sector.
  • Overlapping jurisdictions across various ministries hinder effective enforcement.
  • Weak monitoring and inspections often resort to fines, potentially breeding corruption.
  • Lack of comprehensive database on chemicals used and associated risks.
  • Lack of comprehensive action on safety awareness, worker training, and emergency protocols.

What is the way forward?

  • Establish a centralized regulatory body for the chemical industry.
  • Strengthen enforcement mechanisms for existing safety and environmental regulations.
  • Develop a comprehensive database of chemicals used by industries, outlining associated risks.
  • Implement stricter safety training protocols for workers and industries.
  • Improve emergency response preparedness for industrial accidents

Can you answer the following question?

India’s chemical industry is a significant contributor to the economy, but safety lapses continue to cause major accidents. Discuss the challenges in ensuring chemical factory safety in India and suggest measures to improve safety.

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